Friday, October 12, 2007

oh my god it's tomorrow!

I've hand washed my sexy black dress...
I've decided on shoes...
I've been out and purchased 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka to help overcome my nerves... (think that's a bit excessive?)
Tomorrow I will pluck, preen, expholiate and moisturise to make sure my skin looks and feels gorgeous...
All i have to do now is decide on jewelery for the event. The dress is black as I said and I'll wear gold eye shadow and lip gloss, so silver jewelery doesn't really cut it, and I don't have much gold. Hmm... Maybe my pink stones? Or clear cristal?
I spoke to some one online yesterday who has been before and is going again. She too was very nervous but assured me that everyone is very friendly and you won't be on your own for long. *grin*
All I have to do now is get there looking fuckable...

In other news, I've had two successive dinner dates cancelled in a row. Yesterday my friend DT and her boyfriend had to cancel because she was working late, and today I was supposed to go to an ex coleagues house for dinner, but he texted this morning saying he'd completely forgotten and could we rearrange. Lol!
*sniffs own arm pits to see if they are omiting an unpleasant odour of some sort).

So tonight, it's me, Una and dinner for one in front of the tv as no one seems to be going out.
Tomorrow night however hopefully it'll be dinner for many, and it'll be me they're feasting on!

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danzer1986 said...

hey hun!

haha 3 somes are awesome.. u know how i do,.. all girls yay!

sounds like ull look so nice going out.. let me know how it goes sure u will look totally 'take you home a rock your universe" at the prty