Monday, April 17, 2006

London update 2
Here's an update of the rest of the trip to London with more drama:
On Wednesday, we went in to town again and spent most of the afternoon at SH! At Hoxton square. We don’t go very often, so when we do we spend ages in there,
looking at the various new vibes and range of dildos, and usually end up spending a small fortune. This time our total came to £80, as we bought a couple
of new toys, some underware and more lube etc. I have to say, it’s my favourite sex shop ever, and if you’ve never been or if you’re a first timer, that
one is definitely the best to try. The staff are friendly but don’t hastle you, they make you tea or coffee while you’re looking, and I don’t think I’ve
ever seen a male member of staff either. Plus, men can only enter if they’re accompanied by a female, and it's very lesbian oriented. Anyway, that’s my
sales pitch over lol. Included in our purchases was a little something to tide me over while I’m in Africa, which was tried and tested today, and is silent,
but deadly!

After we finished up at Hoxton Square, we headed to Oxford street for sustinence in Starbucks, and then browsed around. While we were out, I got a call
from Baby G saying that everyone was heading to Hammersmith at seven for dinner, so we went over there afterwards to join them. As is usual with my London
friends, everyone turned up at different times, ranging from seven thirty to just after nine, but we managed to see everyone before we had to leave to
get home so it was ok. Both DL and I had hardly eaten all day, so we got very drunk very quickly, and I must have looked like a zombie on the tube on the
way back. I headed to bed as soon as we got back, as I didn’t want to make a prat of myself in front of DL’s mum and regret it, and I was dog tired anyway.
I don’t remember DL coming to bed, I was sparked by the time she did, and she complained in the morning that she didn’t even get a cuddle lol. Luckily
no hang over, thank god!

Thursday turned out to be a bit of a nightmare, as the plan was to go for coffee with DL's friend in the morning, and then drive me over to Baby G's, where
I would spend the next few days. Anyway, we got in the car to go for coffee, and it started and then cut out. Baring in mind, the car had been in for a
service two days before hand, and now it wouldn't work. So the mechanics were called out, and seemed very cagey about what the problem was, and left us
without a car. Chesney also chose that day to be a little shit, refusing to do his work and generally being naughty. A group of us were set to go out that
night to see Mister Chesworth and Mister Thoms play in a band, and we were supposed to leave Baby G's at around seven. I didn't arrive at her house however
until nearly 8, because we had to wait until Cathy came with her car to drive me over. The situation with the car, is basically that the garage have made
a huge fuck up, and when checking the cambelt, didn't screw the bolts back on propperly, and so the belt came loose and has fucked the engine. So the car
is still in London, the parts not being available until Tuesday. The garage didn't tell DL this until late Saturday, which was too late to hire a car,
so yesterday Cathy drove us back up here, and has to return at the weekend with DL's car. It's been a nightmare really, DL has to get up at five tomorrow
to get the train to work, but luckily we managed to hire a car from tomorrow afternoon until Friday. Everyone is quite upset, because the owner of the
garage was a family friend, and he's basically screwed them over big time about this, so people are not happy.
Anyway, that's the car...

On Thursday night we arrived at the venue at around ten thirty, just in time to see the guys play, and they were really fantastic. I've never seen them
play before and I was very impressed! We ended up staying at their place on Thursday night, and headed back to Baby G's on Friday. It was lovely to catch
up with her, we just stayed in the house and listened to music and chatted, just spending time together which was great. On Saturday night Cathy and DL
came to pick me up, and we ate at Baby G's parents' restaurant, and the food was sooooooo good. If you're ever in Southgate you should check it out, it's
called Janaman (I think that's how you spell it). Yesterday we got up fairly early, and went out for lunch before heading back here. I'm very glad to be
back now.

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