Friday, November 30, 2007

Sod's Law

Why is it that when you're really into some one they never seem to be bothered about you? And when some one is really interested in you you're not really feeling them too much? I think it's what they call, "Sod's Law", and it's definitely the case with me at the moment. When BB was around I was crazy about her, constantly thinking of her, texting her, calling, wanting to meet up and she wasn't too keen. Now the roles are reversed with Spanish Girl, she's texted me every day this week saying she's thinking of me and she's really looking forward to seeing me etc, and to be honest I could take it or leave it. I know that probably sounds horrible, but there really isn't anything else there for me apart from some good sex, that's it. She was supposed to be coming over tonight and I've been thinking about it for most of the day, kind of looking forward to the sex but not really wanting to have to cook and entertain her and struggle with the conversation because A we don't really know much about each others lives and B the language barrier gets in the way. So when Mr C's girlfriend called me a little while ago and asked if they could come over tonight, I felt annoyed that I'd arranged to see Spanish Girl. I texted her asking if we could meet tomorrow instead and she didn't seem to understand what I meant, so we then had a very difficult phone conversation where I tried to say, "today is difficult so I would prefer to see you tomorrow. But, if you can't meet up tomorrow then we can keep it at tonight." She didn't really understand what I was saying and just kept saying, "no today? No tomorrow?" In the end I said, "yes, not today, tomorrow," and she said that she would check what was going on with her family and get back to me. I'm usually very patient when it comes to her not understanding things, but I was starting to get exasperated on the phone and tried not to let my irritation show because it's really not her fault.
So now Mr C and his girlfriend are coming over tonight, and God knows if I'll see Spanish Girl tomorrow, but to be honest, I don't mind either way.

What else has happened this week... Had a fantastic night out on Wednesday when I saw
Frank Skinner
live on tour. I spent most of the night on the floor crying with laughter, his stand up is fantastic. I won't give too much away in case anyone is reading who is going to see him, but his discription of both giving and receiving oral sex had me doubled up, and his songs were great too.

Yesterday I was out all day at the charity I'm volunteering with at the moment. I don't know why but when I woke up yesterday I had the horn majorly but didn't have time to do anything about it, and so spent the entire day counting down the hours until I could go home and make myself come. It didn't help that
Naughty Angel
and I were discussing sex and sex toys for some of it, plus I got some exciting emails from websites I contacted in the hopes of doing some professional product reviews for them, so stay tuned to hear more about that in the coming weeks. So it was out of the office at five thirty, on a tube and home by 7, and a quick session with my BOF's before dragging myself out of sleepy post orgasm bliss to get dressed and head back out again. Last night I met up with an old school friend who I haven't seen for about 5 years. We always got on well at school and neither of us have changed much so we had a really good night. Had quite a lot to drink, got some food and chatted about old times, oh and perved at the bar maid in the pub we were in and agreed that she'd definitely get it from both of us. I may be femme but I can turn in to one of the guys when I'm around them, which is quite scary really because I'm dirty at the best of times.

So tomorrow I have no idea what's happening. If I don't see Spanish Girl I'm going to try and organise a night out with some of the girls and on Sunday I'm off to see Maroon 5 in concert with DL and Baby G. Monday Jill Scott is playing and I'm going to see her too and my friend Rosey is coming down from Sheffield to go to the gig with me and staying over until Tuesday which will be lovely.
Now I'm off to go and sort out the mountain of laundry I washed today and then have a bath before my friends arrive. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Product Review: Twist n Shake by Fun Factory

Product Review, Twist n Shake by Fun Factory

So, after attending Erotica 2007 on Sunday which I’ll speak more about later, I decided to test out my main purchase today, and let you know what I think. The Twist n Shake I bought was in the design of a caterpillar, but looking on the internet it seems you can get them in a variety of designs. The basic shape of the toy is in the style of a Rampant Rabbit, with a long shaft for penetrative stimulation that rotates and another smaller vibrating section that serves the clit. What I really liked about this toy on first sight was that the shaft has been modelled on the G-Twist, which is ribbed and has a curved finish to better catch the G spot. I already have the G-twist and it’s one of my favourite toys, it really does hit the spot and usually makes me squirt, so I thought that this one would do the same. The toy is made of medical grade silicone, so has a good quality feel to it and is easy to keep clean, and inside the shaft are balls that rotate near the base when activated. The battery compartment is a rather large square block of plastic, a far cry from the G-twists subtle, smooth and easy to grip toy that just pops off with one click. This in comparison I found uncomfortable to hold and it was quite cumbersome. On the front of the compartment is an off-on button, and two roller switches to control the two part of the toy, the rotation of the shaft and the vibration of the clit stimulator.

