Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not so commic weirdos

Yesterday was my day for attracting the more strange members of our society. I got on the bus to come home, which is thankfully only about a five minute journey, and straight away this guy started saying, “How are ya then? How are ya?” very loudly. I smiled and said “fine thank you,” and he jumped up and gave me his seat which was very nice of him. He then sat behind me and every minute or so tapped my shoulder and said, “how are ya then, how are ya?” Then he bent down to the dog and started talking to her, saying things like, “’Av a fackin’ drink then, that’s what I say, ‘av a fackin’ drink!” I sat there silently praying he would quietly go away, and when it was my stop I willed him to stay on the bus which he thankfully did.

Last night I went to a comedy night at a very well known gay pub in London. The group of girls I meet during the week went last Wednesday but because I was up north I couldn’t go. They’d said how funny the comedians were, but honestly I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Last night they were all women, two gay and one straight I think. The compare, I can’t remember her name, Zoe something was great, I could have watched her all night. The first act wasn’t all that great but I think it was because she was nervous and therefore her delivery suffered. She was very aggressive and it was almost like you could see her willing you to laugh at what she was saying which had the opposite effect. She got a mixed reaction from the audience. But the headline act, Kitty Flannigan (think that’s how you spell it) was absolutely fucking hilarious!!! She had me bent double in my seat, crying with laughter from the minute she walked on stage. By the end of the night my throat was hoarse from so much belly laughing and I’m sure my mascara was streaked with the tears. An absolutely fantastic night, I’m going again next week. Also my crush was there and it seemed like she made quite an effort to talk to me. I felt a bit awkward at first but then told myself not to be ridiculous and it was fine after that.

So then, on the way home, weirdo number two came along. I’ve been feeling a little anxious about coming home late at night, especially as it’s starting to get dark earlier now. But my area is a nice one and I walk along a main road so have been feeling reasonably ok with it. Last night I didn’t get to the tube station until midnight though so there was hardly anybody around. I started walking down the road, and this guy just came out of nowhere at the side of me and started saying, “here doggy doggy,” to Una, but not in a nice way, in a horrible kind of menacing way. You know when you can just tell, there are some people who are weird, sort of ok can deal with you kind of weird, and then there are those who are weird like nasty dangerous very unnerving kind of weird. Well he was one of them. He repeatedly called the dog, so I speeded her up and began to walk very quickly, baring in mind I was in heels. A bit further down the road I passed a couple of people and felt better, but then when they had gone I heard the weird guy shout something from a little way behind me. That’s when my fast walk turned in to a fast jog, and I fumbled in my bag for my phone and called F and told her to talk to me because there was a strange man following me. Thankfully I got home without incident, but it really shook me and I need to rethink how I’m going to get home now that winter is drawing in. It wasn’t at all a nice feeling and I know the next time I have to make that journey I’ll be super edgy. Ended up staying up until two talking to F on the phone, having one of our wonderful debates, this time about left or right wing politics, black culture in the UK, and prejudice among other things. I love talking to her, and things got so tense, in a good way, that we both ended up feeling rather horny and digressing to talking about fucking each other. She doesn’t have classes tomorrow an she’s threatened to come and give me a warm up session in preparation for Saturday night, not sure if she will though, haha.

Guess I’d better get back to the job hunting, joy oh joy!


danzer1986 said...

i love going to comedy houses.. cant stp laughing

she was probably nervous the audience can be mean faced sometimes

ok u need to be careful the first weirdo wasnt so bad..
but the other 1 sneaking up wyf!
i wouldnt advise u to walk on the road alone so late.... no matter how nice the neighbor hood.. bad people are verywhere ok

be safe!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I have, return a call sometime eh