Monday, April 17, 2006

Firey Passion!
Wow, only just arrived back and the drama started already!

Before I tell you about that however, I just have to rave about this afternoon. We've been away for over a week, and haven't really had the chance to have
propper, relaxed sex, always having an ear on the door and being aware of any noise we made. So when we were finally alone in our own home this afternoon,
we went to bed and spend a couple of blissful hours having incredible sex. I orgasmed three times, one after the other, which is very difficult for me
to do, so DL was very pleased with herself. We also tried out our new toys, and they were well worth the money we spent on them. So I am one very happy
lady in that department!

Now for the drama
DL and I had luckily just finished making love, when the fire alarm in the main building went off. DL went out to see what the problem was, and a guy from
upstairs said it had been going off all weekend, and the only way to stop it was to put it on silence, and then come back and reset it in about twenty
minutes. So anyway, DL did this and we went back in to the flat and I started making scones. Then, a little while later, the doorbell rang, and it was
a girl from upstairs saying that there was smoke in the hallway and to call the fire brigade. DL dialed 999 and I went to look, and knew straight away
that the fire was electrical by the smell. We all went outside and waited for the fire brigade, who thankfully took less than five minutes to come. I was
very embarrassed at this point, because I had just thrown on some clothes, and didn't have on any underwear, so my nipples were standing out a mile because
it was so cold, and one of the firemen started talking to me. Anyway, it turned out that there was something wrong with the electrics in one of the flats
upstairs, and the landlord had to be called and also the electricity board. I ended up watching over the landlord's three bratty kids, while he tried to
sort stuff out, and they dared to start playing with my lap top, for which I gave them daggers. So it's totally ruined our plans of having dinner and going
for drinks, as we have only just started cooking. Never mind. So there you have it, never ignore a fire alarm, even if it is a temperamental one, because
it might just be real. Tomorrow my mother, my step sister and her mother are all coming to stay until Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to that muchly.
I'll make another post about the rest of my trip to London, so look below for that.

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