When I first turned the toy on , which by the way takes 4 AA batteries, the first thing that put me off was the noise. Both the rotating shaft and the vibrating part are quite loud, and when turned up to their maximum strength are not easy to disguise. You would have to have music on in a room to disguise this one if you still live at home, or are in a house share etc. When I first inserted the toy it felt good, the ribbed shaft provides lots of stimulation and the curved point caught my spot on the way in. But when fully inserted so that the smaller vibrating component was on my clit the curved point was well past my G-spot, and I found that if I placed the shaft with the point on my G-spot the clitoral stimulator wasn’t long enough to meet my clit, so it really either had to be one or the other which was disappointing.

I masturbated for about fifteen minutes and the end result was an orgasm that had to be coaxed more than anything. If I’m completely honest I’m not a huge fan of the rabbit design, when I masturbate I usually use two toys, a vibrating bullet for my clit and something like the G-twist for penetration. That way I can control the two separately and ensure I get maximum pleasure from both. But, I have used better rabbit designs than this, and for £45 it leaves a lot to be desired.

So, let’s break it down… If there’s anything you think I’ve missed out in terms of grading, please do let me know. It’s the first time I’ve done a product review so there are bound to be things I’ve missed.

Noise: 3/10
Quality of material: 8/10
Comfortable to hold: 3/10
Power of vibrations: 7/10
Aesthetic design: 9/10
Easy to use controls: 9/10
Flexibility: 2/10
Maximum pleasure design: 5/10
Value for money: 4/10
Successful climax: 4/10
Overall score: 54/100

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Burrr it's so cold! Yesterday I went out and bought a lovely thick cream coloured winter coat with flease lining and a big hud which I quickly wrapped around my ears while my teeth chattered. It's the kind of weather that makes you want to stay home with the curtains drawn and the heat turned up, wrapped in a blanket with the dog curled up next to you snoring away while the rain drums on the roof and it grows dark outside. I've not been doing much of that though over the past few days, I've seen quite a lot of DL and it's actually been really lovely. She came to commedy on Wednesday, and then on Thursday she came to my place after work and I made dinner, and then yesterday we spent the day shopping and went out for dinner last night to my favourite Thai restaurant. We've been managing to have quite good conversations about things and she knows that I'm seeing some one casually although she knows nothing about her, and she's going to start looking for a new place to live so that she can move out of her mum's in the new year. I also had a catch up phone conversation with my friend Sean on Thursday night and he made me really belly laugh when he did a very good impression of Borat, and told me about his gay crush. My comment in response to his embarrassment was,
"Everyone wants to get shagged up the arse at some point in their life whether they're male or female, gay or straight,"
to which he cracked up and said he was going to put it on his facebook page as one of his favourite quotes. He also said, "I really miss you. I can't talk about sex with anyone else," which was a complement, I think, and apparently he gets wine served in some of his evening lectures as part of his MA course which I thought was fantastic.

Tonight, well in about an hour actually I'm heading in to town to go for a meal and then to Soho with the girls for a birthday party, and tomorrow I have a fun packed day. In the morning I'm going to
Erotica 2007
with some friends and in the evening I'm meeting the girls from work to go to the pub. I'll try and write again tomorrow to let you know what I bought, no doubt I won't be able to resist walking past all the stalls selling sex toys without buying a little something to keep me tick tick tickking!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

On the up

I've chosen this title to what will be a very short post because, fingers crossed, it looks as though things are on the up.
The first good thing that happened this week was that I received a call from the graduate scheme I went for the assessment centre with last week and I'm through and on to the scheme and will start work in the new year. Woo! Finally! So this means I can relax for a little while and not have the stress of applying for jobs etc and now make the most of the time I have left not working and look forward to starting a new job.

The second good thing is that I have been having and will hopefully continue to have extremely good sex right now. The Spanish Girl came over on Tuesday and is supposed to be coming over sometime this weekend for some more fun and believe me, it is lots of fun. I've been masturbating to the image of me riding her while she's wearing the strap on, something which we did last Friday, all week long and I want a repeat performance. Something else which has fueled my solo orgasms are a couple I've made friends with. I'll call them the femme couple as I met them at the femmes meet I went to, and we've been in touch ever since and they came to the commedy night yesterday evening. I have to say they are probably the hottest couple I've ever met, and they're both really flirtatious which really doesn't help. We were exchanging stories about what is in our respective toy boxes and when they were talking about the strap on they'd just bought the thought of them fucking stayed in my head for the rest of the night. They're supposed to be coming over for dinner soon, I wonder if they'd be up for a threesome. One is English, tall and blonde and the other is an Arab and is shorter and very feisty. They're both gorgeous women and I'd love to get stuck in the middle heehee.

The final thing I want to mention is a blog some one gave me the link too. The blog in itself is great but the pod casts are something else. I'll add her to my blog roll but in the meantime you can check her out

Happy Thanks Giving to those of you in the US.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Stick to what you know, or more importantly, where!

