Friday, November 09, 2007

My Spot

Cherry is coming over on Sunday and I can't wait. Last weekend when she was here and we'd been fucking for hours, she found the spot on my body, the spot that has nothing to do with my pussy but which, if kissed makes me go crazy. We were cuddling when she found it, and then when she saw my reaction we were fucking again. It makes me rithe in pure pleasure, it makes me moan and scream, makes me gasp and lose my breath, sends my muscles in to spasms, makes me so very wet. The feeling is so intense that I can't take it for long, but it's incredible. She was thrilled that she found it, thrilled at how she made me pur. I want her to find it again. I want that feeling. That intensity that draws my mind in to one electrified pin point of pure pulsating pleasure. I want it! I crave it! It's when I feel most alive. This time I want her to do it when she's inside me. So the two spots fuse and connect and wrip me apart until I can't tell where the source of my pleasure is. She wanted me to squirt for her last time, when I was coming. I couldn't manage it, haven't yet, with her. I think if she does that, I will. Rivers of it.

I don't think it will last long, with her. I mean the whole experience of she and I being connected in a sexual way. She is bisexual you see, and there in lies the problem. I am a synic when it comes to women who love both sexes. I have been taught to be by my own experiences. So I know that given time she will pull away from me in search of something more masculine. For now though I am her "little freak", or so she likes to call me, and she is giving me something I need. For now...
And I wish she was here tonight.

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