Friday, May 12, 2006

nearly my birthday!
Yay, officially, my birthday celebrations begin tomorrow!
I totally haven't done anything remotely constructive from Wednesday afternoon onwards. Honestly, procrastination is an art form I am perfecting very well,
and it scares me. I never started the first essay, even when I found out it has to be in on the 24th. I've tried though, believe me, and just can't get
going on it. After today, I won't be doing any work until next Wednesday, because I have visitors from tomorrow until Tuesday, which is actually my birthday.

Yesterday I went to uni for an hour, and then had to go shopping for a new birthday outfit. Why is it, that when you really want something, you can't find
it? Then when you aren't looking or have no money, you find so much you want to buy? Well, yesterday was one of those shopping moments, I didn't find a
single thing I liked, and plus I was in agony with period cramps, which turned me in to a super bitch. DL and I argued back and forth for most of the day
yesterday, because it's the time of the month for both of us, and I think we just got on each other's nerves, but we're fine now. So, empty handed, we
left the shopping centre and headed to the doctors, for me to get my first set of Rabies and Hep B travel vaccines. The bastards charged me £75 for the
privillidge, gave me a male nurse when I'd booked with a female, and said nurse proceeded to jab the second needle in my arm very hard, which made me think
of all the expletives I could while I was being injected. I wasn't a happy bunny, and must have looked like I wanted to murder him. So, added to the pain
in my uterus, went the pain in both arms, lovely! The day did get better after that though, because DL, Doofus and I went for a drink in the evening which
was really nice. DL and Doofus were quite pissed already when I met up with them, (i had to do other stuff first), and Doofus hugged me and appologised
and gave me birthday presents, which was a really lovely jesture. I feel a lot better now, we laughed so much, although DL wasn't impressed because Doofus
and I were oogling the bar maid.

Haven't done a lot today, tried and failed to work, and thought about starting to clean the place but haven't got round to that yet either. God I'm so lazy.
Oh, and I have to tell you about my poor computer. Basically a wire in the power pack is fucked, and my battery life is less than an hour. So we went to
PC World to get a new one, and they don't stock the power pack to my computer. They also informed me that if i used one that didn't match, my computer
could blow up. At the moment I'm using Lucy's pack, and praying nothing bad happens, and I have one on order from an internet site. It had better get here

Tomorrow the guys from London will arrive, and tomorrow night is my meal. I have to confirm the numbers with the restaurant tonight, and I think it'll be
a group of fourteen of us now, as my dear friend Rids and his girlfriend can't make it as he has to work. I'm really excited though about getting all my
friends together in one place, and hopefully it should be a great night. On Monday my mum is coming, and also bringing my uncles Keith and John, and my
aunty Margret. Margret and John haven't seen the flat yet, so that'll be great, and I think we're going out for lunch. I'm going to save my pressies until
Tuesday, and open them in bed, although I bet my mother will want me to open hers when she comes. I intend to spend Tuesday with DL, doing not sure what
yet, just spending some good quality time together after the madness of the visitors. Get the feeling it's going to be hectic, but will update when I can.
Offr to the doctors yet again now to get tablets for Malaria and Cholera.


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