Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why Can't I Just Say It?

For some reason, I have this inability to ask for space from DL when I need it, and instead I'm just moody and tetchy with her, until we end up in an argument.
I really don't know why I do it, I can tell within myself when I'm coming down with joined at the hip syndrome, so why can't I just say, "darling, do you
mind if we have some space?" Now by space, I don't mean weeks apart, I just mean maybe a day out with the girls, or a night out with friends, or simply
a few hours away from each other in other people's company. I guess it's because I'm afraid I'll end up offending her, and making her feel like I don't
want to be around her, because she doesn't seem to get the craving for space like I do. Yet by being stroppy, I do that anyway, and it goes on for a lot
longer. I just need to tell her straight. This time we've been arguing back and forth since last night, and now she's gone out after us having words. I
hate when it gets like this, and it's mainly my fault for not being honest about the way I feel. I'm going out for a drink with Kim tonight, so hopefully
I'll feel better after that. Relationships are so complicated sometimes! And now I feel like a twat.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Finished! Finished! Finished!

finished! finished! finished!
Yest, the second year of uni is finally over! I can't quite believe it.
Handed in my essays this morning, very much to my relief. So now I'm a free woman, after cleaning the house, doing the food shopping, and the huge pile
of ironing in the spare room that is lol.

I had more or less finished working by Sunday, so when it came to going out for Doofus's birthday I was well up for getting sozzled. We got to the pub at
about four thirty, and stayed there until around seven, when we headed to another pub in town. We were out until about ten, as Doofus wasn't really in
the party mood, so she departed early and we went to get food. I didn't get too drunk actually, although I did have a lot, think it was because it was
spaced out over six hours, so didn't really affect me that much. We were very unhealthy and got take away, and brought it back here and finished off series
four of 24, which was fab. We now have no dvd box sets to get in to though, which is crap. I really wanna watch series 3 of the L-word, but don't have
a multi regional dvd player so that's out of the question. I'm so looking forward to having a chance to read all I want, without feeling guilty for not
doing uni work.

On Thursday dad's coming over with the dog, as we're looking after him for about a week while dad goes away, and I can't wait. Twill be great having the
Beby Hound to stay again.

Right, have to go make a start on the cleaning.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

work work work!
Yes, I'm still alive, but don't have anything to update with apart from the fact that I've been working my arse off for the past week and a half, and that
hopefully by tomorrow night I should be finito baby! My brain is scrambled, if these essays make sense it'll be a miricle! Oh and I have still managed
to find the time to have amazing, mind blowing, earth shakingly fucking incredible sex with my darling DL, who has been incredibly patient this whole week.
Thank you baby, I love you, and so does my c**t!
And if you think that's too much information, I learned things about my mother's sex life today on the phone that I really didn't need to know. Enjoy your
dirty weekend away mum, you hussy! Now I know where I get it from.

Monday, May 22, 2006

the ABC's of me
Accent: British, midlands with a hint of northern, which I hate.

Booze: Bailies, Smirnoff ice, creamy coctails

Chore I Hate: Washing the dishes

Dog or Cat: definitely dogs

Essential Electronics: Mobile phone, laptop and iPod.

Favorite Cologne: on Lucy I like Per Una, for me it's Dior's hypnotic poison, Burberry Weekend, coco Chanel, CK1... that's off the top of my head.

Gold or Silver: silver

Hometown: Newcastle, Staffs

Insomnia: no, I do have broken sleep sometimes, but never insomnia

Job Title: student

Kids: Not as yet. Hopefully in the future! We have names planned and everything!

Living Arrangements: Very happily living with my beautiful lady in an amazing apartment in Sheffield. I could NOT be happier!

Most Admirable Traits: open, honest, passionate, good listener (I hope),

Number of Sexual Partners: now that would be telling :P

Overnight Hospital Stays: I was in hospital for ages when I was two, then two nights when I was ten, and one when I was fourteen.

Phobias: Wasps, and anything that buzz's.

Quote: minds are like parachutes, they don't function unless open

Religion: I'm an atheist

Siblings: I grew up as an only child, but do have step siblings.

Time I Wake Up: depends on the day, 8 is the earliest, and that's only when I have too.

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can point my big toe so that it's at a 90 degree angle to the others.

