Sunday, April 30, 2006

Say hello to my inner bitch!
After just having a fairly big argument with a friend of mine, I've come to the conclusion, that it's fine for other people to say what they want and expect
to get away with it, but apparently not me. I'm fed up of being ms nice let's keep the peace all the time, and I'm through with keeping quiet when something
or some one offends me. It's time I started standing up for myself, and not just keeping my mouth shut for the sake of not causing upset. I hate getting
in to arguments with people, and I'm not very good at confrontation, but there comes a time when you have to say "enough is enough". So, if you offend
me from now on, you're going to know about it, and that goes for everyone!
Ill but recovering!
On Thursday night we went to bed at around eleven, after talking things through some, and at around two I woke up and spent most of the rest of the night
awake in the bathroom. Yup, I came down with what DL had, and spent Friday laying on the sofa, trying not to hurl and feeling awful. Had to go in to uni
yesterday to do stuff, but thankfully I had stopped puking by then and felt somewhat human. The good thing about this is that my uncle and aunt and kids
postponed their visit, and I moved my dad's visit to tomorrow, so I've had a weekend of more or less complete rest. It's done me the absolute world of
good too. DL and I have spent some good quality time together just talking about everything and enjoying each other's company. we've also given the flat
a spring clean, and are almost at the end of series three of 24. Not a lot to say other than that really, but I do feel much better about everything. I
realise that my reaction to the whole London thing was slightly over the top, I guess everything just got to me, but DL and I are fine now. Going back
to read more of Tipping The Velvet to her while she does the ironing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another mad week gone by!
Just realised I haven't posted all week... I think i'm losing my mind!

I really just need life to slow down at the moment and let me catch up, but it's not going to and so I have to do a bit of jogging and catch up with life!

Monday was spent trying to finish off my essay and doing more work for uni, and so was pretty uneventful. Monday night we went to bed at about eleven and
made love and fell asleep at around twelvish. I was woken at four by puking sounds coming from the bathroom, and DL was nowhere in sight. Dragging myself
out of sleep I went in to the bathroom and found her kneeling over the loo emptying out the romantic meal we'd eaten earlier. She was up and down from
the bedroom to the bathroom for the rest of the night, and all of Tuesday, and I ended up taking the morning off because neither of us got much sleep,
to look after her. Poor thing, she just lay on the sofa all day not moving, and that was how I knew she felt like shit, because she usually insists on
getting up to do things. She started to get hungry later in the evening, and she'd tried some toast a little earlier and kept it down, so I made her a
baked potato with chicken, and she managed to keep most of it down thankfully. We went to bed on Tuesday night, and she slept right through until mid day
on Wednesday, which did her the world of good. She's feeling much better now.

On Wednesday I dragged my very tired self out of bed and made it in to uni for both lectures. I also handed in my crappy essay, which I neither had the
energy or the inclination to make any better than it was, and have no idea what kind of mark I'll get for it, not a high one I'm thinking. DL was awake
when I got back home, and her friend Jackson was visiting from Dorset, so the two of us and him and Doofus went to the pub for lunch, which was great!
We spent most of the afternoon in there, and then DL and I went to the hairdressers to get hair cuts. In the evening DL went to see Doofus, and Kim came
round with poetry and Baclava (don't ask me how to spell it, it's a turkish/greek pastry), and I opened a bottle of wine. It was really great to catch
up with her, as I hadn't seen her since before easter, she read some of her amazing poetry to me, and we chatted about everything you could think of until
midnight, when I protested that I had to be up early and she left. Twas a fab evening though!

