Friday, June 30, 2006

Guide Dog and going away again!

My life has suddenly gotten incredibly hectic, and my calendar is full until the end of August at the least now. The main reason is because while I was away, I had a message from Guide Dogs asking to meet me, to walk a couple of possibly suitable dogs. I met up with them on Wednesday morning, and in the end I only ended up walking one dog, the other not being suitable. The one I walked was a fairly small black Labrador called Una, and she was impeccably behaved. We discussed my routine in detail, and they ruled out another dog who I hadn’t actually seen, and then told me that if I was happy I would be trained with Una. I nearly cried I was so over the moon! Yay, I’m gonna have a puppy at last!!! It’s been so long I can hardly believe it’s happening now. When I get back on Monday 1st August, I have to ring them straight away, and then hopefully she’ll be moving in on the Friday, and the training will start the following Monday and will last up to four weeks – they don’t hang around. We’ve been in consultation with the land lord about where to put a spending pen, and after some debate we’ve agreed on a suitable place. Because it has to be custom made to fit where the land lord wants it to go, I have to pay for it, which will cost around £200, but I’m too excited to care.

On a side note, these bloody antimalarials I’m taking make me feel sick for about half an hour after taking them, so right now I feel like I might hurl!
On the subject of going away, this week has gone nowhere, and I only have two days left before I go. DL is coping amazingly well considering we’ve not had much time to ourselves, and last night she cooked us a lovely romantic meal, of Salmon, vegetables and her infamous gratin potatoes, with vanilla and chocolate chese cake to follow. Heaven on a plate! This afternoon I’m gonna try and get everything packed, so that we have a full day to spend together tomorrow. We’re also going to go out and buy a bed and bowls for the dog, who I think we are going to call Lunar as we don’t really like the name Una. DL keeps joking about calling her Guna, referring to the Arsenal, or at least I hope it’s a joke in any case! No like feeling sick, no like!
Right, I’m off, will try and write again before I fly on Sunday, I’m soooooooooooo nervous!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Holiday!

Well, the holiday was fantastic, and it feels like it happened ages ago already!
We left at three in the morning to head to the airport, and the flight took off on time thankfully. We arrived at our hotel, the Tej Mahaba at around twelve, and had to wait a while, as check in and out are at the same time, so our room had to be prepared. The hotel was absolutely fantastic, with both indoor and outdoor pools, plenty of sun beds, beautiful fountains, shops, restaurants, and a service that provided skin treatments, which, although I didn't have any, were amazingly cheap. Everything was lovely and clean, and the rooms were all air conditioned with balconies. The only downside was the reception staff, who weren't overly friendly, and who we had altercations with on the first day. We arrived at twelve as I've said, and the currency exchange didn't open until five. They were changing english money at the reception desk, and we found out later, wripping everyone off, but we only had travelers cheques, and with it being Sunday the banks were closed. So after much wondering around trying to find somewhere to get currency, we then asked if we could buy drinks at the hotel, and have them billed to our room, to be paid when we could obtain currency, and they refused to do that. So the first five hours did not pass smoothly at all, we were both tired and very thirsty, and the staff were being complete bastards! Our Rep was brilliant however, and after several people complained to him about the reception staff, they got a bollocking from the supervisor and all was fine after that. Despite that I'd definitely recommend the hotel to anyone, and would stay there if I visited Tunisia again.

We stayed half board, and so had breakfast and evening meal at the hotel. The food was fantastic, plenty of variety and plenty of everything. I haven't weighed myself yet, scared that I've put on a few pounds! For the first few days we lounged by the pool, reading and relaxing and lapping up the sun. Straight away I burned the tops of my legs, even though I was using sun cream, and started to look more like a lobster than anything else. So after that I covered up more and increased the factor to 30, and I'm only slightly peeling now lol. The temperature increased considerably while we were there, going from the 80's to the 100's, and for a while we just had to stay out of the sun, it was so hot! On the Wednesday we went on a cruise, something I was hesitatnt to do, as last year in Cyprus the sea was so rough it made me sick all the time we were on the boat. This one was lovely however, and it dropped ancur so that everyone could fish or swim. Most evenings after dinner we walked down to the beach, and sat and watched the sun set, and sometimes had a dip, the water was so lovely and warm and clear.