Vegetable I Love: green beans

Worst Habit: pressing on my eyes

X-Rays: Arm, ankle and stomach

Yummy Foods I Make: thai chicken, apple crumble, scones

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

I'm not going to tag anyone, just let me know if you do it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tickets and amusement!
Oh yes, oh yes, my flight tickets for Africa arrived this morning. All six of them! Yes, I have to change planes lots. I can't quite believe it, I'd been
panicking because they hadn't yet arrived, and called the airline yesterday to check on their progress. The woman told me I should have them next week,
but they came today and surprised me. They're now tucked safely away, in my green folder, in case I forget where they are. I'm so nervous and excited,
it's actually happening. I also read through some stuff about the project yesterday, and I'll have to be up at six in the morning everyday, as school begins
at seven fifteen. How am I gonna manage that? Lol! Anyway, the school day ends at around three thirty, and then I think it's off to the orphanage for a
while, and then the evening is our own. Wow, I can't believe it!

I also have to update with a very amusing story that I forgot to add in my last post. It's probably one where you had to be there to find it funny, but
I'll write about it anyway. Last weekend, just as we were on the way to collect Baby G and Will from the station, DL took out the rubbish to the huge bins
outside, which seriously are about head hight for me, (I'm five feet one). Along with the rubbish, she also carried her car keys, and yes, you guessed
right, along with the bags she also dropped the keys in to the bin. Well, it had been empied a couple of days before, so they went all the way to the bottom,
and landed with a clang, and I had to go and hold up the huge lid, so that my gorgeous woman could jump up and actually climb in to the bin to retrieve
her keys. Honestly, I was in hysterics. She stood there, in the bin, only her head visible over the top, and I kept threatening to drop the lid on her
while she looked for her keys. It was the funniest thing ever. At first she was majorly pissed off, but as tears of laughter ran down my face she saw the
funny side and we were both in fits as we headed for the car.

Anyway, the rest of this week after my birthday has been pretty uneventful, as I've just been working. Last night we did go out though, to a club night
called Climax at the uni. It was really great, as it was just the two of us, so we got to smooch all night long on the dance floor, and it had been ages
since either of us had a good boogie. For some reason when we got home we were both wide awake, and so talked for ages about sex.

it was actually quite an intellectual conversation, and one which I'd like to raise here, about how we would handle things if our kids started having sexual
feelings quite early on. The conversation arose because in that respect we are very different. I started experimenting on myself and with a friend of mine
from a very young age, i'm talking like nine or ten, whereas I was DL's first sexual partner. When I was younger, my mother caught me on top of my friend,
we were fully clothed, but kissing and kind of dry humping I guess lol, but she completely flipped her lid, and told us if we ever did it again, she would
stop us seeing each other. We were just kids, and didn't realise what we were doing or how serious it was, and although her reaction shocked us, it didn't
stop us. From then on I was and still am very experimental with sex, and wanted to do it all and try it all, as soon as, and often way before I was supposed
too. DL and I both agreed that if we knew our kids were having sexual feelings, we would try to handle it differently, and be more open and truthful with
them about things. I know for me, the effect a telling off from my mother had on me, was to make me even more secretive, and it didn't stop my friend and
I experimenting, and eventually making love from an early age. I guess the main point of the conversation was that people react very differently when it
comes to children and sexuality. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that everyone felt the way I did, I know it's not the case for most people, but
people seem to clam up when the issue of broaching the topic of sex with a child comes up. I just think that we as a society aren't open enough with our
children about issues surrounding sex. For many parents, it isn't raised until the child hits puberty, and until they're a lot older it isn't something
the kids should be thinking about, let alone acting upon. There does, however, have to be a reason as to why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate
in Europe, and I do think it's because we simply aren't open enough. I don't have kids, and I'll probably feel differently when I do, but I do believe
I would rather know if my child was having sex, and instruct them on how to do it safely, than having them feel they couldn't talk to me about what they
were doing, do it wrong, and end up pregnant or getting hurt. I saw a programme on tv, a real life documentary a couple of weeks ago, about teens and sex.
There was this one parent, who was very close to her daughter, who was sixteen I think. Anyway, this girl had been seeing her boyfriend for over a year,
they were going to get engaged, and they wanted to have sex. And so, the mother said that it was fine for her daughter to lose her virginity with her boyfriend,
in her own bed, in her own house. She said that this way, she knew where her daughter was, that she was safe, and because she knew about it she could support
her daughter emotionally. Anyway, the presenter of the programme seemed really shocked by this, and this is where I think the problem lies. I mean, surely
it's better for a parent to know what's going on, than for that girl to have lost her virginity in a public toilet, in a car, or wherever else, if her
mum hadn't been so open to her boyfriend staying at the house. Speaking from personal experience, when I had propper girlfriends that my mother knew about,
which was from the age of about fifteen, I had to keep my bedroom door open, and she would come upstairs every now and then, probably to make sure we weren't
getting up to no good. And so, because I was sexually active, we would find other, sometimes unsuitable places to have sex. That's why I just don't see
the logic to it. It also adds an element of danger and excitement for the young people involved, if parents are strict about issues surrounding sex. I'm
sure if my mother had said, "sure, you can do it in the house," I probably wouldn't have been half as keen to break the rules and go for it. I'd like to
know what other people's views on the subject are, and if you're a parent, how open are you with your kids about sex?