This is where the drama comes in. I have no idea what happened to me last night, the only thing I can say is that for some reason I completely lost the
plot for a couple of hours. DL arrived home just after midnight, and I was a bit miffed at how late it had gotten (which was both our fault), because I
wanted some loving. So we got in to bed, and she chose that moment to tell me that when her mother phoned earlier, she said that she wanted DL to come
and work with her in her office in London for the time being. This would mean that DL would be in London during the week and come back here at the weekends.
Well I don't know, I just completely lost it. I guess I took it personally that she expected or even considered that DL would half move out of the home
we've put so much effort in to making wonderful together, to go and live back with her parents during the week, leaving me here on my own for 90 per cent
of the time. I'm sorry, but we are not paying the price we are to live here to have a semi long distance relationship. If that was an option, DL would
have looked for a job in London when she graduated, and I would have moved in with other students, so at least I wouldn't be on my own. Anyway I got really
angry and upset, and said that her mum obviously didn't value our relationship very much and it was obvious she hadn't given a thought to how I would feel
about the situation, and lots more irrational things. It all came because I hadn't realised until then how stressed I've been lately, what with uni, stuff
with my mum etc etc, and I guess I didn't have time to rejuvinate over easter because we were in London. So basically I fell apart and cried for two hours
solid. It was horrible actually, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Every time I tried to stop I couldn't, it just got worse, and I thought it
would never stop. To be fair, DL was wonderful, she just kept telling me everything would work out with my mother and her mother and uni and everything,
and she held me and told me she loved me, and that she hadn't even considered her mother's offer etc etc. We eventually settled down at around three this
morning, and I missed a lecture at ten, but made it in for eleven. I feel much better today, I guess I just lost the plot temporarily. I'm still a bit
miffed that her mother on the one hand is lovely to me and seems to support our commitment, and then on the other hand she does things which I feel completely
undermines it. I think she'd just be happier if DL said she was moving back home for good. Even if I was ok with her going to London, and she wanted to,
we both talked this morning and agreed it wouldn't solve the long term problem of finding a permenant job, because while she's working in London, she's
not looking for a job here, and still paying rent to only half live in our house, so what would be the point. Anyway, that was last night lol, crazy I

I have to go to the doctors shortly to sort out my injections for Africa, and don't think we're doing a lot tonight. Tomorrow my dad's coming over with
the dog for the day, and there's a possibility that my uncle, aunty and their two kids are coming to visit for the weekend. I just want to shut myself
away from the world for a while and collect my thoughts, and prepare myself for the next few months. The trouble is there's no let up, for a while at least,
I'm just going to have to keep going. I know I must sound like a moaning bitch, because people have things to deal with that are much worse, I guess I'm
just a bit stressed and worn out. Still here though, and will keep you posted.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Where has the week gone?
It's back to the grind stone already, and it doesn't feel like five minutes ago since mum and sis were here!

Nothing too eventful happened during the remainder of this week. I spent most of Thursday writing an essay I have due in next week, and in the evening we
went out for a drink with Doofus. I wasn't going to mention what I'm about to talk about, because I know she reads this, but she figured it out anyway,
so it doesn't matter.

Before we went out, we had a bit of a sort out of the naughty things we have for the bedroom, simply because everything until now lived in plastic bags,
and it was a nightmare trying to hide everything for when the family came. Speaking of that, while we were sorting out sleeping things for my sister, we
had to dig under the bed, and one of the toys got activated, and she was like, "what's that noise?" Luckily I thought of a quick lie, and said that it
was DL's phone vibrating, and quickly escorted her from the room. Anyway, that aside, I suggested that we make like a toy box, and keep them all in there,
so before we went out we sorted it all out. A couple of years ago, for my birthday, the lads (Chesworth, Ridley and Thoms) clubbed together and brought
this wireless vibe for me. It's the kind that you wear, and give your partner the remote control, and they can activate it whenever they want to, wherever
you are, so long as they're within a certain distance. Well, until now it had gone quite unused, mainly because I haven't felt daring enough to wear it
when out with a partner. So, we decided to use it when we went to the pub. I know we're filthy, but the vibrations aren't nearly strong enough to make
you come, it's just meant to be a nice tickle to keep you aroused for when you get home. Anyway, we were both pretty excited about using it, and we went
to the pub to meet Doofus. Hilariously, about half way through the night, Doofus looked at me and made a comment that went something like, "why do you
look like you're about to have an orgasm?" Well, we both absolutely cracked up laughing, and she couldn't understand why. Then, Doofus being Doofus, figured
out what was going on in like thirty seconds flat, the result I hasten to add of a mind that is probably more dirty than mine. The whole thing was hilarious,
and no doubt we'll use it again, although next time it's DL's turn to wear it! Maybe it's not so discrete though.

