Sunday, November 04, 2007

Very good loving from a very bad girl!

I swear this girl is off the hook crazy wonderful. She left a little while ago after being here for most of the day, and most of that spent in bed together. When she got here I made breakfast and we sat and ate while she read the paper out loud and we chatted about the news. When we’d had enough of that we took the fresh strawberries to bed with us and oh my God what can I say about that? This woman is so damn hot. Thick lips, slim hips, a tight round ass and small perfectly formed breasts with big nipples. Plus, she’s a freak in the sheets! Yeah, maybe an even bigger freak than I am. We hardly stopped for a break all day, when she said she needed to rest it lasted for literally two minutes and then she was off again. The only time she moved from the bed was to refill our wine glasses and later we ate dinner on the sofa. I have to say I really like her. She’s very attentive, she’s versatile, open minded with no inhibitions, she’s absolutely hilarious, when we chatted she had me crying with laughter because she’s so charismatic. She’s bright and intelligent, well spoken and as sexy as hell. I’ll be dreaming about that ass all week long until I see her again. When it got to about 8 o’clock and we’d just eaten dinner, we went back to bed to lie together for a while before she left to go see her friends, and this was the nicest part besides the sex. She wrapped herself around me, really snuggled in close, as close as she could get, kissing me deeply with those big soft lips of hers and murmuring that she didn’t want to go. I gently tried to persuade her that we should move so that she could go be with her friends even though I didn’t want her to go either, but she refused to get up, holding on to me for dear life and so another round of fucking and over an hour later we were still there. I absolutely love casual sex with some one who knows how to give affection as well as fuck because it’s something I really miss about being single. So, after today, we’ll definitely be seeing each other again soon. For now though I’m heading off back to bed, this time to sleep and rest my aching limbs.

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