Anyway, we didn't end up getting to sleep until well after two this morning talking about it. My dad came over today with my dog in toe, and we went out
for lunch which was lovely, and the rest of the time I've been essay writing. I'm off to get dinner now, as it's getting really late.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Congratulations and celebrations!
My long absence has been due to the fact that our server wouldn’t load livejournal yet again! But here I am.

The first bit of news I have, is that the piece of fiction I submitted to the uni magazine has been accepted! I can’t believe it, and did a lot of squealing
when I read the email, I’m so excited. I’ll post a link to the site when it comes out, all criticism, positive or constructively negative welcome.

Now, my birthday!
Friday night was spent calling around, rounding up the numbers, finding out who was coming, and who was staying at the flat. In the end, it turned out that
it was Baby G and Will, as Scott, Ridley and Conty couldn’t make it up from London. They arrived at around three on Saturday, and we spent the afternoon
catching up, playing with Will’s gorgeous dog, who I plan to kidnap, and preparing for the evening. We started getting ready at around six, and I nearly
had a heart attack when I found that I couldn’t get my breasts in to the dress I wanted to wear, without showing copious amounts of bra. I tried the dress
without a bra, and, well, my boobs are just too big to do that, so I ended up changing dresses to one I’ve had for a while. I love the dress, but I wanted
to wear something new, but all was ok in the end. I was just finishing my make-up when the first of the guests, Hai Man and Jason arrived from Nottingham.
It was so lovely to see them, and Hai Man couldn’t leave the cute dog alone, it was hilarious. Everyone else arrived between about seven thirty and eight
thirty, bringing presents, cards and more alcohol. We originally intended to go to the pub before the meal, but everyone seemed to be chatting away and
enjoying the nibbles, and so we decided to stay at the flat until it was time to go to the restaurant. The weather had been beautiful until the day before,
and so I had planned to wear a dress, no stockings and heeled sandals. Most people were wearing sandals it turned out, however we had to make our way there
in the rain, so everyone had wet feet, which was quite amusing.

The meal went fabulously. The restaurant staff were spot on, bringing all the food at once, and making sure everyone had what they needed, and it was thoroughly
enjoyable. I had Italian pancakes with chicken, cheese, mushrooms and a tomato and cheese sauce. It was amazing, although it was cheese overload, and I
amused Jason greatly when I said, “I’ve been eating cheese for the past ten minutes,” he cracked up for some reason, it must have been the way I said it
lol. After the meal was done, they bought out the cake, with a gigantic sparkler flaming on the top. Honestly it was huge, and when I blew it out I nearly
set Jason’s hair on fire, it was hilarious! In the course of the evening I managed to chat to everyone individually which was lovely, because I felt like
it wasn’t too big a group of people for me to neglect people, we were a group of twelve in the end. After the restaurant some people went home, and others
came back to the flat for more drinks. Hai Man and Jason left to drive back to Nottingham after midnight, and the others left at around one thirty. Exhausted
and very happy, I crawled in to bed!

On Sunday morning we had very quiet sex, and then got up when we heard Baby G go to the loo. We all had breakfast and the left overs of the buffet, and
then Baby G and Will headed off in a taxi. After that we cleaned the flat and spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying each other.

On Monday the family arrived at around midday, with DL out at work. They all loved the flat and said how great it was, and we drank tea and caught up on
news until DL arrived with chocolate ├ęclairs about an hour later. We then went out for a carvery lunch, and my uncle Keith amused us greatly with his stories.
I honestly can’t describe what he’s like, his heart is in the right place and when he’s in a good mood he’s hilarious. When he’s in a bad mood however,
he hates the world, mainly ethnic groups, women and gay people, he’s not so nice then. Fortunately, he loves coming up to Sheffield and so was in a great
mood, and kept us all entertained. When we got back we talked for hours, about anything and everything, and they left at around five. It was lovely to
see them all, especially here, because it’s the first time most of them have seen our place, and in a way I don’t think they really viewed me as grown
until now.