Just before I start with this post can I just tell you that my neighbour is in his shower and he’s either talking to himself or some one else who is there, but in a very odd, darlic esque voice. Sounds very strange coming through my wall…

Today I ventured to East London, and never will I venture there again if I can help it. God it’s so uncivilised! You probably think I’m taking the piss, but my gosh everyone I met was so fucking rude! The station staff were horrible, I approached the barrier and found the gate man shouting at some one, “don’t interrupt me when I’m talking, wait your turn!” And he didn’t seem to notice that I was trying to squeeze past with the dog, while some cunt with a push chair was repeating, “’scuse me! ‘scuse me” very loudly behind me as if I didn’t hear them the first time. The reason I went east was for my interview, and to be frank even if they offered me the job which I’m not sure they will I wouldn’t work there anyway. The office was really shitty and run down, and yes I am aware that I sound like a snob, but that’s because I am. The people who worked there were also rude, not bothering to introduce themselves or even tell me who was doing the interview so I could be all friendly and introduce myself. I was just taken to this room where four people sat around a table and I didn’t know if they were other candidates or the people doing the interview until they started firing questions at me. Then I was taken over to a computer where I had to do a test in excel and the woman supervising didn’t even say hello to me. I said, “nice to meet you,” in a very pointed way and she just muttered something I didn’t catch and wondered off. So that was a total flop and I’ll be writing an email to the head of recruitment complaining about the staff and their lack of disability awareness and recommend they get some training. I don’t take kindly to being poked in the back by some one in an attempt to show me which direction to go to get somewhere, and at one point one of the interviewers said, “ok so now you can go and do the test, and (insert name) will carry you to where you need to go.” Carry me! I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t walk. By this point I was not a happy bunny and was tempted to rip the piss out of her when she read that I could speak French and tried to speak it very badly to me, but I didn’t. Oh and I had a horrible cab driver who couldn’t find the right building and kept jamming on the breaks and complaining very loudly as if it was my fault that I’d never been there before.

So, after what was a stressful experience I came home and cooked myself pasta and vegetables in tomato and cheese sauce with garlic bread and read some more of my book. It’s been pissing down with rain all day, and I mean really pissing down. I got drenched on the short walk from the bus stop to my house and I can hear it drumming on the roof as I write.

Oh, and something that made me laugh out loud when I got home… It’s a good job I didn’t take off my suit jacket during the interview, because I’d put my blouse on inside out this morning and hadn’t even noticed. I think that says it all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Great Weekend!

This weekend has been one of the best I’ve had for a while. Friday night was obviously great, and woke up on Saturday morning feeling slightly hung over and so didn’t really do a lot except sit around drinking tea and reading the new novel by Alice Sebold, which if you were thinking of getting it is very good indeed. In the evening Baby G and I were off to see Beverly Knite live at the Royal Albert Hall with two of our friends, one of whom cancelled in the afternoon because she was feeling ill. I have been slightly concerned as you know about my lack of sex drive lately, and even on Friday night it was more about her pleasure than mine. So on Saturday afternoon I put myself to bed with my toy box and refused to move until I’d given myself an orgasm. I think it’s done the trick, seems to have kick started my libido again thank god, I was starting to worry.

So in the evening I headed out in the freezing cold to go to the show. I have to say I’ve never really been in to Beverly Knite and I only went because Baby G had extra tickets, but I’m very glad I did. She’s one of these artists who sounds so much better live than she does in the studio, and her voice was outstanding. She did a set that lasted for almost two hours straight with hardly any breaks and her vocals were incredible. I’m going to get some of her stuff from Baby G to see if I can get in to her now that I’ve been to see her. After the show we went and got chips because we were all hungry and then Baby G came to stay at mine for the night. That in itself was lovely, when we used to live together we used to spend hours just lying in bed talking and listening to music and It’s something we’ve both missed. So last night was great, although we were both tired we still managed to have a chat before falling asleep. She’s like a sister to me and I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished. She’s just arrived back from New York after going to the women’s therapy centre to undergo treatment for vaginismus, a condition that she’s battled with for the past couple of years ever since she found out she had it. At one point she really thought she’d never be cured of it and that she would never be able to have sex with her boyfriend, but since going to the clinic in New York she has been treated and has now had sex and no longer has vaginismus. I know how hard it was for her to go through what she’s been through and the treatment was painful and emotionally draining. But she has done it and she’s like a different person, like she’s really come in to her own now that she feels in control of her own body. She bought us both toys back from the States, in celebration of vaginas which work, and I used mine this evening and it’s really good!