I got the chance to speak lots of French, as it's the second language there, and DL was not impressed that I kept getting hit on. The driver of a taxi we took bought me a flower, asked to take me out for a drink and then asked for my number. When I said no to both he gave me his number, and told me to call him. I was greatly amused, but the mrs was not at all. Then, when we had Henna tatoos done, the tatooist asked me if I had a boyfriend, and wanted to meet for a drink later. I found the whole thing quite hilarious, men are both predictable and pathetically desperate, and it was no reflection on my attractiveness, because they jump on any woman who looks vaguely European out there.

I found the country fascinating though, the culture is so different, % 90 of Tunisians are muslim, and most days I listened with avid curiosity to the call to prayer. Although many women in the cities do not cover themselves, women in the villages as we saw on the last day, when we went on a treck in to the countryside on cammels, wear traditional dress. Even in the cities women tend to remain hidden, by this I mean they weren't often seen on the streets, and it was strange to be surrounded by men, everywhere, the absence of women making it all the more significant. The cammel ride was fantastic too, and I got a sore back and arse afterwards. We got some lovely pictures though, and DL enjoyed it much more than she thought she would. We also had silver bangles engraved with our names in Arabic, and are wearing each others, something which I suggested, so you can't say I'm not romantic lol.

One huge surprise though came in some one we met. At the hotel restaurant, you are given a table, and you stay at that table all week. The waiter asked if we minded sharing our table with two other English people, and we said of course not. The two women that sat with us were in their late fifties early sixties and one had difficulty walking and used a wheelchair quite a lot. When I asked her where she was from, this is how the conversation turned out:
"Where are you from?"
"Dartford in Kent."
"Oh, DL has family in Dartfor don't you?"
"O really, where about in Dartford?"
"--- Lane."
"Oh gosh, that's where I live. Who do you know on --- lane?"
"Pat and Tom."
"They are my next door neighbours."
So it turned out that Lucy's aunt and uncle have been living next door to the woman, Irene she was called, for years, and when it was discovered Irene remembered DL from when she was a little girl, and DL had fussed her dog. Such a small world! Of all the countries in the world, all the cities in that country, all the hotels in that city, and all the tables in that hotel! We sat with them most nights, and had such a laugh, the two of them sharing family information etc. We even persuaded her to get in to the pool, something she was reluctant to do because of her walking difficulty, and the fact that she couldn't swim. She loved it though, I think it made her holiday.

So yes, all in all a fantastic holiday, now I have to start getting organised, as I leave for Zambia on Sunday. I wish I'd left a bit more time between the two trips now, but I haven't, so I'm busy getting final stuff together and washing and repacking again. My mother is coming over tonight to stay and help with the ironing I hope, and tomorrow I'm walking with three guide dogs, so the centre can pin point exactly the right dog for me, in case one comes up while I'm away. I'm hoping they'll hold on to it for me so I can start training when I get back.

This afternoon DL has a job interview, so I'm going to make sure she's sorted before she has to go go.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bad luck comes in Three's!

Bloody hell, just when we're supposed to start relaxing...

Just after I posted yesterday, I got a call from my mother. She sounded like she was about to burst in to tears, and told me that she'd been assaulted while at work. She works for social services, taking care of kids in small, temporary homes, and on Wednesday night, two of them had gone crazy, smashing up the house, braking windows and attacking the staff. After swaring at her and throwing water all over her for hours, which she could tolerate and was trying to control, it got way out of hand, and one of them came at her with an iron bar. Bare in mind that there are certain things she's aloud to do to protect herself, so she can try to restrain the kids to an extent, but she can't hurt them in any way. This is the part that makes me mad, although obviously I can see that the rules are there for a reason. But this little bastard is flying at my mum with this iron bar, waving it around through the air, she can't lock them in a room, she can't lock them out of the house, and the best she can do is try and move away and protect herself from getting hit. The result was that he smashed her on the arm with it, resulting in a hairline fracture, and sent her flying across the room, landing on her back and smacking her head. Then, when she finally got up and went to restrain the kid with the bar, the other kid who was involved went to smack her over the head with a chest of draws. Thankfully, he lost his nerve and failed, but the other member of staff was also assaulted, the management had to be called in, and eventually the kids were arrested and mum was taken to the hospital. It just makes me so fucking mad, because if she'd tackled him and basically hurt him so that he couldn't hit her, she would have been prosecuted for assaulting a minor and would have lost her job. So what, she has to put up with this shit from two twelve year old boys? It's rediculous, and even the management admitted there isn't enough in place to protect the staff as well as the kids. So that was one bit of bad luck, mainly for my mum. She said she just wanted a cuddle, and I felt awful for being miles away, and so have sent her flowers and a card.

