Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Graduate

On Wednesday of last week I made the decision to stop thinking with my pussy and use my head for a change, and so I actually declined the offer of sex that evening by texting HBS in the morning saying that I couldn’t meet her after all. I did this because I don’t really like the situation, and it’s my fault, because I knew she was just experimenting from the beginning, but she really is very straight acting and I get the feeling that sleeping with me is kind of a game to her, and I’m not in to that. She has no idea how to treat a woman, no idea how to seduce or how to act afterwards, and the last time she came over she left me feeling rather strange and displeased. It’s not really any fault on her part, she’s just fundamentally heterosexual and that’s the way it is. This being proved by the fact that after I texted her she spent a little while texting me telling me about a guy she’d met up with the day before and how wonderful he was and how she’d loved “making out” with him. My point proven I think.

So instead of getting laid I went home to O’s house to have dinner with him and his friend A, who is rather sexy herself, and spent the evening perving, flirting, eating fantastic food and getting passively stoned from their smoking, and finished it off by having a fantastic orgasm while having phone sex with a friend. Much better I think.

Thursday was hectic, was up at six thirty, at the office by 8, on the way to Swindon by 9 where I spent the day with work, then headed straight back to London in the evening where I just made it in time to get the train with DL to Sheffield. Actually it was a bit of a nightmare because there were two trains on platforms next to each other, one going to Sheffield and the other going somewhere else, and we ended up getting on the wrong one because we were rushing and so had to get off at Leicester and wait for another one. We eventually arrived at the hotel at just after eleven in the evening and fell in to bed after grabbing a snack. Up at 8 the next day all excited and nervous about my graduation, and by ten the family had arrived and I was on my way to have my robes fitted. I have to say it was much more exciting than I thought it was going to be, it felt really good wearing the cap and gown and having everyone their to see me graduate. Photos to come, I promise, when I get the time to put them up online. The only bad part of the day was when DL got in to a strop because she wanted some photos taken by the professional photographer, and she and the family were disputing because each package cost a different price and she wanted one thing while everyone else wanted something else, and it all got a bit heated. It ended up with her causing a bit of a scene in front of everyone and my mother losing her temper with her and saying she thought DL had better leave. At this point I burst in to tears because they were both fighting with each other over some stupid photos that didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, and DL disappeared in shame while my family tried to console me. It was a bit of a nightmare, but it all got sorted out and DL apologised and the photos got sorted, it just put a bit of a blemish on what was otherwise a perfect celebration. In the evening we met up with some friends of mine in the pub for a drink, and afterwards they went on to a club while we headed back to the hotel because I was shattered. My friend Sean won two prises, one for the best undergraduate dissertation and the other for the best mark in film, and I was really proud of him and expect to see him go on to become a professor in the next few years.

So yesterday we were up and out of the hotel and on a train back to London by the early afternoon, and last night I went to the theatre with Baby G to see an audio described performance of “Mother of a Brown Boy” performed by Chicken Shed theatre company in north London. We’d gotten free tickets because they wanted feedback on the audio description, and it was a really great performance all in all. We spent the evening with a woman we know from the Beeb and her girlfriend, and I got a little tipsy on vodka and coke and got home at around half past midnight. Today I’ve been being a total slob, haven’t even got dressed yet. I’ve been lounging around house hunting on the net, finishing off a Karin Slaughter novel and doing washing and it’s been blissful just to have some time to myself around the house. This evening I’m going to make pasta with fresh prawns in a sauce of olive oil, garlic and chilli and whatever else I can find to throw in the pot, and settle down to begin reading Snow flower and the Secret fan by Lisa Sea, which I’ve finally managed to get hold of as an audio book. Tomorrow night Baby G is coming over for dinner, Tuesday I have a singing lesson and on Wednesday it’s the discussion group, so that’s how my week’s looking so far. Oh and there’s work of course, and I forgot to mention that I’m going to apply for a full time position there at the end of my placement, so fingers crossed I get that because I’ll get a rather hefty pay rise.

* * *

Tried to post this earlier but blogger wouldn't load. The prawn pasta was yummie, and I don't know for how much longer I'll stop thinking with my pussy, because I've been uber horny today and have spent the past hour looking on various sites for women who want no strings fun. Well I can't help it, ikt's biological I tell you. I'm off for a bath and a play with the shower head.

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