Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not a happy bunny

I woke up this morning at around 9 AM and made a cup of tea, went back to bed and read a book for a couple of hours. I texted Cherry at around midday to see if and when she was coming over, and about two hours later she called me back saying that she had just woken up, and to give her an hour or so and she would be over. So during that hour or so I had a bath, made the bed, and put a fruit pie in the oven for us to eat later. By five PM I hadn't heard a thing so I texted half jokingly saying I hoped she hadn't fallen back to sleep. She called me and said that she was just watching her nephew's for a little while as her aunt was out, but that she would be leaving shortly. Two hours later, and she still hasn't called to say that she is on her way. Call me high maintenance, but being kept waiting around for most of the day does not put me in a good mood. This is a far cry from last weekend when she came over for breakfast and we spent the day in bed together. To be honest I'm half inclined to tell her to forget it if she does call to say she's coming, which is looking unlikely as she's leaving it late to come over. These aren't good seduction tactics at all and the anticipation and horniness that has been with me for most of this weekend is rapidly fading away. She's very much mistaken if she thinks she can just pop over here for an hour or whatever for a quick fuck and then leave after keeping me hanging on all day. As casual as this thing is, I'm not up for that.

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