The second bit of bad luck, is that people seem to be getting ill. DL has had a cold for a few days, but she's also been being sick, and we're not sure why. She can't keep anything down and is getting a lot of discomfort in her stomach. I think a doctor's appointment is in order when we get back. I also phoned my mum's neighbours today, to ask them to keep an eye out for the flower delivery in case mum wasn't home. They're like my nan and grandad, and assumed the role ever since my true grand parents passed away when I was a kid. They took care of me when my mum had to work, and basically treated me as one of the family. So my nan answered the phone, and I could hardly get any sense out of her. She's in her eighties, and has been gradually deteriorating for a while, just with the general effects of old age, but this morning she didn't seem to know who I was, and when I tried to ascertain what was the matter, I got bits of sentences, and she could hardly speak. I asked her to go get my granddad, and he says she's been like it for a while, and the doctors don't seem to be doing much. So he's taring his hair out over the situation, and sadly it looks as though her health is declining faster than we thought.

The third and hopefully the final thing, is that I got a call this morning from guide dogs. This is how the conversation went, baring in mind I've been on the waiting list for a year and a half now:
"We have a dog in training, and there is you and also another woman who we think it would be suited too, so we'd like to come out and let you walk with it, and make a decision who we should give it too."
"That's fine, when were you thinking of coming?"
"Next Monday."
"Aahh, well the thing is, i'm going on holiday for a week, leaving today, then I'll be back for five days, and then I'm out of the country for a month."
"Aaahh well that settles things then, because that month would be when, if the dog is suitable, we would be training you with it."
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!!!!!!!!!!
So now I'm back on the motherfucking waiting list again! I can't believe it, I've been waiting this long and then they're ready to give me a dog when I'm in Africa! It really sucks, and to be honest, i'm gutted. I'm trying to think positively, this trip is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I'll still be on the list when I get back. He also told me that there are two dogs that have just started training that might be suitable, so I should call them as soon as I get back, and if they haven't already been assigned owners, they'll look at seeing how I fair with one of them. So now I'm hoping to God they're still available when I get back. It would be ideal to get one before I start uni again in September, it'll make life so much easier.

And so, after all that, I am now going to finish the last of the packing, so that we can get on the road to London, where we're staying until our flight leaves at something rediculous O'clock on Sunday morning.
See you in just over a week's time, when I'll hopefully have much more positive things to relate!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Incredible love making, lunch with friends and... landing on my arse?!

And yes, it's in that order!
Last night DL went to bed before me, as she wasn't feeling well, and had been sick after dinner. I decided to stay up reading, and went to bed at around twelve, when she got up to go to the loo. Well, she might not have been feeling well, but the sickness turned in to complete randiness when I got in to bed, which I completely didn't expect. I really can't even begin to explain the connection we share, I know I keep saying it, but it truely is out of this world, and I really have never experienced such a powerful mental connection with anyone, ever! I think she could make me come without even touching me, maybe we should try it one day. Anyway, consequently we made incredible love until the early hours, and I didn't even feel her leave for work this morning, I was so knocked out.

I got up at around ten thirty, and after sitting for a while, I got ready to go for lunch with Kim and Sean. Well what a day, it's been absolutely fantastic! We lunched in the Lion's Laire in town, and then had a cocktail in there, before making our way to a very trendy, but surprisingly inexpensive cocktail bar, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. We really need to spend more afternoons like that this summer, and we also need to get Sean drunk more often, he is fucking hilarious! The talk mainly revolved around sex, as it usually does when Kim and I are in the same room, and I left feeling decidedly horny yet again. I haven't yet acosted DL, as she's still feeling ill and is lying on the sofa, pretty knocked out after being at work. Anyway, here's another moment of embarrassment to add to my repertoire.

