Saturday, July 28, 2007

bored at work

I'm so bored at work that I'm writing a blog post ready to publish when I get home as I can’t access it from here. It’s been kind of a strange
and hectic week this week, and in some ways I don’t know where it’s gone in terms of my evenings, whereas work has dragged.

On Monday night Baby G came over for dinner. I went to get her from the tube station in the pouring rain with the dog being a bitch because she didn’t want
to go out in the wet. I made a spicey vegetable rice which I don’t think Baby G was too keen on, but then she does only eat pizza and beans on toast, oh
and currey with crisps in it haha. I bet she reads that and has something to say… Anyway we had a lovely evening, it was good just to catch up and I tried
to make her feel better about her dissertation, poor thing. On Tuesday I didn’t have anything planned for the evening, and was going to have a quiet night
at home, but got dragged out with work to a civil partnership reception, where I proceeded to get absolutely fucking wasted along with everyone else. It
was totally accidental, and I haven’t been that drunk in a while. One of the conversations interestingly though that a few of us had was about how many
gay people there are in our office. There’s a team of about 40 here, and we know of at least seven who are gay, and those are the ones who are out. I barely
remember getting home, don’t remember anything after that, apparently I drunkenly called my friends and stumbled around the flat for a while lol. Had a
fab time though and the woman in the office who got married and her girlfriend, or wife as she now is make a lovely couple. I also have to say that I think
it’s absolutely wonderful that so many people from work went to the reception without batting an eyelid. Times are really moving forward for us.

On Wednesday I had the hang over from hell and practically crawled in to work with my head up my own arse and spent most of the day feeling terrible. Went
to group in the evening which was good and I found out about another social group that happens on a Tuesday which I think I’ll go along too hopefully next

This brings me on to yesterday now. Nothing really to mention about work apart from that I was manicly busy all day, but I did spend a lot of last night chatting
to a woman I started talking too online. We ended up speaking on the phone for a while and we’re meeting up for a drink tonight, and I have to admit I’m
rather excited. She sounds lovely, very sexy and intelligent so hopefully we’ll get on well when we meet. I’ve been fairly tired all day because I didn’t
get to sleep until late last night as we continued texting each other after we got off the phone supposedly to go to bed, and I have to say she's equally as flirtatious as I am and I wavoured between being very turned on and very tired for a while before finally going to sleep. We've also been emailing each other today, she's a little minx. so I’m going to go home and freshen up before going out again. Tomorrow I’m off to blue water to do some shopping and
then to a friend’s bbq in the evening, and Sunday I have the day to myself. Woops I just accidently kicked the dog who is lying under my desk, poor love.
She doesn’t seem that bothered though lol. I suppose I’d better make it look like I’m doing something constructive, I’m still waiting around for a meeting with my manager that should have been at
ten and that still hasn’t happened yet, and it’s almost three PM. Two hours to go until I can go home and start getting ready for tonight.

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