Friday I worked all day yet again, and ended up in tears about half way through. I've been having problems with Word lately, it keeps crashing and sometimes
it doesn't recover the document properly. It also keeps getting stuck whenever I try to do a spell check. So on Friday, I made sure I did a save like every
two minutes, just in case anything happened to the computer. And yes, you guessed it, word crashed. "It's ok," thinks I, "I've only just saved the document,
so I'll recover it and it'll be fine." Well, the bastard hadn't saved a single word I'd written that day, only the stuff I'd done the day before. I'd written
so much and got so far with it, I just sat with tears of sheer frustration and anger rolling down my cheeks. Sometimes I really hate computers, especially
temperamental ones. Anyway, on Saturday I used my microsoft office cd to do a repair, and touch wood it seems to be ok now.

On Saturday, Cathy arrived very early from London with DL's fixed car. She got here at about 8, and I stayed sleeping while the two of them returned the
hired car back to the company. When they got back I got up and started work again while they went in to town, and they picked me up at about one to go
and have lunch. After that we dropped Cathy at the train station, and then did a bit of shopping. I got three new t-shirts for Africa, a new belt, and
DL bought me a mosquito net hanging kit, that she origionally thought was an actual mosquito net, and a new passport holder. Last night we just kicked
back and watched more 24, of which we have started series three.

Today we went to B n Q to get plants for our mini garden, I did some more work, and then joined DL and Doofus in the pub this evening. Tomorrow I have to
work my ass off yet again, and I don't see it letting up now until the end of May, I have so much to do! So yeah, that was my week.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh my god! Oh my God
I've booked the flight to Zambia, no going back now!!!
Yes! I spent most of this afternoon on the net and telephone researching flights from Manchester to Livingston, and working out which route would be the
cheapest and fastest. The end result is that I've booked a return flight with STA Travel, and it's costing £737. I also didn't realise how bloody long
the journey is going to be, I leave Manchester in the evening and don't arrive in Livingston until mid day on the day after, having flone all through the
night, and making two stops along the way. I'm now very excited and also very, very nervous. I spoke to the company about getting assistants when changing
planes etc, and they say it'll be fine, but I've never flone totally alone before and so am bricking it slightly. I'm also flying with the same company
that took me to Albania, and they lost my luggage for two days that time, so I'm praying the same doesn't happen this time. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I can't fucking
believe it! I wanna scream and jump around and go crazy! The consequence of this excitement is that I can't concentrate on work at all, and that's bad
because I have so much to do for next week. I just have to keep thinking that if I don't pass with flying colours, I have to retake the modules in the
summer, which will be a disaster as I'm going away, so therefore I have to work my ass off between now and then. Wish it was that easy in practice though.

Anyway, back to the usual stuff. Yesterday my mum, step sister Alex and ex step mum Claire arrived at around mid day. DL was at work and we had decided
to go shopping, so they stayed for a cup of tea and several home made scones made by yours truely, before we headed off to the huge shopping centre near
to where we live. We spent the whole day there too, like until after seven, but it was really lovely. We had lunch, shopped until we dropped, and then
DL met us after work, with a red rose and a kiss for me which absolutely made my day. On the way home we stopped at the chinese to get take out, and after
filling our bellies we proceeded to laugh hysterically at too many things to go in to here, while I massaged DL's aching feet. They left this morning at
around twelve, and feeling decidedly horny, I decided to have a little play with the new toys by myself, which was fun. I then sent a text to DL at work
telling her what I'd just done, and she came home very turned on. I then cleaned the flat thoroughly, and then sorted out the Africa stuff. I've got a
basic check list from a travel website of things to take, and the organisation I'm going with are also sending me one, but I'm going to paste the one I've
got below, and if you think of anything else you think I'll need, be sure to let me know. Now I'm going to go to bed and have mad, passionate sex with
my lady.

Check list
Immunisation Record
Travel tickets
Travellers cheques
Emergency numbers
Photocopies of documents
Guide books
Money belt
Combination padlocks
Passport photos (minimum of 6)
Personal safety alarm
Adapter plugs
Swis army knife
Sleeping bag
Sleeping sheet
Mosquito net (impregnated)
Alarm clock
Inflatable neck pillow

Ear plugs
Safety pins
Face wash
Shaving equipment
Wet wipes
Toothpaste and brush
Sun cream
Lip balm
Insect repellent
Brush or comb
Toilet paper
Dental floss
Nail clippers

Medical kit
First aid kit
Medical sterile kit
Water purification tablets
Antidiarrhea medication
Rehidration solution with spoon
Adheessive bandages
Antibiotic cream
Motion sickness medication
Anti inflammatory tablets

Monday, April 17, 2006

Firey Passion!
Wow, only just arrived back and the drama started already!