Tuesday, the day of my birthday, was perfect! I’d saved most of my presents until the actual day, so DL got up and made tea, and then came back to bed and
I opened my gifts. I had some really lovely things from people, including
a pair of tickets to go and see P!nk in concert from Baby G,
a DVD, a cushion that says “caution! I’m high maintenance” on it, and a voucher for a day at a spa, all from DL,
A fluffy new dressing gown, some audio books and a DVD from the in-laws,
Some Lego from Chesney, can you believe it?
A heap of travel related stuff, a money belt, insect repellent, clothes and money from my parents,
A birthday breakfast basket from Kim, which included fresh orange juice, French jam, wine and dried fruits,
and chocolate, bailies, lush stuff, a foot pampering set and gift tokens from other people. I truly am the most spoiled and the luckiest woman in the world.
The rest of the day was spent on the phone to family and friends, and in bed with DL making love. In the evening we went to an Indian buffet restaurant
for a meal, and then settled down to watch a new DVD. It really was the perfect birthday.

Will update about the rest of the week at some other point, we’re heading out to a club night at the uni now.
What a week!

Friday, May 12, 2006

nearly my birthday!
Yay, officially, my birthday celebrations begin tomorrow!
I totally haven't done anything remotely constructive from Wednesday afternoon onwards. Honestly, procrastination is an art form I am perfecting very well,
and it scares me. I never started the first essay, even when I found out it has to be in on the 24th. I've tried though, believe me, and just can't get
going on it. After today, I won't be doing any work until next Wednesday, because I have visitors from tomorrow until Tuesday, which is actually my birthday.

Yesterday I went to uni for an hour, and then had to go shopping for a new birthday outfit. Why is it, that when you really want something, you can't find
it? Then when you aren't looking or have no money, you find so much you want to buy? Well, yesterday was one of those shopping moments, I didn't find a
single thing I liked, and plus I was in agony with period cramps, which turned me in to a super bitch. DL and I argued back and forth for most of the day
yesterday, because it's the time of the month for both of us, and I think we just got on each other's nerves, but we're fine now. So, empty handed, we
left the shopping centre and headed to the doctors, for me to get my first set of Rabies and Hep B travel vaccines. The bastards charged me £75 for the
privillidge, gave me a male nurse when I'd booked with a female, and said nurse proceeded to jab the second needle in my arm very hard, which made me think
of all the expletives I could while I was being injected. I wasn't a happy bunny, and must have looked like I wanted to murder him. So, added to the pain
in my uterus, went the pain in both arms, lovely! The day did get better after that though, because DL, Doofus and I went for a drink in the evening which
was really nice. DL and Doofus were quite pissed already when I met up with them, (i had to do other stuff first), and Doofus hugged me and appologised
and gave me birthday presents, which was a really lovely jesture. I feel a lot better now, we laughed so much, although DL wasn't impressed because Doofus
and I were oogling the bar maid.

Haven't done a lot today, tried and failed to work, and thought about starting to clean the place but haven't got round to that yet either. God I'm so lazy.
Oh, and I have to tell you about my poor computer. Basically a wire in the power pack is fucked, and my battery life is less than an hour. So we went to
PC World to get a new one, and they don't stock the power pack to my computer. They also informed me that if i used one that didn't match, my computer
could blow up. At the moment I'm using Lucy's pack, and praying nothing bad happens, and I have one on order from an internet site. It had better get here

Tomorrow the guys from London will arrive, and tomorrow night is my meal. I have to confirm the numbers with the restaurant tonight, and I think it'll be
a group of fourteen of us now, as my dear friend Rids and his girlfriend can't make it as he has to work. I'm really excited though about getting all my
friends together in one place, and hopefully it should be a great night. On Monday my mum is coming, and also bringing my uncles Keith and John, and my
aunty Margret. Margret and John haven't seen the flat yet, so that'll be great, and I think we're going out for lunch. I'm going to save my pressies until
Tuesday, and open them in bed, although I bet my mother will want me to open hers when she comes. I intend to spend Tuesday with DL, doing not sure what
yet, just spending some good quality time together after the madness of the visitors. Get the feeling it's going to be hectic, but will update when I can.
Offr to the doctors yet again now to get tablets for Malaria and Cholera.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Frappachino heaven!
yes yes yes, I can't get enough of the creaminess, the fruitiness and the oh so satisfying crunch of the ice!
(Starbucks, I’m free if you want to use me for my advertising abilities!)

