Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So just as I set myself the strict rule of being single and celibate, not dating or screwing anyone, some one up there decided to set me a challenge. I got a call this morning, or rather missed a call, and when I checked my messages, I had one that went rather like this.
"Hi, this is *insert name of the stunningly sexy medetaranean woman I screwed the hell out of at
the party.)
Please call me back when you get this."

So, I debated whether to call her or not, part of me wanting not to bother because of the way I feel at the moment, yet the curiocity in me wondering what she wanted and why she had chosen now to call me. So I called her back. She wants to meet up for "drinks and a chat" on Friday night. It's a bit difficult to explain to some one who doesn't speak good English that that's probably not a good idea because I'm trying not to get involved with anyone, or think with my pussy more importantly at the moment so we really should not meet up. I said yes. She's coming over on Friday night. That poses the question of, if her English is awful, and my spanish isn't that great, what are we going to do?...
Fuck! I think I might have just signed myself up for an evening of casual fun with a hot, femme, sexy woman. Oh well... What's a girl to do?
Don't look at me like that!

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