Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh my god! Oh my God
I've booked the flight to Zambia, no going back now!!!
Yes! I spent most of this afternoon on the net and telephone researching flights from Manchester to Livingston, and working out which route would be the
cheapest and fastest. The end result is that I've booked a return flight with STA Travel, and it's costing £737. I also didn't realise how bloody long
the journey is going to be, I leave Manchester in the evening and don't arrive in Livingston until mid day on the day after, having flone all through the
night, and making two stops along the way. I'm now very excited and also very, very nervous. I spoke to the company about getting assistants when changing
planes etc, and they say it'll be fine, but I've never flone totally alone before and so am bricking it slightly. I'm also flying with the same company
that took me to Albania, and they lost my luggage for two days that time, so I'm praying the same doesn't happen this time. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I can't fucking
believe it! I wanna scream and jump around and go crazy! The consequence of this excitement is that I can't concentrate on work at all, and that's bad
because I have so much to do for next week. I just have to keep thinking that if I don't pass with flying colours, I have to retake the modules in the
summer, which will be a disaster as I'm going away, so therefore I have to work my ass off between now and then. Wish it was that easy in practice though.

Anyway, back to the usual stuff. Yesterday my mum, step sister Alex and ex step mum Claire arrived at around mid day. DL was at work and we had decided
to go shopping, so they stayed for a cup of tea and several home made scones made by yours truely, before we headed off to the huge shopping centre near
to where we live. We spent the whole day there too, like until after seven, but it was really lovely. We had lunch, shopped until we dropped, and then
DL met us after work, with a red rose and a kiss for me which absolutely made my day. On the way home we stopped at the chinese to get take out, and after
filling our bellies we proceeded to laugh hysterically at too many things to go in to here, while I massaged DL's aching feet. They left this morning at
around twelve, and feeling decidedly horny, I decided to have a little play with the new toys by myself, which was fun. I then sent a text to DL at work
telling her what I'd just done, and she came home very turned on. I then cleaned the flat thoroughly, and then sorted out the Africa stuff. I've got a
basic check list from a travel website of things to take, and the organisation I'm going with are also sending me one, but I'm going to paste the one I've
got below, and if you think of anything else you think I'll need, be sure to let me know. Now I'm going to go to bed and have mad, passionate sex with
my lady.

Check list
Immunisation Record
Travel tickets
Travellers cheques
Emergency numbers
Photocopies of documents
Guide books
Money belt
Combination padlocks
Passport photos (minimum of 6)
Personal safety alarm
Adapter plugs
Swis army knife
Sleeping bag
Sleeping sheet
Mosquito net (impregnated)
Alarm clock
Inflatable neck pillow

Ear plugs
Safety pins
Face wash
Shaving equipment
Wet wipes
Toothpaste and brush
Sun cream
Lip balm
Insect repellent
Brush or comb
Toilet paper
Dental floss
Nail clippers

Medical kit
First aid kit
Medical sterile kit
Water purification tablets
Antidiarrhea medication
Rehidration solution with spoon
Adheessive bandages
Antibiotic cream
Motion sickness medication
Anti inflammatory tablets

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