Before I tell you about that however, I just have to rave about this afternoon. We've been away for over a week, and haven't really had the chance to have
propper, relaxed sex, always having an ear on the door and being aware of any noise we made. So when we were finally alone in our own home this afternoon,
we went to bed and spend a couple of blissful hours having incredible sex. I orgasmed three times, one after the other, which is very difficult for me
to do, so DL was very pleased with herself. We also tried out our new toys, and they were well worth the money we spent on them. So I am one very happy
lady in that department!

Now for the drama
DL and I had luckily just finished making love, when the fire alarm in the main building went off. DL went out to see what the problem was, and a guy from
upstairs said it had been going off all weekend, and the only way to stop it was to put it on silence, and then come back and reset it in about twenty
minutes. So anyway, DL did this and we went back in to the flat and I started making scones. Then, a little while later, the doorbell rang, and it was
a girl from upstairs saying that there was smoke in the hallway and to call the fire brigade. DL dialed 999 and I went to look, and knew straight away
that the fire was electrical by the smell. We all went outside and waited for the fire brigade, who thankfully took less than five minutes to come. I was
very embarrassed at this point, because I had just thrown on some clothes, and didn't have on any underwear, so my nipples were standing out a mile because
it was so cold, and one of the firemen started talking to me. Anyway, it turned out that there was something wrong with the electrics in one of the flats
upstairs, and the landlord had to be called and also the electricity board. I ended up watching over the landlord's three bratty kids, while he tried to
sort stuff out, and they dared to start playing with my lap top, for which I gave them daggers. So it's totally ruined our plans of having dinner and going
for drinks, as we have only just started cooking. Never mind. So there you have it, never ignore a fire alarm, even if it is a temperamental one, because
it might just be real. Tomorrow my mother, my step sister and her mother are all coming to stay until Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to that muchly.
I'll make another post about the rest of my trip to London, so look below for that.
London update 2
Here's an update of the rest of the trip to London with more drama:
On Wednesday, we went in to town again and spent most of the afternoon at SH! At Hoxton square. We don’t go very often, so when we do we spend ages in there,
looking at the various new vibes and range of dildos, and usually end up spending a small fortune. This time our total came to £80, as we bought a couple
of new toys, some underware and more lube etc. I have to say, it’s my favourite sex shop ever, and if you’ve never been or if you’re a first timer, that
one is definitely the best to try. The staff are friendly but don’t hastle you, they make you tea or coffee while you’re looking, and I don’t think I’ve
ever seen a male member of staff either. Plus, men can only enter if they’re accompanied by a female, and it's very lesbian oriented. Anyway, that’s my
sales pitch over lol. Included in our purchases was a little something to tide me over while I’m in Africa, which was tried and tested today, and is silent,
but deadly!

After we finished up at Hoxton Square, we headed to Oxford street for sustinence in Starbucks, and then browsed around. While we were out, I got a call
from Baby G saying that everyone was heading to Hammersmith at seven for dinner, so we went over there afterwards to join them. As is usual with my London
friends, everyone turned up at different times, ranging from seven thirty to just after nine, but we managed to see everyone before we had to leave to
get home so it was ok. Both DL and I had hardly eaten all day, so we got very drunk very quickly, and I must have looked like a zombie on the tube on the
way back. I headed to bed as soon as we got back, as I didn’t want to make a prat of myself in front of DL’s mum and regret it, and I was dog tired anyway.
I don’t remember DL coming to bed, I was sparked by the time she did, and she complained in the morning that she didn’t even get a cuddle lol. Luckily
no hang over, thank god!