What have I been doing? My weekend has been one continuous drone of work, work, work. Well, and going to the pub in between...
Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday, accept this time, we spent longer in the park, and then more time in the pub. I had to go in to uni around
lunch time to work on the group project, but to be honest we'd all sorted out what each of us had to write about, and we were all just sitting there doing
our own thing. My body was screaming out for some sunlight and fresh air, and that, added to a very persuasive message from my beloved, saying that she'd
bought us lunch and was ready to eat in the park whenever I was, made me give up my task after two hours, and submit to catching a few rays. Well, quite
a few actually, I sunburned my face. So we headed to the park, which was very busy, and found a spot on a grassy bank, and we settled down with our frappaccino's
and baguettes filled with yummy chicken breast, and made the most of the fine weather. After a while, DL received a text from Doofus, asking if she was
free to meet up, so that she could pass on some info about an upcoming PHD, and so she came to join us. I don't think I mentioned it, but she was the one
I had the falling out with last weekend, and it's been really up and down this week. So things were slightly awkward when she came to meet us, but we went
for a drink with her, and I made an effort to be pleasant. After that I accompanied DL to get her travel injections for Tunisia, and then basically worked
my ass off all evening.

On Saturday morning, we had to go to Meadow Hell, because I was in desperate need of some summer shoes. After trailing round unsuccessfully for a couple
of hours, I finally found some I liked in Next, so I settled for those and will get some open toed ones from somewhere else. The trouble is, the shops
are either stocking very flat ones, which aren't good for a short person like me, or dressy ones with ridiculous heels. I'm looking for something somewhere
in between, with a bit of a heel to give me some height, but that are still practical enough for me to walk around all day in. I'm not one for six inch
heels anyway, I adore my Timberlands and wear them all the time because they're so comfortable, and they're pink! Anyway, had to go in to uni, again, in
the afternoon, and when I got home, we were just debating going out for a meal when Doofus text again to see if DL wanted to go out. I wanted to make things
right between us, so I suggested that the three of us go. Doofus agreed, and the meal was lovely and we had good conversation. Then all of a sudden when
we got back to the house, she completely blanked me, not even saying goodbye when she left, and both DL and I noticed it and were really upset by it. I'm
not going to go in to great detail about it all, because frankly I’m sick to death of the whole thing, but DL spent Sunday in a bit of a mess, because
Doofus is her best friend so it's bad for her, but anyway yesterday I had a message from Doofus asking if I wanted to go for a drink to sort things out.
After a few more harsh words about her behaviour on Saturday night, and her saying about some things I'd said to her, we finally agreed to put stuff behind
us, and I think we'll go for a drink to put some water under the bridge.

On Sunday, I was busy in the afternoon, and then DL, myself, Frankie and her friend Jill went for a drink. DL ended up having more than one though, and
got quite pissed, which was very amusing. We got a Chinese on the way home, and I worked again after that. Monday was again spent working, the reason being
the 4000 word group report due in tomorrow, which we managed to hand in today. Today I've been in to uni and after that gave myself the afternoon off and
will start on the essays tomorrow. DL also had work today, doing a young enterprise thing at a school. She actually took the class, and liked it much more
than being a teaching assistant. So now, she has the possibility of doing a PGCE, a PHD, and has applied for around five bms jobs this week, so she’ll
be spoiled for choice.

This afternoon DL and I sat in the park again, yet again with frappaccino’s lol, I’m addicted! Tonight we went to the uni LGB meeting, to hear a speaker
talk about why we should become a LGBT society too, and I’m thoroughly convinced we should, it was really good. We went to the pub afterwards for drinks,
and then came back to a very late dinner. Now I’m semi watching Lost while DL is on the phone to her mum, and when she’s done, we’re going to bed! I’m

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Picnic in the park!
Well I know I say it every time I post lately, but I'm sure some one keeps speeding up the clocks to screw with my head. A conspiracy theory maybe?

