Thursday, May 04, 2006

Picnic in the park!
Well I know I say it every time I post lately, but I'm sure some one keeps speeding up the clocks to screw with my head. A conspiracy theory maybe?

I doubt it. Anyway, we've now entered in to the darling buds of May, (the month of my birth), and aagg, I haven't organised a thing! I have friends coming
up from London on the 13th, which is fine because they will hopefully sort that out themselves, we just have to collect them from the station, but I do
have to make arrangements for what we're actually doing. I decided we should go to the gorgeous Italian restaurant just down the road, because A everyone
likes Italian, B there are a few great pubs along the way, and C it's within walking distance so no one has to drive and we can all get pissed! However,
A I haven't asked everyone I want to ask to come because every time I see them I forget, and B I haven't booked the bloody table yet either. I'm thinking
there'll be about fifteen of us if everyone is coming and I get my act together and ask people, but I really have to start getting things sorted.

On top of this my work load is manic at the moment, and I hardly have time to write this. I have a group project, which is a 4000 word report due in on
Wednesday, a presentation to prepare for Tuesday, and then three essays that all have to be in on the 30th. That's without any of the reading I still have
to do for next week's seminars, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Consequently, I've been terrible with blog reading lately, and basically haven't done any.

Anyway, what's been happening this week?...
On Monday my mum and dad, together, came with my dog to visit. Surprisingly and pleasingly, we managed to get through the day without either me growling
at my mum too much, or the two of them fighting between each other. It was a crazy day as far as the weather went, glorious sunshine one minute and pouring
rain the next, but we braved it and went in to town because there was a continental market happening. We bought crepes with apple and sinamon, icecream,
which was good old Ben and Jerry's, haha I couldn't resist, and Lucy tried some traditional Tunisian cuisine, to get us in the holiday mood. My dad also
bought Turkish Delight, and complained that he'd gotten wripped off because they charged him six quid for a small bag. He then proceeded to grumble, "bloody
turks, they're all the same," as we walked up the street, which relates back to a holiday we had in Turkey when I was nine, and him getting wripped off
by the guys who ran the jet skees. After that we headed home and after mum highlighted my hair, tried to go out for dinner. I say tried, because the place
we went too let us buy drinks, look at the menue for ages, and then eventually decided to inform us that it was over an hours wait for food. By then it
was getting late, and with it being a bank holiday, people were out on the town and it would be difficult to eat in the city centre, so after a big discussion
we decided to get take out, which was lovely in the end. They left at around nine, just as Helen arrived to bring us a party invitation for her 21st, which
is now stuck on the kitchen notice board.

On Tuesday went in to uni and did work, and also watched the first two episodes of series two of Lost on channel 4, yay! Actually, it was a pain in the
arse, because we had watched series 1 on dvd, and didn't realise how many bloody adverts they put all the way through the damn programme. Seriously, it's
like, a five minute scene followed by five minutes of adverts, and we both got very pissed off with it.

On Wednesday, as part of our assessment for cross-over literature, we had to go and do a workshop with school kids about Harry Potter. That took up most
of the day, and by the time I got home I was shattered. All in all the workshop went well, some kids were very forth coming, with others it was like getting
blood out of a stone, and one wrote, "I want Ron's cock" on a piece of paper, so we now have to type that group's response up ourselves, omitting the obscenity
of course. Didn't work much on Wednesday night because I was mentally drained, just sat in the sun with the door open, surfing the net and procrastinating.

I spent the earlier part of this week having to drag myself out of bed because I was so tired, so last night we decided to have an early night, so after
reading more of Tipping, to DL, I showered and we went to bed. Due to the fact that I've been feeling a bit ropey after being ill, we haven't had a lot
of sex since the weekend, and so last night we caught up on all that we'd missed, which was fantastic! God I love that woman and the things she does to
me! I love the connection we share when we make love, how we know each other's thoughts, what we like, when we want certain things etc etc, it's all so
beautiful and incredible, and I'm so in love!

Today has been lovely. I had to go in to uni to work on writing the report from the workshop, (that's the 4000 word one), and afterwards we came home and
because it was such a gorgeous day, decided to take lunch to the park. I made sandwiches and we took crisps, drinks, biscuits and fruit, and of course
the blanket, and made our way across the road. I love living so close to a lovely park, it's great that we can just strole out of our front door, cross
the road and for miles and miles there's just grass and open space and it's wonderful. We did get acosted by a black Lab at one point, who fancied some
of our lunch, but apart from that it was relatively peaceful. We filled our bellies and then lay down for a heavenly hour, and then slowly made our way
back when we got too hot. Now DL has gone shopping with Doofus, and I've been working and have to do more still. Don't have a lot planned for tomorrow,
but I do have to go in to uni and work on the group thing which will probably take up most of the day. Woohoo! Hopefully summer has officially arrived!

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