Monday, November 19, 2007

Stick to what you know, or more importantly, where!

Just before I start with this post can I just tell you that my neighbour is in his shower and he’s either talking to himself or some one else who is there, but in a very odd, darlic esque voice. Sounds very strange coming through my wall…

Today I ventured to East London, and never will I venture there again if I can help it. God it’s so uncivilised! You probably think I’m taking the piss, but my gosh everyone I met was so fucking rude! The station staff were horrible, I approached the barrier and found the gate man shouting at some one, “don’t interrupt me when I’m talking, wait your turn!” And he didn’t seem to notice that I was trying to squeeze past with the dog, while some cunt with a push chair was repeating, “’scuse me! ‘scuse me” very loudly behind me as if I didn’t hear them the first time. The reason I went east was for my interview, and to be frank even if they offered me the job which I’m not sure they will I wouldn’t work there anyway. The office was really shitty and run down, and yes I am aware that I sound like a snob, but that’s because I am. The people who worked there were also rude, not bothering to introduce themselves or even tell me who was doing the interview so I could be all friendly and introduce myself. I was just taken to this room where four people sat around a table and I didn’t know if they were other candidates or the people doing the interview until they started firing questions at me. Then I was taken over to a computer where I had to do a test in excel and the woman supervising didn’t even say hello to me. I said, “nice to meet you,” in a very pointed way and she just muttered something I didn’t catch and wondered off. So that was a total flop and I’ll be writing an email to the head of recruitment complaining about the staff and their lack of disability awareness and recommend they get some training. I don’t take kindly to being poked in the back by some one in an attempt to show me which direction to go to get somewhere, and at one point one of the interviewers said, “ok so now you can go and do the test, and (insert name) will carry you to where you need to go.” Carry me! I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t walk. By this point I was not a happy bunny and was tempted to rip the piss out of her when she read that I could speak French and tried to speak it very badly to me, but I didn’t. Oh and I had a horrible cab driver who couldn’t find the right building and kept jamming on the breaks and complaining very loudly as if it was my fault that I’d never been there before.

So, after what was a stressful experience I came home and cooked myself pasta and vegetables in tomato and cheese sauce with garlic bread and read some more of my book. It’s been pissing down with rain all day, and I mean really pissing down. I got drenched on the short walk from the bus stop to my house and I can hear it drumming on the roof as I write.

Oh, and something that made me laugh out loud when I got home… It’s a good job I didn’t take off my suit jacket during the interview, because I’d put my blouse on inside out this morning and hadn’t even noticed. I think that says it all.

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Rosie said...

What losers! I can't believe they said such stupid things to you (I actually cracked up when I got to the 'carry you' comment...) How incredibly frustrating! I really hope you do email them about it, as I know if it were my organisation, I'd want to improve something as crap as that! Better luck next time :-( Jealous about Beverley Knight though, she is fab!

Looking forward to seeing you soon x