Thursday turned out to be a bit of a nightmare, as the plan was to go for coffee with DL's friend in the morning, and then drive me over to Baby G's, where
I would spend the next few days. Anyway, we got in the car to go for coffee, and it started and then cut out. Baring in mind, the car had been in for a
service two days before hand, and now it wouldn't work. So the mechanics were called out, and seemed very cagey about what the problem was, and left us
without a car. Chesney also chose that day to be a little shit, refusing to do his work and generally being naughty. A group of us were set to go out that
night to see Mister Chesworth and Mister Thoms play in a band, and we were supposed to leave Baby G's at around seven. I didn't arrive at her house however
until nearly 8, because we had to wait until Cathy came with her car to drive me over. The situation with the car, is basically that the garage have made
a huge fuck up, and when checking the cambelt, didn't screw the bolts back on propperly, and so the belt came loose and has fucked the engine. So the car
is still in London, the parts not being available until Tuesday. The garage didn't tell DL this until late Saturday, which was too late to hire a car,
so yesterday Cathy drove us back up here, and has to return at the weekend with DL's car. It's been a nightmare really, DL has to get up at five tomorrow
to get the train to work, but luckily we managed to hire a car from tomorrow afternoon until Friday. Everyone is quite upset, because the owner of the
garage was a family friend, and he's basically screwed them over big time about this, so people are not happy.
Anyway, that's the car...

On Thursday night we arrived at the venue at around ten thirty, just in time to see the guys play, and they were really fantastic. I've never seen them
play before and I was very impressed! We ended up staying at their place on Thursday night, and headed back to Baby G's on Friday. It was lovely to catch
up with her, we just stayed in the house and listened to music and chatted, just spending time together which was great. On Saturday night Cathy and DL
came to pick me up, and we ate at Baby G's parents' restaurant, and the food was sooooooo good. If you're ever in Southgate you should check it out, it's
called Janaman (I think that's how you spell it). Yesterday we got up fairly early, and went out for lunch before heading back here. I'm very glad to be
back now.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

London Update
On Thursday morning, we watched the final episode of series 2 of 24 while we ate breakfast, then packed and tidied the flat. We set off around one, and
the drive was longer than I thought it would be, having not done it before by car. The journey was pleasant though, we ate the lunch I made, listened to
the radio, and I read to DL as she drove for a while. We reached DL’s parent’s house at around five, and were greeted by an excited Chesney, with a plaster
cast on his leg, at the door. About fifteen minutes after we got there, he decided to bring his box of Lego downstairs and make me a house, which proved
to be very unstable. So, in my infinite wisdom, I started to show him how to reinforce the walls by overlapping pieces and so on, and we ended up sitting
in the middle of a pile of Lego on the living room floor for an hour, making the house look great. I felt like a kid again, and DL kept laughing and saying
that she would buy me some for my birthday. I did think I was going to get us in to trouble at one point though, because her dad made a comment that her
mum would go mad at their being Lego on the floor, in case the cats got it, and I thought, o’oh because she scares me lol, but it was fine. When Cathy
arrived home she made us a lovely salmon dinner, and then we settled down for the rest of the evening to watch TV and talk.

It took me ages to get to sleep because of the heat, and we ended up putting the fan on and having the windows open, I forget how still and close London
air actually is. You get used to it after a couple of days, but at first it makes you sneeze and blocks your nose.

On Friday we woke at around ten, and after going downstairs for breakfast we came up to get dressed. DL was so horny however, that I ended up making love
to her, as quietly as possible, because we have the problem of a very squeaky bed, but her dad had his music on downstairs so it was all good. Then we
went to visit her nan, and her aunt and uncle were there too, and they plied us with beef sandwiches, hot cross buns, lemonade and tea, which was very
much appreciated. In the afternoon we went to Blue Water to do some shopping, and I got Rids a birthday present, and some stuff for Mister Chesworth and
Mister Thoms too. It still worries me greatly that we haven’t found a Christmas present for Baby G yet, because it’s almost half way through the year and
I’m starting to feel bad, but seriously, we can’t find anything we think she’ll like. I’m sorry it’s very belated hon. Didn’t find any clothes for either
of us, and so came back relatively empty handed at about seven. Had steak for dinner, and again sat down to relax. I went up to bed early at around ten
thirty to read, and left DL and her mum to watch a film.

