Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sex Party

Women trickle in one by one at first, introduce themselves, start chatting, get a drink. Then more women arrive, thicker and faster now as the time to start playing games is almost here. Women take up their positions, the games begin. Women start kissing, sharing fantasies, taking off clothing. They eventualy move through to the various other rooms and after some time you follow.

Women on beds, women on floors, their bodies intertwined, kissing, touching, licking, sucking, fucking, moaning, panting, sliding, rubbing, bighting, spanking. And you, you are in the middle of it all, both nipples in other peoples mouths, two pairs of hands exploring your body, each of your hands and your mouth on some one else's body. You are being fucked, and getting fucked, sometimes you know who by, other times not.

Every once in a while you stroll through to the kitchen, naked, to get refreshments, and to go to the bathroom and freshen up. That's when you are acosted by a beautiful mediterranean woman who appears to be alone and not involved in the play. She touches your face, your skin, your breasts, lets her hands slide down your body telling you how beautiful you are, how soft your skin is and how she is finding it difficult to converse with the other women because her English is not good. So you start conversing in her language, not yours, and when you struggle to find the words you kiss, tongues find each other, bodies press close. She is still fully dressed, you are not. She pushes you against the counter, grinding, thrusting her hips. You fumble to put down your drink, take her hands and guide her through to a bedroom. There is no space on the bed, so you lie on the floor and start fucking her. She is open, wet, willing, curvatious and supple. Your fingers glide with ease, she thrusts harder, you fuck faster. Then you are on your back and she is between your legs, her head buried. There are women in the doorway watching you and also the people on the bed. Some one comes up behind your mediterranean lover and spanks her arse. She moans and you shudder with pleasure. Later you are in the other bedroom up against the wall, she is fucking you hard and you are holding on to her, moaning, arching your back and lifting your hips. After a while you slide a hand between her legs and you are rocking, fucking, inside each other simultaniously. Then suddenly she lets herself go and gushes everywhere, hot, wet, sticky ejaculation. It takes you both by surprise and the women watching murmer in appreciation. Then you are on a bed with her, still inside each other while two women who are lying next to you do the same.

At a later point you lie on the floor of a room, watching three women on a bed. One is fucking the other two with a dildo on each thigh. It's hot, very hot. There is a woman on the floor next to you also watching, and you can feel the heat of her excitement. You lie back and place a hand between your own legs, letting her watch this too.

Later still there is a group of you lying in bed, so close together you are skin to skin. You talk and laugh and try to sleep although it is somewhat impossible. But it is nice to feel the warmth of a body next to you, some one's arm around your waste as you lie with your back to them in a drowsy state of bliss, your mind reeling at the things you have just experienced.

Those are just some of the highlights of last night...
What an incredible set of memories!

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