We didn’t wake up this morning until eleven thirty and had to get up and out in time to meet five friends in town for Mr C’s girlfriend’s birthday. So today was spent in the pub, most people getting slightly drunk and me trying to resist because I have a job interview tomorrow. I got tipsy but then stopped because the last thing I need tomorrow is a hang over so switched to soft drinks, and the roast dinner and chocolate fudge cake with ice cream helped soak up the alcohol. I was very amused when Mr C told me that when the cab arrived to pick him up from my house the other day the following conversation ensued:
Cab driver: “Is that your Mrs?”
Mr C: “No she’s just a friend.”
Cab Driver, “Are you sure?”
Mr C: “Yes, she’s on the other bus.”
Cab driver: “Really? Please tell me you’ve tried though, please!”
Mr C: “Yes I’ve tried, she’s definitely gay.”
Cab Driver: “does she use our cab service much?”
Mr C: “No not really.”
Cab driver, “Shit! I was hoping I would pick her up sometime. Does she have a woman then?”
Mr C: “She’s usually got a couple on the go at once I think.”
Men! That’s all I can say…

The conversation didn’t get much better in the pub today either, my friends are very very smutty:
Baby G to our friend Rids: “What do you want for Christmas then?”
Rids: “some anal sex!”
And at another point:
Me to Rids: “Oy you talk to me. I haven’t seen you for ages how are you?”
Rids: “Well you’re too far away over there, I can’t stick my fingers in you from here.”
Mr C’s girlfriend who was sitting next to me: “I’ll do it for you.”
Followed by much laughter from everyone.
Me: “Stop talking about my vagina!”
I love my friends!

Oh, and Spanish Girl texted me yesterday asking when we could meet up. I suggested Thursday. She said, “how about tomorrow, I can’t stop thinking about last night.” I told her I couldn’t because I had plans and she didn’t seem very happy, so I suggested we meet on Tuesday instead. God there’s no pleasing some people.

I got home from the pub just after 8 and have washed and dried my suit. It’s absolutely freezing outside and I called my cousin up north to wish her a happy birthday and she told me it’s been snowing there. Jesus, winter is finally here I think. Time to get out the winter duvet! Or find some one to share my bed with and snuggle up too on cold nights.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


She arrived in a short skirt, knee high boots, fish net stockings and a basque.
We drank wine, lots of it, chatted, kissed.
We stood together in the kitchen while she smoked cigarettes, my hand on her waste.
On the couch we touched, she leaning her head on my shoulder, me stroking her hair and back.
Later in bed, our clothes on the floor we entered each other, bodies sliding together, kissing constantly.
She came. Everywhere. On the bed, the towels that I’d fortunately placed to hand. In my mouth. On my pelvis as we grinded together. Rivers of it, cascading from her like a waterfall, powerful, intense, beautiful. She apologised, I told her not to be sorry.
Afterwards we sat facing each other on the bed, legs entwined, my thighs on hers, arms wrapped tightly around each other, kissing and talking, my hands in her hair, hers on the small of my back.
“perfecto,” she said, over and over again.
Today I am left with a hang over, a lot of washing to do, and a smile.
I’m glad I returned her call.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have had bad dreams and disturbed sleep every night this week. I don't really remember what the dreams were about, I just don't wake up feeling refreshed. Last night though I do remember something about being covered in shattered glass, and the glass was all over the floor and there was a girl there who was crazy and who kept smashing things. I had tiny fragments in my skin and hair and kept trying to pick them out without cutting myself.
I am tired most of the time and tend to fall asleep in the afternoons if I am home.
I read The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth in a couple of days and although I really enjoyed the book, I was disappointed with the anticlimax of an ending.
I went for a job interview on Tuesday to be a recruitment consultant, but due to the long hours, pressured environment and there being a score board in the office with everyone's commission scores on it I'm not sure I want the job.
Yesterday I went to an assessment centre for a graduate scheme and think I nailed it.
My friend Mr C came over today with his guitar and he played and I sang for about two hours. We are learning
and this
and hope to get a set together to play live somewhere.
The last time I made myself come was on Saturday. I haven't even attempted it, or even thought about it that much since then. So for once sex isn't the primary thing on my mind. I'm not even bothered if the spanish woman and I don't have sex tomorrow, it might actually be quite refreshing if we don't, but chances are we will because she's not coming over to play scrabble.
DL bought me Leona Lewis's debut album and I really like it. She told me to listen to
track 3
and that made me sad, to know that she feels that way.
I am eating a lot more than I should be at the moment. It's probably comfort eating, but the guy I walk the dog with once a week came today and said, "are you putting on weight?" Thankfully my head was in a cupboard looking for the dog whistle so he didn't see my face, but it really pisses me off that men think it's ok to say that to women. The next time he comes over I will be tempted to say, "has your dick shrunk? Only the buldge in your pants looks a lot smaller today."
I ordered a cab yesterday only to have it come and then the driver refuse to take me because I had the guide dog. That is actually against the law, but what can you do if the driver just leaves except report his ass and hope the authorities will revoke his licence.
Francesca and I are no longer friends, and I'm not really sure why. She is a very complex person and I can't seem to see the wood for the trees as far as working out her meaning is concerned. It's a shame we're no longer in touch, but I think it's probably for the best as we view things very differently and never seem to meet in the middle.
I cried for the first time in ages the other night. Cried propperly, balling, heaving sobs in to my pillow until my eyes were sore, my nose blocked and my head hurt. The release felt good.
Despite all this, I don't feel depressed, just in transition. Where I'm going and what I'm leaving behind, I'm not entirely sure yet.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So just as I set myself the strict rule of being single and celibate, not dating or screwing anyone, some one up there decided to set me a challenge. I got a call this morning, or rather missed a call, and when I checked my messages, I had one that went rather like this.
"Hi, this is *insert name of the stunningly sexy medetaranean woman I screwed the hell out of at
the party.)
Please call me back when you get this."

