Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Jet Setting!
Just updating quickly before I read more to my lady.

Today was spent searching the internet for a decent sun holiday for some time in June, and after spending four hours groaning at how much the prices have
gone up this year, we found a great deal. We're going to Tunisia, staying in a 4 star hotel, half board for seven nights. The hotel has two outdoor pools,
an indoor one with jacuzzi (you know what we'll be doing in that), and a gym and beauty treatment facilities. We got it for a reasonable rpice too. The
ironic thing is that Tunisia is on the tip of North Africa, and of course I'll be going to Zambia a week and a half after we're back from our holiday.
I jokingly said to DL that it would be cheaper for me to stay in Tunisia and get a flight from there to Zambia, but she wasn't very amused lol. So yeah,
we have a holiday, holiday (sings).

The rest of the day we spent updating our ipods, as we have decided to lengthern our trip to London and go on Thursday, so that we can spend our 18 month
anniversary there too. I also had a call from my friend Jo, and we'll visit her next week. She's in restbite for two weeks, as she's just had an eye operation
and a change in meds for other stuff, so it'll be nice to catch up and hopefully cheer her up a bit. We've just got back from the new gay pub in town,
and I really like it there, it's fab! Tomorrow we're going shopping, and then in the evening I'm going to Kim's for a while, and have to iron clothes and
sort out what to take with us. Heehee it's all so exciting!

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