Wednesday, April 12, 2006

London Update
On Thursday morning, we watched the final episode of series 2 of 24 while we ate breakfast, then packed and tidied the flat. We set off around one, and
the drive was longer than I thought it would be, having not done it before by car. The journey was pleasant though, we ate the lunch I made, listened to
the radio, and I read to DL as she drove for a while. We reached DL’s parent’s house at around five, and were greeted by an excited Chesney, with a plaster
cast on his leg, at the door. About fifteen minutes after we got there, he decided to bring his box of Lego downstairs and make me a house, which proved
to be very unstable. So, in my infinite wisdom, I started to show him how to reinforce the walls by overlapping pieces and so on, and we ended up sitting
in the middle of a pile of Lego on the living room floor for an hour, making the house look great. I felt like a kid again, and DL kept laughing and saying
that she would buy me some for my birthday. I did think I was going to get us in to trouble at one point though, because her dad made a comment that her
mum would go mad at their being Lego on the floor, in case the cats got it, and I thought, o’oh because she scares me lol, but it was fine. When Cathy
arrived home she made us a lovely salmon dinner, and then we settled down for the rest of the evening to watch TV and talk.

It took me ages to get to sleep because of the heat, and we ended up putting the fan on and having the windows open, I forget how still and close London
air actually is. You get used to it after a couple of days, but at first it makes you sneeze and blocks your nose.

On Friday we woke at around ten, and after going downstairs for breakfast we came up to get dressed. DL was so horny however, that I ended up making love
to her, as quietly as possible, because we have the problem of a very squeaky bed, but her dad had his music on downstairs so it was all good. Then we
went to visit her nan, and her aunt and uncle were there too, and they plied us with beef sandwiches, hot cross buns, lemonade and tea, which was very
much appreciated. In the afternoon we went to Blue Water to do some shopping, and I got Rids a birthday present, and some stuff for Mister Chesworth and
Mister Thoms too. It still worries me greatly that we haven’t found a Christmas present for Baby G yet, because it’s almost half way through the year and
I’m starting to feel bad, but seriously, we can’t find anything we think she’ll like. I’m sorry it’s very belated hon. Didn’t find any clothes for either
of us, and so came back relatively empty handed at about seven. Had steak for dinner, and again sat down to relax. I went up to bed early at around ten
thirty to read, and left DL and her mum to watch a film.

On Saturday morning, we woke up fairly early as it was our 18 month anniversary. DL’s family left early on a day out, and we had breakfast and headed for
central London. It was a beautiful day and very busy as usual. I enjoyed every minute of it, we shopped in Covent Garden, and then went to Leicester Square
for lunch at pizza hut and an ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s. In the afternoon we went back to the shops, and then finished up at First Out, which is a
gay cafĂ© and very cool. We then headed back to the house, hoping that the family wouldn’t be back yet so that we could have a cuddle, but just as we got
home, so did they, so that plan went out the window. In the evening we went for a Chinese at a lovely restaurant in Greenwich, and had a relatively early

Sunday morning I woke up to go to the toilet at about half past five, and for the life of me couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards. I pissed DL off because
I kept telling her to turn over, because when she lies on her back she snores really loudly, and that made things even worse, so we ended up having a quiet
argument in bed, and then making up shortly afterwards. We did try to have sex, on the squeaky bed, and although it was enjoyable I couldn’t have an orgasm.
I’m hard to please at the best of times, and poor DL was beside herself with frustration. Not quite sure what we’re gonna do on the sex front, DL’s dad
doesn’t work anymore so the house is usually occupied, and so it’s proving difficult at the moment. Anyway, we had a ride down in to Kent, and shopped
in a little seaside town for a drink, and then went to a lovely restaurant for food by the river Medway. Did some work when we got back, as the guilt of
not doing any was starting to set in.

On Monday Cathy had the day off work, so the three of us went shopping, firstly to Ikea, where we didn’t get much, then to DFS where Cathy bought a new
sofa on a whim, and then to Croydon. I’d never been to Croydon shopping before, but it seemed like a decent enough place, and DL really likes the area,
so while we shopped we discussed a possible move there after we’re done in Sheffield. It’s something we’ve both been thinking about, as we want to live
as close to London as possible, but not right in the crazy madness of it, so we were thinking sort of at the end of a tube line or something, so we can
commute. Anyway, on the Croydon front she said that you can get some really nice houses in Purley, which is a bus ride away from the town centre and a
train ride in to London, which would be suitable for work etc, so we’ll start looking in to it a bit closer to the time. Neither of us can wait to move
south, as although Sheffield is a lovely city in its own right, it just doesn’t do it for us like London does, and it’s in the north which is also another
negative, as most of our friends and DL’s family live in the south. What about my family? Well they’re all mostly based in Staffordshire, a place which
I’m definitely not keen to make a permanent home in, so unless my parents decide they want a change of scenery, we’ll have to visit as we do now, which
is every now and then. My mum can’t comprehend the fact that after uni has finished I don’t want to move in to a house on the same estate that she’s on,
because that’s what my family seem to have done. No one lives even an hour away on my mum’s side, and she thought I would be the same and is quite shocked
at me speaking of living quite far away. Hmmm, small town mind set I guess. Anyway I digress. Not a lot happened on Monday night, just did some work, and
then went to bed.

Tuesday, we spent most of the day with my friend Jo, introducing DL, catching up on news, and reminiscing about college life and the people we knew there.
Jo’s fantastic, I don’t see her very often but when I do we chat for hours and get on like a house on fire. We had a ball at college, myself, her and Baby
G having dinner, going clubbing, or just being crazy, so it was great to catch up and talk about old times. Afterwards we went to collect DL’s car that
had gone in for a service, and then headed home for dinner. Got loads of work done last night too, which was a bonus. And, we actually managed to have
successful sex when we went to bed, without the bed making too much noise. I hadn’t orgasmed since we got here, until last night, but o boy, it was soooo
good after waiting for so long, and I feel thoroughly content this morning. Accept for the fact that I’m now in pain because of my damn period.

Today we’re going in to town again to shop on Oxford street, and hopefully also go to our favourite adult store to buy something new for the bedroom, heehee.
Having a great time here, it’s lovely to be here, even though DL doesn’t seem to think I like being around her family. I know she finds it difficult, because
we have to be very reserved unless we’re alone, which isn’t often, but I do like spending time with them. They will, after all, be the in-laws one day
if she decides to make an honest woman of me.

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