Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Finished! Finished! Finished!

finished! finished! finished!
Yest, the second year of uni is finally over! I can't quite believe it.
Handed in my essays this morning, very much to my relief. So now I'm a free woman, after cleaning the house, doing the food shopping, and the huge pile
of ironing in the spare room that is lol.

I had more or less finished working by Sunday, so when it came to going out for Doofus's birthday I was well up for getting sozzled. We got to the pub at
about four thirty, and stayed there until around seven, when we headed to another pub in town. We were out until about ten, as Doofus wasn't really in
the party mood, so she departed early and we went to get food. I didn't get too drunk actually, although I did have a lot, think it was because it was
spaced out over six hours, so didn't really affect me that much. We were very unhealthy and got take away, and brought it back here and finished off series
four of 24, which was fab. We now have no dvd box sets to get in to though, which is crap. I really wanna watch series 3 of the L-word, but don't have
a multi regional dvd player so that's out of the question. I'm so looking forward to having a chance to read all I want, without feeling guilty for not
doing uni work.

On Thursday dad's coming over with the dog, as we're looking after him for about a week while dad goes away, and I can't wait. Twill be great having the
Beby Hound to stay again.

Right, have to go make a start on the cleaning.


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