Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Last week I was reading one of my favourite blogs,
this one
and on a whim decided to send in a submission. It was a story I'd written when breaking up with DL last year, a story I had kept private until now. I didn't really expect it to get published, I was so caught up in the telling when I wrote it, being so personally involved that I wasn't sure it was any good. As I hadn't heard anything back from the blog I assumed they'd just thought it was crap and hadn't published it, but when blog hopping a few minutes ago I found that indeed they had decided to publish my work. It's made my day and given me the kick up the ass I've been needing to get back in to writing as I've been neglecting it over the past few months because life has taken over. So you can go
to read it.
A big thanks to the team at The Lesbian Lifestyle!

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Yasmary said...

amazing story. i'm going through the same right now.