Sunday, November 04, 2007

Inspirational Songs

Two songs I am loving at the moment and which play constantly on my Pod are
No one
by Alicia Keys, who I'm going to see in concert in February, woo! Also
Bleeding Love
by Liona Lewis. What a voice! When I was younger my singing idol was
this woman
and although I think she's gone a little off the boil in recent years I still have mountains of respect for her tallent. I met her when I was thirteen years old at a concert and because she saw how emotional I was, instead of shaking my hand, she leaned across the security barrier and lifted me in to a hug and gave me a kiss. I cried all the way home with utter joy and disbelief. She too is touring next year and I'll be first in line for tickets when they go on sale. But I do think that Leona Lewis could be the next, and dare I say better than, devas like Celine, Mariah, Christina and Whitney. And she's british too so it's all good!
Anyway I just wanted to share those songs because they move me so much every time I listen to them. With the Alicia one you can hear the raw passion in her voice. I wonder what she went through in order to write such a song?


Cherry just called me saying she was feeling much better and that she had been up for hours and wanted to jump in a cab early this morning and come and wake me but decided not to in case I got annoyed. So she's heading over here now and we'll have the food for breakfast that I bought and then spend the day in bed. Aahh now that is my idea of what Sundays are made for. A sexy woman feeding me strawberries and licking the fruit juice from my throbbing clit...

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