On Saturday morning, we woke up fairly early as it was our 18 month anniversary. DL’s family left early on a day out, and we had breakfast and headed for
central London. It was a beautiful day and very busy as usual. I enjoyed every minute of it, we shopped in Covent Garden, and then went to Leicester Square
for lunch at pizza hut and an ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s. In the afternoon we went back to the shops, and then finished up at First Out, which is a
gay cafĂ© and very cool. We then headed back to the house, hoping that the family wouldn’t be back yet so that we could have a cuddle, but just as we got
home, so did they, so that plan went out the window. In the evening we went for a Chinese at a lovely restaurant in Greenwich, and had a relatively early

Sunday morning I woke up to go to the toilet at about half past five, and for the life of me couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards. I pissed DL off because
I kept telling her to turn over, because when she lies on her back she snores really loudly, and that made things even worse, so we ended up having a quiet
argument in bed, and then making up shortly afterwards. We did try to have sex, on the squeaky bed, and although it was enjoyable I couldn’t have an orgasm.
I’m hard to please at the best of times, and poor DL was beside herself with frustration. Not quite sure what we’re gonna do on the sex front, DL’s dad
doesn’t work anymore so the house is usually occupied, and so it’s proving difficult at the moment. Anyway, we had a ride down in to Kent, and shopped
in a little seaside town for a drink, and then went to a lovely restaurant for food by the river Medway. Did some work when we got back, as the guilt of
not doing any was starting to set in.

On Monday Cathy had the day off work, so the three of us went shopping, firstly to Ikea, where we didn’t get much, then to DFS where Cathy bought a new
sofa on a whim, and then to Croydon. I’d never been to Croydon shopping before, but it seemed like a decent enough place, and DL really likes the area,
so while we shopped we discussed a possible move there after we’re done in Sheffield. It’s something we’ve both been thinking about, as we want to live
as close to London as possible, but not right in the crazy madness of it, so we were thinking sort of at the end of a tube line or something, so we can
commute. Anyway, on the Croydon front she said that you can get some really nice houses in Purley, which is a bus ride away from the town centre and a
train ride in to London, which would be suitable for work etc, so we’ll start looking in to it a bit closer to the time. Neither of us can wait to move
south, as although Sheffield is a lovely city in its own right, it just doesn’t do it for us like London does, and it’s in the north which is also another
negative, as most of our friends and DL’s family live in the south. What about my family? Well they’re all mostly based in Staffordshire, a place which
I’m definitely not keen to make a permanent home in, so unless my parents decide they want a change of scenery, we’ll have to visit as we do now, which
is every now and then. My mum can’t comprehend the fact that after uni has finished I don’t want to move in to a house on the same estate that she’s on,
because that’s what my family seem to have done. No one lives even an hour away on my mum’s side, and she thought I would be the same and is quite shocked
at me speaking of living quite far away. Hmmm, small town mind set I guess. Anyway I digress. Not a lot happened on Monday night, just did some work, and
then went to bed.

Tuesday, we spent most of the day with my friend Jo, introducing DL, catching up on news, and reminiscing about college life and the people we knew there.
Jo’s fantastic, I don’t see her very often but when I do we chat for hours and get on like a house on fire. We had a ball at college, myself, her and Baby
G having dinner, going clubbing, or just being crazy, so it was great to catch up and talk about old times. Afterwards we went to collect DL’s car that
had gone in for a service, and then headed home for dinner. Got loads of work done last night too, which was a bonus. And, we actually managed to have
successful sex when we went to bed, without the bed making too much noise. I hadn’t orgasmed since we got here, until last night, but o boy, it was soooo
good after waiting for so long, and I feel thoroughly content this morning. Accept for the fact that I’m now in pain because of my damn period.

Today we’re going in to town again to shop on Oxford street, and hopefully also go to our favourite adult store to buy something new for the bedroom, heehee.
Having a great time here, it’s lovely to be here, even though DL doesn’t seem to think I like being around her family. I know she finds it difficult, because
we have to be very reserved unless we’re alone, which isn’t often, but I do like spending time with them. They will, after all, be the in-laws one day
if she decides to make an honest woman of me.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

going away
We're off to London today, so I'll try to post as often as I can, but I think Lucy's parents don't have broad band internet. We're coming back a week on
Monday (can't remember the date). Happy easter everyone!