So, I debated whether to call her or not, part of me wanting not to bother because of the way I feel at the moment, yet the curiocity in me wondering what she wanted and why she had chosen now to call me. So I called her back. She wants to meet up for "drinks and a chat" on Friday night. It's a bit difficult to explain to some one who doesn't speak good English that that's probably not a good idea because I'm trying not to get involved with anyone, or think with my pussy more importantly at the moment so we really should not meet up. I said yes. She's coming over on Friday night. That poses the question of, if her English is awful, and my spanish isn't that great, what are we going to do?...
Fuck! I think I might have just signed myself up for an evening of casual fun with a hot, femme, sexy woman. Oh well... What's a girl to do?
Don't look at me like that!

Bad Choices

I think that's what I've been making for a long time now. It has to stop. People only need the slightest reason to walk away, and they're gone. I put my faith in people, only to have it thrown back at me. Maybe I'm wrong to have faith, to trust people on their word, hope that everyone has good intentions. Because the simple fact is, they don't and most of the time people are just out for what they can get with no regard for anyone else. This isn't just the Cherry thing which has gone cold without any explanation. Maybe I am the explanation. I don't know. All I know is that lately I've spent more time feeling lonely, hurt or disappointed, angry or upset than I have happy. So I'm closing down the ranks, I'm not going to put myself out there again to get rejected or hurt. I'm going to stop being so open with other people and become guarded. No more casual sex, no more jumping in too fast. For now, it's just me on my own, and no one else. I've had enough. A year on from my break up with DL and I'm as lonely now as I was then. Maybe even more so having experienced more dishonest people, more selfishness. Bad choices are what it comes down to. Well no more, not if I can help it. The next woman who comes along who seriously wants to win me over is going to need a lot of strength and determination and a great deal of persevereance. I'm done with being an open book.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not a happy bunny

I woke up this morning at around 9 AM and made a cup of tea, went back to bed and read a book for a couple of hours. I texted Cherry at around midday to see if and when she was coming over, and about two hours later she called me back saying that she had just woken up, and to give her an hour or so and she would be over. So during that hour or so I had a bath, made the bed, and put a fruit pie in the oven for us to eat later. By five PM I hadn't heard a thing so I texted half jokingly saying I hoped she hadn't fallen back to sleep. She called me and said that she was just watching her nephew's for a little while as her aunt was out, but that she would be leaving shortly. Two hours later, and she still hasn't called to say that she is on her way. Call me high maintenance, but being kept waiting around for most of the day does not put me in a good mood. This is a far cry from last weekend when she came over for breakfast and we spent the day in bed together. To be honest I'm half inclined to tell her to forget it if she does call to say she's coming, which is looking unlikely as she's leaving it late to come over. These aren't good seduction tactics at all and the anticipation and horniness that has been with me for most of this weekend is rapidly fading away. She's very much mistaken if she thinks she can just pop over here for an hour or whatever for a quick fuck and then leave after keeping me hanging on all day. As casual as this thing is, I'm not up for that.

Friday, November 09, 2007

My Spot

Cherry is coming over on Sunday and I can't wait. Last weekend when she was here and we'd been fucking for hours, she found the spot on my body, the spot that has nothing to do with my pussy but which, if kissed makes me go crazy. We were cuddling when she found it, and then when she saw my reaction we were fucking again. It makes me rithe in pure pleasure, it makes me moan and scream, makes me gasp and lose my breath, sends my muscles in to spasms, makes me so very wet. The feeling is so intense that I can't take it for long, but it's incredible. She was thrilled that she found it, thrilled at how she made me pur. I want her to find it again. I want that feeling. That intensity that draws my mind in to one electrified pin point of pure pulsating pleasure. I want it! I crave it! It's when I feel most alive. This time I want her to do it when she's inside me. So the two spots fuse and connect and wrip me apart until I can't tell where the source of my pleasure is. She wanted me to squirt for her last time, when I was coming. I couldn't manage it, haven't yet, with her. I think if she does that, I will. Rivers of it.