Outside Kim and Sean's house, I got out of the car to give them a hug. That went fine. I then turned around to get back in to the car. That wasn't so fine. For some reason, whether it was to do with the alcohol, or simply that I misjudged, I completely missed the step, fell off the pavement, and ended up on my ass at the side of the road, my legs in the air. DL jumped out of the car in alarm to pick me up, and Kim and Sean came running back over to us. I actually found it hilarious at the time, and sat there for a moment hardly being able to breathe, I was laughing so much. On getting back in to the car however, I discovered that I'd completely taken the surface skin off the side of my big toe, and spent agonising moments at home cleaning up the blood and removing the dirt from the area. Oh dear, maybe I really shouldn't drink cocktails in the afternoon after all! I now have to pull myself together enough to make DL something to eat, and then we have to sort out things to pack for tomorrow. Ooooh, holiday, holiday! Two more sleeps to go!!!
Posted by a slightly tipsy but very happy Firetiger.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I love having a social life!

Hello devoted avid readers of the blog that is mine! It's been doing my head in not posting, but we've been having problems with our internet, that my lovely friend HM just managed to fix, bless you darling! She also logged on for me and back dated Saturday's post, that was sitting on my computer going "post me! Post me!" So anyway, here I am back in person, and I'll be buggering off again soon to go on holiday and then to Africa.

Helen's party on Saturday night was lovely. She had a jazz band, a buffet and then a DJ afterwards, and to be honest the evening flew by. It's been sooo hot, and the weather only changed today when we finally had some rain. Not that I'm thankful for that, I am a sun worshiper, but was getting a bit fed up of being hot and sweaty all the time. Have no idea what I did on Sunday, apart from doing my shift, and pottering about for a bit. Then on Monday my mother came to visit and to collect the dog, who was driving DL batty, as he follows her everywhere. I think he's a bit obsessed, and I did get quite offended when we walked through the door after being out, and he paid absolutely no atention to me what so ever. Hello! Remember who your owner is please? So much for loyalty, you traitor! I am slightly smug however, because my dad thinks he's pining for me ever since he got back home, because he's not eating much. No, he's not pining for DL either before you even dare to think it!

We actually had a lovely day with mum. she was very laid back, and I told her that you could tell she was getting laid because she was much more mellow, and she laughed and asked me how I would go without sex for a month while I was away. She also caused us great embarrassment in Next, when at the till, she pointed out the huge bruise on DL's shoulder, and demanded to know where she got it. When I told her I bit her, she said, "well, I didn't know you were in to all that pain stuff." I said, "Well, I wouldn't exactly tell you would I?" Then in the pub she proceeded to ask questions about our sex life that she really didn't need to be asking, and I'm sure I was as red as a beetroot. At one point she said, "I hope you're not in to all that peeing over each other and stuff like that," at which I nearly dived under the table in complete mortification, and firmly told her to change the subject. Honestly!

After they left, mum and the dog that is, we had to scrub the flat to get rid of all the dog hair. They make so much mess, it'll be a nightmare when I get my guide dog, I'll be forever on my hands and knees, and I'm talking about scrubbing floors here! On Monday we also had a call from one of our ex housemates who we call Doctor T, informing us that she was in Sheffield and asking if we wanted to meet up for coffee. We hadn't seen her since last July, so on Tuesday we met in Starbux, and caught up on one another's lives. We were in there for hours, and it was really lovely seeing her again, she's hilarious! Then in the afternoon DL met up with Doofus, and I waded through the mountain of ironing in the spare room, in preparation for sorting out clothes for the holiday.

Now, here's the exciting part! We've both been reading
Deadly Female's
blog, and she in turn reading ours, since we started blogging back in January. We've gotten to know both her and her partner
quite well, and we said that when S visits DF in September, we'll all meet for dinner. Anyway, we've been driving around a bit this past week, visiting different places, and I mentioned to DL that we should meet up with DF for coffee. Anyway, DF also mentioned it to DL the other day, so yesterday I asked DF if she wanted to meet up today. So at around lunch time today, we drove out to DF's house and had tea and, (sorry S), banana bread, which was home made and to die for! DF is positively lovely, and as we chatted the time flew by until we left at three. It was wonderful and rather exciting, hearing all about S's planned trip over here to see DF in September, and we both very much look forward to meeting up for dinner. So yes, now we have met a fellow blogger in the flesh!

After leaving DF's house, we went to Meadowhall to do some last minute holiday shopping. I actually did really well for a change, and bought two pairs of sandles, one brown, and one black pair, which I'm really pleased with. This evening we should have been going to another birthday gathering, but DL isn't feeling too well, and I'm shattered, so we're having a night in.

