Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ill but recovering!
On Thursday night we went to bed at around eleven, after talking things through some, and at around two I woke up and spent most of the rest of the night
awake in the bathroom. Yup, I came down with what DL had, and spent Friday laying on the sofa, trying not to hurl and feeling awful. Had to go in to uni
yesterday to do stuff, but thankfully I had stopped puking by then and felt somewhat human. The good thing about this is that my uncle and aunt and kids
postponed their visit, and I moved my dad's visit to tomorrow, so I've had a weekend of more or less complete rest. It's done me the absolute world of
good too. DL and I have spent some good quality time together just talking about everything and enjoying each other's company. we've also given the flat
a spring clean, and are almost at the end of series three of 24. Not a lot to say other than that really, but I do feel much better about everything. I
realise that my reaction to the whole London thing was slightly over the top, I guess everything just got to me, but DL and I are fine now. Going back
to read more of Tipping The Velvet to her while she does the ironing.

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