I don't think it will last long, with her. I mean the whole experience of she and I being connected in a sexual way. She is bisexual you see, and there in lies the problem. I am a synic when it comes to women who love both sexes. I have been taught to be by my own experiences. So I know that given time she will pull away from me in search of something more masculine. For now though I am her "little freak", or so she likes to call me, and she is giving me something I need. For now...
And I wish she was here tonight.

Another crush

Hmm, I have another crush. It has developed over the past couple of months and is now in full fury. I don't even know if she's gay. I see her quite a lot, I could see her every day if I wanted too because she works very close by. She's always very friendly and she's older than me. I find it difficult to chat to her without my mind wondering, and yes, I have thought about her while doing the kit cat shuffle. I wonder if she knows I like her... Probably not. It's nice to admire from a distance though, I just wish I knew which team she batted for.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Not quite right

Nothing has gone quite right this week for one reason or another. On Tuesday I had an appointment in the morning to test out some new satalite navigation technology that is supposed to help if you can't see, and in the afternoon I was set to have a job interview to be a trainee recruitment consultant. I got a call on Monday asking if they could move the interview to Thursday, fair enough, but then on the Tuesday morning I had a call from the tech guy saying he needed to rearrange because he was ill. I did have a rather productive day though sending off some more job application forms so that was ok. Stayed in on Tuesday night as the lesbian social group that usually meets up on a Tuesdays seems to have dispanded over the past few weeks, everyone having their own stuff on. Wednesday I got roped in to attending an event with a secret employer by a charity that I'm involved with, and it turned out to be some huge corperate finance company that I would have no interest in working for, so although it was nice I could have spent it doing better things. In the evening I went to the usual commedy night, to find that the usual compair was ill and that some one else was running it and it wasn't half as funny. Today I had a Virgin Media technition come to look at my TV as I've stopped getting two of the main channels, and he basically said that it should have never been installed because it wasn't serviceable in my building. So now I have to have it all uninstalled again and will have to find a new service provider for my phone, broadband and TV which is really annoying. And just to top it all off the company I was supposed to be having the interview with called and said they were having some problems within the company, the manager of the team I should have bene working for had been dismissed and the position wasn't vacant at the moment. They said they would keep my records on file but that they would have to cancel the interview. Jesus Christ! Next week though I have an assessment centre for a graduate scheme and I'm going to visit another recruitment consultants to see if I like the look of what they do, so fingers crossed. Also, Cherry and I have kept missing phone calls from each other all week long, either one of us being busy when the other tried to call for a chat. She just called while I was writing this though and we managed to speak for more than a few minutes, she wants to come over this weekend which is find by me as I'm more than ready for some more of what she has to offer! My dad is also here at the moment, he's in the kitchen cooking us dinner which is lovely of him, and he's bought the family dog who is currently snoozing in Una's bed.

Let's hope things get better over the weekend and that is the end of my run of bad luck.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Last week I was reading one of my favourite blogs,
this one
and on a whim decided to send in a submission. It was a story I'd written when breaking up with DL last year, a story I had kept private until now. I didn't really expect it to get published, I was so caught up in the telling when I wrote it, being so personally involved that I wasn't sure it was any good. As I hadn't heard anything back from the blog I assumed they'd just thought it was crap and hadn't published it, but when blog hopping a few minutes ago I found that indeed they had decided to publish my work. It's made my day and given me the kick up the ass I've been needing to get back in to writing as I've been neglecting it over the past few months because life has taken over. So you can go
to read it.
A big thanks to the team at The Lesbian Lifestyle!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Very good loving from a very bad girl!

I swear this girl is off the hook crazy wonderful. She left a little while ago after being here for most of the day, and most of that spent in bed together. When she got here I made breakfast and we sat and ate while she read the paper out loud and we chatted about the news. When we’d had enough of that we took the fresh strawberries to bed with us and oh my God what can I say about that? This woman is so damn hot. Thick lips, slim hips, a tight round ass and small perfectly formed breasts with big nipples. Plus, she’s a freak in the sheets! Yeah, maybe an even bigger freak than I am. We hardly stopped for a break all day, when she said she needed to rest it lasted for literally two minutes and then she was off again. The only time she moved from the bed was to refill our wine glasses and later we ate dinner on the sofa. I have to say I really like her. She’s very attentive, she’s versatile, open minded with no inhibitions, she’s absolutely hilarious, when we chatted she had me crying with laughter because she’s so charismatic. She’s bright and intelligent, well spoken and as sexy as hell. I’ll be dreaming about that ass all week long until I see her again. When it got to about 8 o’clock and we’d just eaten dinner, we went back to bed to lie together for a while before she left to go see her friends, and this was the nicest part besides the sex. She wrapped herself around me, really snuggled in close, as close as she could get, kissing me deeply with those big soft lips of hers and murmuring that she didn’t want to go. I gently tried to persuade her that we should move so that she could go be with her friends even though I didn’t want her to go either, but she refused to get up, holding on to me for dear life and so another round of fucking and over an hour later we were still there. I absolutely love casual sex with some one who knows how to give affection as well as fuck because it’s something I really miss about being single. So, after today, we’ll definitely be seeing each other again soon. For now though I’m heading off back to bed, this time to sleep and rest my aching limbs.

