Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Frappachino heaven!
yes yes yes, I can't get enough of the creaminess, the fruitiness and the oh so satisfying crunch of the ice!
(Starbucks, I’m free if you want to use me for my advertising abilities!)

What have I been doing? My weekend has been one continuous drone of work, work, work. Well, and going to the pub in between...
Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday, accept this time, we spent longer in the park, and then more time in the pub. I had to go in to uni around
lunch time to work on the group project, but to be honest we'd all sorted out what each of us had to write about, and we were all just sitting there doing
our own thing. My body was screaming out for some sunlight and fresh air, and that, added to a very persuasive message from my beloved, saying that she'd
bought us lunch and was ready to eat in the park whenever I was, made me give up my task after two hours, and submit to catching a few rays. Well, quite
a few actually, I sunburned my face. So we headed to the park, which was very busy, and found a spot on a grassy bank, and we settled down with our frappaccino's
and baguettes filled with yummy chicken breast, and made the most of the fine weather. After a while, DL received a text from Doofus, asking if she was
free to meet up, so that she could pass on some info about an upcoming PHD, and so she came to join us. I don't think I mentioned it, but she was the one
I had the falling out with last weekend, and it's been really up and down this week. So things were slightly awkward when she came to meet us, but we went
for a drink with her, and I made an effort to be pleasant. After that I accompanied DL to get her travel injections for Tunisia, and then basically worked
my ass off all evening.

On Saturday morning, we had to go to Meadow Hell, because I was in desperate need of some summer shoes. After trailing round unsuccessfully for a couple
of hours, I finally found some I liked in Next, so I settled for those and will get some open toed ones from somewhere else. The trouble is, the shops
are either stocking very flat ones, which aren't good for a short person like me, or dressy ones with ridiculous heels. I'm looking for something somewhere
in between, with a bit of a heel to give me some height, but that are still practical enough for me to walk around all day in. I'm not one for six inch
heels anyway, I adore my Timberlands and wear them all the time because they're so comfortable, and they're pink! Anyway, had to go in to uni, again, in
the afternoon, and when I got home, we were just debating going out for a meal when Doofus text again to see if DL wanted to go out. I wanted to make things
right between us, so I suggested that the three of us go. Doofus agreed, and the meal was lovely and we had good conversation. Then all of a sudden when
we got back to the house, she completely blanked me, not even saying goodbye when she left, and both DL and I noticed it and were really upset by it. I'm
not going to go in to great detail about it all, because frankly I’m sick to death of the whole thing, but DL spent Sunday in a bit of a mess, because
Doofus is her best friend so it's bad for her, but anyway yesterday I had a message from Doofus asking if I wanted to go for a drink to sort things out.
After a few more harsh words about her behaviour on Saturday night, and her saying about some things I'd said to her, we finally agreed to put stuff behind
us, and I think we'll go for a drink to put some water under the bridge.

On Sunday, I was busy in the afternoon, and then DL, myself, Frankie and her friend Jill went for a drink. DL ended up having more than one though, and
got quite pissed, which was very amusing. We got a Chinese on the way home, and I worked again after that. Monday was again spent working, the reason being
the 4000 word group report due in tomorrow, which we managed to hand in today. Today I've been in to uni and after that gave myself the afternoon off and
will start on the essays tomorrow. DL also had work today, doing a young enterprise thing at a school. She actually took the class, and liked it much more
than being a teaching assistant. So now, she has the possibility of doing a PGCE, a PHD, and has applied for around five bms jobs this week, so she’ll
be spoiled for choice.

This afternoon DL and I sat in the park again, yet again with frappaccino’s lol, I’m addicted! Tonight we went to the uni LGB meeting, to hear a speaker
talk about why we should become a LGBT society too, and I’m thoroughly convinced we should, it was really good. We went to the pub afterwards for drinks,
and then came back to a very late dinner. Now I’m semi watching Lost while DL is on the phone to her mum, and when she’s done, we’re going to bed! I’m

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