Tomorrow DL is at work, and I'm meeting up with Kim and Sean for lunch, and maybe a cocktail or three, heehee. On Friday we go to London, to stay with DL's family until we fly from Gatwick on Sunday, but I'll definitely post before we go. I can't wait to go and just lie in the sun, reading, swimming, and sampling Tunisian cuisine, only three more sleeps to go! Woohoo!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hay fever hell and heaven in Hathersage

The sunny weather we had a few weeks ago, was straight away followed by autumn weather. It does, however, finally seem that summer has arrived, the sun has been shining all week long!
On Monday DL went to work, and I pottered about in the house, tidying up, doing ironing and reading. I had a night shift that evening, and so on Tuesday I was like a walking zombie for most of the day. I went to bed for a couple of hours in the morning, but couldn’t wake myself up and so dozed on and off throughout the rest of the day. DL was an absolute star though, she took care of me, feeding me and snuggling with me when I was sleepy. On Wednesday evening we had dinner with one of our ex house mates and her boyfriend, at the lovely Italian where we went for my birthday. The weather was scortching hot, so we went for a drink in the open air before we met them, and I actually wore a skirt for once, that I’d bought the week previously. They came back to ours afterwards, and Sarah had her guide dog with her, so we opened up the doors and sat on the patio with drinks, while the dogs played in the garden. It was lovely, really warm and still, and we didn’t go in until around eleven. It’s the first time this year we’ve been able to sit out so late without getting cold, which was bliss.
On Thursday we decided to be a bit adventurous and explore some of the towns and villages that surround the city, so we drove for about an hour south to the tiny village of Bakewell. We always see signs for it on our way to visiting my parents, but have never stopped there before. For anyone outside the UK, Bakewell is famous for its Bakewell Tarts, and, well, that’s about it really. There wasn’t a lot there, some houses, a few shops and a pub, but again the weather was gorgeous so we bought lunch and sat outside the pub for ages just soaking up the sun. We then bought cakes, and, not quite ready to go home, decided to head to Chesterfield, a town outside Sheffield, as we’d never been there either. Chesterfield was busier, with more shops, and we browsed around for a bit before heading back home. In the evening we went out for a drink, and then came back to watch a film, which we didn’t end up watching much of because DL seduced me and all was lost.
Yesterday DL headed out for a job interview in the morning, and Sean AKA Nite Owl came round for coffee and cake. We spent a lovely couple of hours just catching up and chatting about random things, while he fussed the dog, or more to the point, the dog fussed him. DL returned with a Frapaccino for me, bless her, and Sean departed to let us go food shopping. In the evening we met up with Dooffus and Nick for drinks, although we couldn’t get in the beer garden because it was so packed, which was a shame.
Anyway, I wanted to talk about the prospect of DL getting this new job, because if she decides to take it it’ll change our future plans quite a lot. The original plan, is that DL do her PGCE this year, and to then work for a year, while I finished my degree and do my TEFL course. We then want to head south, probably having to rent for a while, while we look for property to buy, and so we’ll settle down there. If she takes this job however, she’ll be in it for four years minimum, as while she is being trained, she’ll also study one day a week as part of the job for a second degree in chemical physiology. So, that means us being here for longer than we planned to, which obviously puts buying a house etc on hold for a while. We talked about it however, and we both agree that it’s too good an opportunity to pass up on. The money is good, she’ll get a second degree, and she’ll be able to walk in to another job no problems after that, added to the training she’ll get in the field. It’s all up in the air at the moment, because she hasn’t been accepted yet, but if she is, we’ll be up north for longer now.
Today has also been bliss, as we made the discovery of an outdoor ppool in Hathersage, about half an hour away from here. The temperature was peeking 30 degrees, so we packed up a picnic and headed to the pool. It was really busy, and for a while I didn’t think we’d get in, but we did, and settled on the grass to catch the rays, and occasionally swim in the water. It’s all great preparation for our holiday next week, yay, only seven sleeps to go!!! I can’t wait! Tonight we’re off to Helen’s 21st birthday party, so I’m going to read for a while before I have to get ready.
I’m also suffering greatly with hey fever, I can’t breath through my nose, I’m constantly sneezing, and my eyes are itching. Work damn tablets, work!
Apologies for the long entry, I haven’t been able to access Blogger for some reason. I get the feeling another email will have to be sent to our ISP yet again.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

O Dear...