Inspirational Songs

Two songs I am loving at the moment and which play constantly on my Pod are
No one
by Alicia Keys, who I'm going to see in concert in February, woo! Also
Bleeding Love
by Liona Lewis. What a voice! When I was younger my singing idol was
this woman
and although I think she's gone a little off the boil in recent years I still have mountains of respect for her tallent. I met her when I was thirteen years old at a concert and because she saw how emotional I was, instead of shaking my hand, she leaned across the security barrier and lifted me in to a hug and gave me a kiss. I cried all the way home with utter joy and disbelief. She too is touring next year and I'll be first in line for tickets when they go on sale. But I do think that Leona Lewis could be the next, and dare I say better than, devas like Celine, Mariah, Christina and Whitney. And she's british too so it's all good!
Anyway I just wanted to share those songs because they move me so much every time I listen to them. With the Alicia one you can hear the raw passion in her voice. I wonder what she went through in order to write such a song?


Cherry just called me saying she was feeling much better and that she had been up for hours and wanted to jump in a cab early this morning and come and wake me but decided not to in case I got annoyed. So she's heading over here now and we'll have the food for breakfast that I bought and then spend the day in bed. Aahh now that is my idea of what Sundays are made for. A sexy woman feeding me strawberries and licking the fruit juice from my throbbing clit...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Disasterous evening!

Oh my fucking God, my worst nightmare just happened...

I went in to town this morning to meet my friend Col who I haven't seen in about three years. We were good friends when we were at college together but drifted apart when she got a boyfriend and hadn't really kept in touch. But recently through the wonders of facebook she had looked me up and we've been chatting. So today I went to meet her and it was actually great to catch up and see how she's doing. She's a diabetic and had gone in to renal faliure and has been on dialysis for some time now which was quite a shock. She's doing ok though and doesn't seem to be letting it stop her from doing much. We had lunch together and at about two I got a call from Cherry to ask what time she should come over. She mentioned that she was really hung over and hadn't gotten in until 6 this morning from a night out but said she was just getting up and we agreed she'd come over at around 7 or 8. I left Col at around three and on my way home I stopped at the supermarket to buy croissants, strawberries and some wine. I came home, cleaned the flat, put fresh sheets on the bed, put new batteries in the toys I thought we might use, showered and moisturised, put on sexy underwear and perfume and was just getting ready to start cooking dinner when the door bell rang. My God she's early, I thought, but excited all the same I ran to open the door. And you'll never believe who was there. The weird woman from downstairs. I couldn't believe it, my face must have been an absolute picture, and I was so shocked that before I knew what was happening she had pushed past me and was taking a tour of my flat. I stood in the living room, my hands on my hips, a look of complete bewilderment mixed with outrage on my face. When I didn't offer to make her a cup of tea she said, "have I called at a bad time?"
"Well actually yes you have," I said. "I'm having a friend round for dinner and she'll be here any minute."
"Oh," she said, and still didn't make any move to leave. She'd been talking about something or other for a couple of minutes when my mobile rang. This is where it gets worse because it was Cherry saying that she'd been throwing up all day and couldn't get out of bed, and could we reskedule for tomorrow. I felt kind of awful on the phone because although I was obviously gutted that she wasn't coming round, I was more mortified that the woman from downstairs could hear every word of my conversation, and I could almost feel the pleasure coming off her. When I ended the call she said, "Oh, is your friend not coming anymore?"
"No," I said through gritted teeth, and she sat down. So I had no choice other than to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea, to which she followed me in to the kitchen and told me exactly how she liked her tea, and because I didn't make it strong enough the first time around she would very much like a second cup. By this time I was beside myself. I just wanted her to leave and she wouldn't stop talking, and I was sitting on the floor chanting in my head, "please fuck off! Please fuck off!" Over and over again. She stayed for two whole excruciatingly long and painful hours. I've found out more than I needed to know about her personal life. Apparently she is not gay but has always been curious about lesbians, she is very highly sexed and likes men with big cocks, her current lover doesn't have enough staminer, she likes anal sex, she has slept with "many men", and she even started to hint at going on to the internet to look at porn on my lap top that was sitting on the table in front of her. Why oh why oh why do I always attract the weirdos? When she was leaving she asked for my number, and I gave it to her and took hers because at least then I thought, I can see when she's trying to call me. The problem with this building though is that if you knock on some one's door you can hear if they are in if they have music or the TV on which I usually do, so if she just decides to come calling like she did tonight, I'm fucked! On her departure she lingered in the door way, saying, "well, goodbye then," over and over, I think she wanted a hug or some kind of physical acknowledgement, but I just stood there willing her not to touch me and started to close the door. I had just called my mum to tell her what had happened when the doorbell rang again. With my heart pounding I stood stock still not even daring to breathe, holding the dog's collar trying to keep her from moving and making a noise, hoping that she would go away. When the bell rang again a few minutes later, I called out through the door and she said that she hadn't inputted my number correctly in to her phone. So I gave it to her through the door, and firmly said, "goodnight then," the door staying well and truly locked. I listened and heard her standing in the corridor for some time messing around with her phone, before she slowly moved off. What on earth am I going to do now? I have a fucking weird, lonely, very apparently psychologically unbalanced woman in my building who seems to have taken a liking to me.
And what is more, I am not getting laid tonight, and the food and the sexy underwear and crisp clean sheets are all untouched, and I am extremely pissed off!