Monday, April 03, 2006

heavenly day!
Wow, what a day! DL and I decided to devote today to being with each other, no phone calls, no msn and no visitors. The blinds are closed, and we have only
recently emerged from the bedroom, and that was reluctantly to make dinner. We haven't been having sex all day, but the sex we've had was first tender
and loving, and then incredibly filthy, and I feel thoroughly used, abused, and happy! We had tea, toast with jam and serial in bed this morning, and we've
watched more 24, and she read Diva to me, (UK lesbian magazine), and to her I've read the first two chapters of Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters. It's
been heavenly just lying in bed, cuddling, talking, making love and spending time together, plus at the weekend she bought some very sexy lingerie, which
I discovered on crawling back in to bed after making breakfast.

Now we're both languid and happy, and the chili is simmering while potatoes bake in the oven. I definitely want more days like these!

And just a little chain thing that I've seen on several blogs, and decided to steal it and do it myself. I'm not tagging, but feel free to steal and let
me know you've done it.

1. Who was your first prom date? Well, I never took a date to any function at school or college, because I refused to take a guy and I guess was too shy
to take a girl, so I always went with my friends.
2. Who was your first roommate(s)?
Well, I lived in halls for the first year at college, but my first propper house mates were my girl Baby G, and a chinese girl called Winnie, who I lived
with in my second year.
3. What alcoholic beverage did you drink the first time you got drunk?
Wow, I can't even remember! I think it was probably something called Hooch, that I don't think exists anymore.
4. What was your first job?
I'm afraid to say I've never had a job, because I'm still studying.
5. What was your first car?
I can't drive, but the first car I remember my mum having was a Ford Escort back when we were poor.
6. When did you go to your first funeral?
When I was six and my grand father died. I was so broken, but for some reason I kept laughing. I think it must have been a nervous thing because I was so
incredibly upset when he passed.
7. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?
I was sixteen when I moved to a sleepy country town to go to college.
8. Who was your first grade teacher?
A woman called Miss Rose who I don't really remember.
9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
I think it was to Grand Canaria when I was seven. I kept shouting, "faster, faster," as we sped down the runway.
10. When did you sneak out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
I never snook out, but I did tell lots of lies when I was younger, saying that I was spending the night at my friends house and that we would watch a film.
Well I did stay at my friend's house, but we went to a club and stayed out till two in the morning, I was fifteen, tut tut! Around the same time I also
said I was going to the same friends house, but instead went to meet the girl I was going out with and who was four years my senior, without my parents
knowledge. My mum eventually found out and there was hell to pay.
11. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them?
My first best friend was a girl called Toni, who was two years older than me and who lived a couple of streets away. She also proved to be the first girl
I slept with, and we keep in touch speradically and aren't as close as we used to be.
12. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house?
Well, I lived in halls at college, then in two houses in the second year as stated above, then moved to where I'm at now.
13. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day? DL
14. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid/groomsman?
My father's when I was six. He was marrying my step mother. They're divorced now though.
15. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Roll over and cuddle my lady.
16. What was the first concert you ever went to?
I went to see Celine Dion at Wembly when I was thirteen, it was fab!
17. First tattoo or piercing?
My ears when I was about five. They made me take the earings out at school though, so I had them redone when I was eleven, and refused to take them out
that time.
18. First celebrity crush?
Don't laugh! There was this woman in Home and Away called Kelly Wats I think. Can't remember the actresses name, but she was gorgeous anyway. I was so sad
when she left, I was ten.
19. Age of first kiss?
I was very young, about 8 I think, and it was a propper kiss too.
20. First crush?
Hmmm, well there was a teacher at school I had a thing for, and a friend of my mum's friends who came to visit from Canada who I was loopy about. They were
roughly the same time. I was gutted when she went back to Canada, and cried when the teacher left for Australia.
21. First time you did drugs?
The only time I ever went near drugs was when I was fifteen in a club, I did poppers a couple of times. I was going through a rebellious phase, and wouldn't
do it again.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Jet Setting!
Just updating quickly before I read more to my lady.

Today was spent searching the internet for a decent sun holiday for some time in June, and after spending four hours groaning at how much the prices have
gone up this year, we found a great deal. We're going to Tunisia, staying in a 4 star hotel, half board for seven nights. The hotel has two outdoor pools,
an indoor one with jacuzzi (you know what we'll be doing in that), and a gym and beauty treatment facilities. We got it for a reasonable rpice too. The
ironic thing is that Tunisia is on the tip of North Africa, and of course I'll be going to Zambia a week and a half after we're back from our holiday.
I jokingly said to DL that it would be cheaper for me to stay in Tunisia and get a flight from there to Zambia, but she wasn't very amused lol. So yeah,
we have a holiday, holiday (sings).

