Sunday, April 23, 2006

Where has the week gone?
It's back to the grind stone already, and it doesn't feel like five minutes ago since mum and sis were here!

Nothing too eventful happened during the remainder of this week. I spent most of Thursday writing an essay I have due in next week, and in the evening we
went out for a drink with Doofus. I wasn't going to mention what I'm about to talk about, because I know she reads this, but she figured it out anyway,
so it doesn't matter.

Before we went out, we had a bit of a sort out of the naughty things we have for the bedroom, simply because everything until now lived in plastic bags,
and it was a nightmare trying to hide everything for when the family came. Speaking of that, while we were sorting out sleeping things for my sister, we
had to dig under the bed, and one of the toys got activated, and she was like, "what's that noise?" Luckily I thought of a quick lie, and said that it
was DL's phone vibrating, and quickly escorted her from the room. Anyway, that aside, I suggested that we make like a toy box, and keep them all in there,
so before we went out we sorted it all out. A couple of years ago, for my birthday, the lads (Chesworth, Ridley and Thoms) clubbed together and brought
this wireless vibe for me. It's the kind that you wear, and give your partner the remote control, and they can activate it whenever they want to, wherever
you are, so long as they're within a certain distance. Well, until now it had gone quite unused, mainly because I haven't felt daring enough to wear it
when out with a partner. So, we decided to use it when we went to the pub. I know we're filthy, but the vibrations aren't nearly strong enough to make
you come, it's just meant to be a nice tickle to keep you aroused for when you get home. Anyway, we were both pretty excited about using it, and we went
to the pub to meet Doofus. Hilariously, about half way through the night, Doofus looked at me and made a comment that went something like, "why do you
look like you're about to have an orgasm?" Well, we both absolutely cracked up laughing, and she couldn't understand why. Then, Doofus being Doofus, figured
out what was going on in like thirty seconds flat, the result I hasten to add of a mind that is probably more dirty than mine. The whole thing was hilarious,
and no doubt we'll use it again, although next time it's DL's turn to wear it! Maybe it's not so discrete though.

Friday I worked all day yet again, and ended up in tears about half way through. I've been having problems with Word lately, it keeps crashing and sometimes
it doesn't recover the document properly. It also keeps getting stuck whenever I try to do a spell check. So on Friday, I made sure I did a save like every
two minutes, just in case anything happened to the computer. And yes, you guessed it, word crashed. "It's ok," thinks I, "I've only just saved the document,
so I'll recover it and it'll be fine." Well, the bastard hadn't saved a single word I'd written that day, only the stuff I'd done the day before. I'd written
so much and got so far with it, I just sat with tears of sheer frustration and anger rolling down my cheeks. Sometimes I really hate computers, especially
temperamental ones. Anyway, on Saturday I used my microsoft office cd to do a repair, and touch wood it seems to be ok now.

On Saturday, Cathy arrived very early from London with DL's fixed car. She got here at about 8, and I stayed sleeping while the two of them returned the
hired car back to the company. When they got back I got up and started work again while they went in to town, and they picked me up at about one to go
and have lunch. After that we dropped Cathy at the train station, and then did a bit of shopping. I got three new t-shirts for Africa, a new belt, and
DL bought me a mosquito net hanging kit, that she origionally thought was an actual mosquito net, and a new passport holder. Last night we just kicked
back and watched more 24, of which we have started series three.

Today we went to B n Q to get plants for our mini garden, I did some more work, and then joined DL and Doofus in the pub this evening. Tomorrow I have to
work my ass off yet again, and I don't see it letting up now until the end of May, I have so much to do! So yeah, that was my week.

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