Oops, I just sat and ate 3 quarters of a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, while reading a book. I was so taken in by the story, I didn't realise how much I was eating. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I'm not fat, but I soon will be. *severely reprimands self and is determined to live off rice and vegetables for the next week.* I feel sick now. And the dog is looking at me like, "you fat bitch, you didn't save me any!"

Family time

This weekend has turned out surprisingly better than expected. Yesterday my uncle, aunt and their two kids came to stay. To be honest I didn’t really relish the prospect before they got here, as I thought it would be a bit manic, but actually it was really nice.

The weather has been beautiful, and when they arrived they had a drink and then we headed straight to the park across the road with the dog in toe. He’s staying with us while my dad is on holiday. We had a lovely walk, and the girls went to play in the kids playground for a while. Everyone loved the flat, and it was apparent they all felt quite at home, which was what I wanted. We then went out for dinner, and my uncle wouldn’t let us pay for anything, which was very lovely of him, and we chatted about the family, our holiday and my trip to Zambia. We came back, and again went to the park to walk off the food. The playground was empty, so everyone went in this time, and it was hilarious. There’s this A-frame thing that swings around, a climbing wall, swings, a slide, a seesaw that you stand on, and a swingy round thing that turned upsidedown. Well, as it was empty, DL and I joined the kids in play, and if you think we’re big kids, my uncle, who is about 45 years old also went on everything and thoroughly enjoyed himself. We stayed for about an hour, and then against my better judgement, we watched Elf, as it’s one of the few family oriented dvd’s we have. Now DL raves about this film, and thinking it wasn’t my sort of thing I’ve never watched it. It did make me laugh a lot however, and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m really not in to kids films on the whole. She also returned from the shop with Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey icecream, which is my favourite, so I was happy.

This morning we got up about nine thirty, and my uncle went to take the dog for a walk straight away while I made breakfast. He really wants a dog, but the family prefer cats and so won’t allow him, and you can really tell by the way he interacts with Albert. I half expected him to try and sneak him in to the car when they left. Anyway after breakfast we headed out again for about half an hour, and now they’ve gone over to Bakewell on the way home. It really has been great, and I’m glad because now I feel better about inviting them over again.

This afternoon I have to do my shift, and afterwards plan to park myself in a beer garden somewhere sipping coctails and soaking up the sun. Aaahhhh, bliss! What’s more, it’s two weeks today that we go to Tunisia, and I’m counting down the days!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Misguided Faith

Last night DL and I went to see United 93 at the cinema, the film about the plane that didn't hit its target on September 11th. I didn't think it would have such a profound effect on me, but it did.

Through most of it I just felt nervous, as it takes quite a while to describe the unravelling of events. I felt extremely angry towards the terrorists involved, no matter what their beliefs, they had no concern for human life, and would kill anyone who got in the way. I was fine until the end, but when the plane hits the ground, it was like it all just hit me in one go. On the actual day of September 11th, I was at school, and so didn't really take much notice of what was happening. I guess at that point, as a teenager, my life was more important than world events. But last night I finally realised the full extent of the horrific events that errorism brings, and by the end I was sobbing. I thought about all the lives lost on that day. All the families now without a loved one, the kids growing up without parents. And I also thought of London. That did effect me last year, DL and I were in Cyprus by the pool and they started broadcasting the after shock of the explotions on the tv at the bar. Frantic, we went to watch, and immediately started calling friends and family who lived in London. Thankfully they were all ok, but I remember sitting there feeling helpless, and I couldn't settle until I knew everyone was ok. It felt strange being in London afterwards, and took time to get used to again. So I thought of them both last night, and I also questioned, what is it for? Some misguided faith in a God who would surely not want them to do these things. What happens when they marter themselves, are they punished? Is there a hell and are they sent there? Why do they believe themselves to be any different to any other murderer? I'm not sure I will ever understand, but seeing the planning that must have gone in to September 11th, makes me fearful of what is to come next. I thought about the children DL and I plan to have in the future, and I'm not sure I want to bring them in to a world such as this is. It makes me very, very sad.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've Arrived!

Yes, I've finally crossed over to the dark side of the blogging world, moving from livejournal (which is crap), to blogger, (which hopefully is better). It's going to take me some time to backdate my posts, so if you want to read anything written previously you can check me out at
until I get organised. Anything I write from now on though, will be posted here. Happy reading, and feel free to comment!