The rest of the day we spent updating our ipods, as we have decided to lengthern our trip to London and go on Thursday, so that we can spend our 18 month
anniversary there too. I also had a call from my friend Jo, and we'll visit her next week. She's in restbite for two weeks, as she's just had an eye operation
and a change in meds for other stuff, so it'll be nice to catch up and hopefully cheer her up a bit. We've just got back from the new gay pub in town,
and I really like it there, it's fab! Tomorrow we're going shopping, and then in the evening I'm going to Kim's for a while, and have to iron clothes and
sort out what to take with us. Heehee it's all so exciting!
I'm back! I'm back!
My god! It's taken so long...!!!

The reason I haven't been posting, is because for some reason our ISP had a problem accessing just this one site, and have taken forever to fix the damn
problem! I've hated not writing, it's like my outlet, and although I've jotted a few things down in word, I've not written propper posts really. Anyway,
what's been happening? I can hardly remember, days turn in to weeks and before you know it everything kind of murges in to one, and you forget the little
details of life. I'm going to paste below, a post I did write, last Monday, because it sums up my main bit of news:

Monday 27th March
Wow! What a few days! I’m so excited, and yet so torn at the same time. On Friday I heard from the organisation I was most interested in travelling with,
about going to Africa, and they offered me a place in Zambia, teaching English for a month, and also working in an orphanage. It sounded so good, and I
spent the whole weekend thinking about it, and yesterday it took me all day to work up the courage to ring and book the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I want
to go more than anything, but when it actually came to the crunch I realised how scarey and daunting a prospect it is. But hey, I’m up for a challenge,
and now I have to wait for confirmation and then go ahead and arrange flights. I’ll be leaving on 3rd July and returning on 31st and I can’t believe it’s
actually coming real! O! My! God!!! The downside is that DL is gutted about me going away, and yesterday she was so miserable I just felt awful. To be
honest, I think it’ll do her good, and give her some independence in the relationship, but she doesn’t see it that way at all and is dreading the prospect
of being on her own for a month. She even said she didn’t want to go on holiday before hand anymore, but I got kind of mad and told her to not let it ruin
the couple of months in between now and me actually leaving, so she agreed and I’ve called the travel agent today to find out about going to Lanzarote
– she’s getting back to me with some details.

So yeah, emotionally it’s been a crazy few days, I finally handed in my essay this morning and so I’m going to relax until next week starts, then get down
to work again! I’m soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, I'm off to Africa and I can't quite believe it! It seems quite unreal still, and I can't believe it's only 3 months away. Uni has finished now
for three weeks, and for the past few days I've been relaxing and reading a Sarah Water's novel from start to finish, which was great, and also finishing
off American Psycho, which was very sick and disturbing. Next week I'll have to do some work, as I have a lot to get through over easter, but it's also
mine and DL's 18 month anniversary, so we're going to do something special. Then, a week today we're off to London for the week, and I'll stay for half
of it with DL's parents, and then visit friends, mainly Baby G, for the rest of the trip.

On Friday night I went to the cinema with Kim and Sean to see Trans America, which was very funny and moving and handled well I thought, as the subject
was transexuality. I arrived home to find that DL had baked a yummy cake, and bought me flowers, which was a lovely surprise. Yesterday my dear friend
who I call A gajer came to visit with her boyfriend. (she's Chinese and it means big sister, and I probably spelled it incorrectly). We spent the afternoon
shopping, which was great, it was lovely seeing her again as it's been a few months since we last met up. DL also surprised me with a new naval bar and
the new Sarah Waters book which I mentioned I intended to buy for my trip to Africa. I am very spoiled! Last night we ate very late, watched more episodes
of 24, and had mind blowing sex, which, I should add, just keeps getting more amazing and I'm the luckiest woman in the world to get whenever I want it.
Tomorrow we're having an Us day, which will probably involve breakfast in bed, followed by a day of making love and spending quality time together. I can't

Anyway, it's great to be back, and I'm very greatful to NTL for fixing the problem, although next time, do it faster!
I'm also going to back date another post, for the 22nd March, so that'll appear below this one, so don't miss it!
I'm now going to catch up on blog reading, and then cook dinner.