I doubt it. Anyway, we've now entered in to the darling buds of May, (the month of my birth), and aagg, I haven't organised a thing! I have friends coming
up from London on the 13th, which is fine because they will hopefully sort that out themselves, we just have to collect them from the station, but I do
have to make arrangements for what we're actually doing. I decided we should go to the gorgeous Italian restaurant just down the road, because A everyone
likes Italian, B there are a few great pubs along the way, and C it's within walking distance so no one has to drive and we can all get pissed! However,
A I haven't asked everyone I want to ask to come because every time I see them I forget, and B I haven't booked the bloody table yet either. I'm thinking
there'll be about fifteen of us if everyone is coming and I get my act together and ask people, but I really have to start getting things sorted.

On top of this my work load is manic at the moment, and I hardly have time to write this. I have a group project, which is a 4000 word report due in on
Wednesday, a presentation to prepare for Tuesday, and then three essays that all have to be in on the 30th. That's without any of the reading I still have
to do for next week's seminars, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Consequently, I've been terrible with blog reading lately, and basically haven't done any.

Anyway, what's been happening this week?...
On Monday my mum and dad, together, came with my dog to visit. Surprisingly and pleasingly, we managed to get through the day without either me growling
at my mum too much, or the two of them fighting between each other. It was a crazy day as far as the weather went, glorious sunshine one minute and pouring
rain the next, but we braved it and went in to town because there was a continental market happening. We bought crepes with apple and sinamon, icecream,
which was good old Ben and Jerry's, haha I couldn't resist, and Lucy tried some traditional Tunisian cuisine, to get us in the holiday mood. My dad also
bought Turkish Delight, and complained that he'd gotten wripped off because they charged him six quid for a small bag. He then proceeded to grumble, "bloody
turks, they're all the same," as we walked up the street, which relates back to a holiday we had in Turkey when I was nine, and him getting wripped off
by the guys who ran the jet skees. After that we headed home and after mum highlighted my hair, tried to go out for dinner. I say tried, because the place
we went too let us buy drinks, look at the menue for ages, and then eventually decided to inform us that it was over an hours wait for food. By then it
was getting late, and with it being a bank holiday, people were out on the town and it would be difficult to eat in the city centre, so after a big discussion
we decided to get take out, which was lovely in the end. They left at around nine, just as Helen arrived to bring us a party invitation for her 21st, which
is now stuck on the kitchen notice board.

On Tuesday went in to uni and did work, and also watched the first two episodes of series two of Lost on channel 4, yay! Actually, it was a pain in the
arse, because we had watched series 1 on dvd, and didn't realise how many bloody adverts they put all the way through the damn programme. Seriously, it's
like, a five minute scene followed by five minutes of adverts, and we both got very pissed off with it.

On Wednesday, as part of our assessment for cross-over literature, we had to go and do a workshop with school kids about Harry Potter. That took up most
of the day, and by the time I got home I was shattered. All in all the workshop went well, some kids were very forth coming, with others it was like getting
blood out of a stone, and one wrote, "I want Ron's cock" on a piece of paper, so we now have to type that group's response up ourselves, omitting the obscenity
of course. Didn't work much on Wednesday night because I was mentally drained, just sat in the sun with the door open, surfing the net and procrastinating.

I spent the earlier part of this week having to drag myself out of bed because I was so tired, so last night we decided to have an early night, so after
reading more of Tipping, to DL, I showered and we went to bed. Due to the fact that I've been feeling a bit ropey after being ill, we haven't had a lot
of sex since the weekend, and so last night we caught up on all that we'd missed, which was fantastic! God I love that woman and the things she does to
me! I love the connection we share when we make love, how we know each other's thoughts, what we like, when we want certain things etc etc, it's all so
beautiful and incredible, and I'm so in love!

Today has been lovely. I had to go in to uni to work on writing the report from the workshop, (that's the 4000 word one), and afterwards we came home and
because it was such a gorgeous day, decided to take lunch to the park. I made sandwiches and we took crisps, drinks, biscuits and fruit, and of course
the blanket, and made our way across the road. I love living so close to a lovely park, it's great that we can just strole out of our front door, cross
the road and for miles and miles there's just grass and open space and it's wonderful. We did get acosted by a black Lab at one point, who fancied some
of our lunch, but apart from that it was relatively peaceful. We filled our bellies and then lay down for a heavenly hour, and then slowly made our way
back when we got too hot. Now DL has gone shopping with Doofus, and I've been working and have to do more still. Don't have a lot planned for tomorrow,
but I do have to go in to uni and work on the group thing which will probably take up most of the day. Woohoo! Hopefully summer has officially arrived!