Friday, November 02, 2007

In the news

I don't usually comment on news items here, but I have seen two shocking news stories today,
It's not very often we see a woman in the news for sex offences.
Comments welcome, I'd be interested to know your views on either, or both stories.

Fun Fun Fun!

So, as you’ve probably gathered, I got some good loving on Tuesday night. It was actually very spontaneous, I had been discussing sex online with a friend and complaining that I wasn’t getting enough, when a girl I’d been talking to online asked if I was up for a casual meet that evening. I was a bit apprehensive as we’d only just started talking, but we were both looking for some fun so I thought why the hell not and invited her over. I spoke to her for a bit on the phone first and we seemed to get on well so she headed over at about seven. She’s very attractive, black, about five feet five with long hair and she’s very slim, and oh my god such a fine ass! So we chatted over a bottle of wine for a couple of hours, she’s very funny and upbeat and we’re in to the same type of music and chatted about our families and our time at uni. I was in the middle of saying something about a Jill Scott gig I’d been too when she just leaned forward and kissed me with the fullest, softest lips. Now I do like a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, so of course I responded. After a while we broke apart and laughed and looked at each other, I think she must have thought she’d moved too soon and started to pull back, so I touched her arm and pulled her close again. Once she’d got the idea that I was interested she was as feisty as hell and before long we moved from the sofa to the bed and that’s where we stayed for the next couple of hours. I’m not going to go into too much detail but I will say that she’s not in the least inhibited, and among other things it’s finally so nice to meet a black woman who is in to women and who isn’t afraid of using her tongue in all the right places. Mmm! So anyway, Cherry as she will now be known (and no that’s not because I popped hers) wanted to stay for the night but had to go to work the next day. So she’s coming over tomorrow evening and staying until Sunday, she called me from work yesterday and sent me a rather filthy email. She lives just down the road, so if things continue to go well it appears that I’ll hopefully have a regular fuck buddy. Finally! It’s taken since months of living here god damn it! Lol!

In other news, I also got hit on yesterday by a woman who lives in my building and who is the type of lesbian that I would run a million miles from. I don’t mean to be rude, but she stood far too close and commented on my “perfect teeth,” my “large breasts”, my “lovely blue eyes”, all within the first ten minutes of talking to her. I mean it’s lovely to get complimented, but there’s nothing worse than getting bombarded with them by some one you’ve only just met and you absolutely would never ever even think of dating or doing anything remotely like that with. I told her my age in the hope that would put her off, and she made the kind of disappointed noise that suggested she’d been thinking about shagging me for the entire conversation and had then realised how big an age gap there was. Even so she asked if I was free for coffee at some point which I gave a very vague answer to and tried to make my escape. So I’m a bit edgy every time I go down to the lobby in case she’s there. Scary predatory dykes, haha. I wouldn’t mind if she’d been femme and lovely, we all know I’m not adversed to getting involved with older women but she really wasn’t my type.

Last night I went to Caroline’s with H and S for dinner and had a fabulous time. We had such a laugh, Caroline has always got a story to tell about something or other, and it’s all in the telling because we usually end up crying with laughter by the end of it. We were also highly amused by how Una and her Cat reacted to one another, a kind of nervous excitement in them both that had the potential to explode in to either chasing, or spitting and growling, or both. They were both really well behaved though and Caroline has offered to dog sit anytime I need some one. I had rather a lot of wine and then had to make my way home from the other side of London which took ages and finally collapsed in to bed at around one to have a session with my new toy from
which arrived yesterday. The combination of
Meant that I had such a powerful orgasm that I fell asleep immediately.

I don’t have a lot planned for tonight, tomorrow morning I’m meeting an old college friend in town who I haven’t seen in years so that should be interesting. Then in the evening Cherry is coming over and no doubt that’ll be the better part of Sunday taken care of. Sunday evening if I make it out of bed I’m heading in to town to have coffee with a newly discovered lesbian social group.
Fun Fun Fun!