Friday, May 19, 2006

Congratulations and celebrations!
My long absence has been due to the fact that our server wouldn’t load livejournal yet again! But here I am.

The first bit of news I have, is that the piece of fiction I submitted to the uni magazine has been accepted! I can’t believe it, and did a lot of squealing
when I read the email, I’m so excited. I’ll post a link to the site when it comes out, all criticism, positive or constructively negative welcome.

Now, my birthday!
Friday night was spent calling around, rounding up the numbers, finding out who was coming, and who was staying at the flat. In the end, it turned out that
it was Baby G and Will, as Scott, Ridley and Conty couldn’t make it up from London. They arrived at around three on Saturday, and we spent the afternoon
catching up, playing with Will’s gorgeous dog, who I plan to kidnap, and preparing for the evening. We started getting ready at around six, and I nearly
had a heart attack when I found that I couldn’t get my breasts in to the dress I wanted to wear, without showing copious amounts of bra. I tried the dress
without a bra, and, well, my boobs are just too big to do that, so I ended up changing dresses to one I’ve had for a while. I love the dress, but I wanted
to wear something new, but all was ok in the end. I was just finishing my make-up when the first of the guests, Hai Man and Jason arrived from Nottingham.
It was so lovely to see them, and Hai Man couldn’t leave the cute dog alone, it was hilarious. Everyone else arrived between about seven thirty and eight
thirty, bringing presents, cards and more alcohol. We originally intended to go to the pub before the meal, but everyone seemed to be chatting away and
enjoying the nibbles, and so we decided to stay at the flat until it was time to go to the restaurant. The weather had been beautiful until the day before,
and so I had planned to wear a dress, no stockings and heeled sandals. Most people were wearing sandals it turned out, however we had to make our way there
in the rain, so everyone had wet feet, which was quite amusing.

The meal went fabulously. The restaurant staff were spot on, bringing all the food at once, and making sure everyone had what they needed, and it was thoroughly
enjoyable. I had Italian pancakes with chicken, cheese, mushrooms and a tomato and cheese sauce. It was amazing, although it was cheese overload, and I
amused Jason greatly when I said, “I’ve been eating cheese for the past ten minutes,” he cracked up for some reason, it must have been the way I said it
lol. After the meal was done, they bought out the cake, with a gigantic sparkler flaming on the top. Honestly it was huge, and when I blew it out I nearly
set Jason’s hair on fire, it was hilarious! In the course of the evening I managed to chat to everyone individually which was lovely, because I felt like
it wasn’t too big a group of people for me to neglect people, we were a group of twelve in the end. After the restaurant some people went home, and others
came back to the flat for more drinks. Hai Man and Jason left to drive back to Nottingham after midnight, and the others left at around one thirty. Exhausted
and very happy, I crawled in to bed!

On Sunday morning we had very quiet sex, and then got up when we heard Baby G go to the loo. We all had breakfast and the left overs of the buffet, and
then Baby G and Will headed off in a taxi. After that we cleaned the flat and spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying each other.

On Monday the family arrived at around midday, with DL out at work. They all loved the flat and said how great it was, and we drank tea and caught up on
news until DL arrived with chocolate éclairs about an hour later. We then went out for a carvery lunch, and my uncle Keith amused us greatly with his stories.
I honestly can’t describe what he’s like, his heart is in the right place and when he’s in a good mood he’s hilarious. When he’s in a bad mood however,
he hates the world, mainly ethnic groups, women and gay people, he’s not so nice then. Fortunately, he loves coming up to Sheffield and so was in a great
mood, and kept us all entertained. When we got back we talked for hours, about anything and everything, and they left at around five. It was lovely to
see them all, especially here, because it’s the first time most of them have seen our place, and in a way I don’t think they really viewed me as grown
until now.

Tuesday, the day of my birthday, was perfect! I’d saved most of my presents until the actual day, so DL got up and made tea, and then came back to bed and
I opened my gifts. I had some really lovely things from people, including
a pair of tickets to go and see P!nk in concert from Baby G,
a DVD, a cushion that says “caution! I’m high maintenance” on it, and a voucher for a day at a spa, all from DL,
A fluffy new dressing gown, some audio books and a DVD from the in-laws,
Some Lego from Chesney, can you believe it?
A heap of travel related stuff, a money belt, insect repellent, clothes and money from my parents,
A birthday breakfast basket from Kim, which included fresh orange juice, French jam, wine and dried fruits,
and chocolate, bailies, lush stuff, a foot pampering set and gift tokens from other people. I truly am the most spoiled and the luckiest woman in the world.
The rest of the day was spent on the phone to family and friends, and in bed with DL making love. In the evening we went to an Indian buffet restaurant
for a meal, and then settled down to watch a new DVD. It really was the perfect birthday.

Will update about the rest of the week at some other point, we’re heading out to a club night at the uni now.
What a week!


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