Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Morning After

I don't think I've ever really been lost for words until now, but I am on this occasion...

I got in from work at about five thirty and started getting ready to go out. I had a long hot bath with a coco butter bath bomb from Lush, shaved, moisturised and blow dried my hair. After consulting my flatmate I decided to wear a black top that shows off my figure with faded jeans and boots, so I dressed, did my make up and ordered a cab. BB, as I will call her here arrived a little early and so I was anxious not to keep her waiting, and also very nervous about meeting up and wanting to make the right impression. I should add that the reason we got talking in the first place was that I posted an add on a site looking for some casual fun and friendship with the right woman, and she responded. It turns out she's in a similar situation to myself, just out of a long term relationship with an ex still very much on the scene, and she was interested in meeting up to see if there was any chemistry between us. So we met and I liked her instantly. We hugged when I got out of the cab and then walked a little way to a fairly quiet bar where we sat and had drinks and chatted. After a while we decided to go and eat so that the alcohol wouldn't take over, and we went to a lovely restaurant and shared a platter of gorgeous food and chatted some more. You know when you meet some one and you feel like you could chat to them all night? Well that's how it was, certainly for me anyway. It had been that way on the phone but was even stronger in person, and after heading back to the origional bar we were in for a while we debated what to do because it was getting late but neither of us wanted to part company. My house being closer we decided to head there for coffee, and BB met my flatmate and we all sat around and talked for a while. I did want to throttle him at one point when we were talking about how nice the area is and he said something like, "well when you leave in the morning you'll see how good it is." I was slightly horrified and very embarrassed and I think she was too, the bloody bastard, fancy saying that! I told him not to assume things and to shut up.

Anyway O went to bed and we moved in to my bedroom/livingroom and put on some music and cuddled up together on the sofa. She asked me lots about my blindness among other things, how it affects my life, how I do certain things and so on and I tried to answer as best I could, being constantly distracted by the way she ran her fingers over my skin and lightly kissed my face, and the cent of her perfume and how strikingly beautiful she was. Anyway as you can imagine after a while we stopped talking and started kissing, and I was left breathless by the way she handled me. We'd briefly spoken about sex on the phone and I was impressed at the time that she seemed to know exactly what I liked, and in person it was so intense I can't even describe it. I think I could have orgasmed even if she hadn't fucked me. After a while we slowed down and I was quite honest with her, saying that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, because I felt like we should wait until next time, the whole not getting down on the first date thing heavily on my mind, and yet I wanted her so much. She was very understanding, although secretly I think she knew I would eventually give in because after the things she did to my body, any resolve i had flew out the window.

She touched me in ways I've never been touched, especially by some one I've only just met. She practically read my mind and totally listened to my body, explored deep and dark parts of my sexuality that I'd barely scratched the surface of until now. She fucked me endlessly and still I craved it, she hurt me so good and so caringly that the intensity of it made me weak. She held me so tenderly that I wanted to melt, and she awoke the sub in me that I didn't totally realise was there until now. I gave myself up to her, let her have what she wanted, put my trust in her and I don't think I've ever felt so respected and cared for by some one who I'm seeing casually. She was dominant and I allowered her to take full control and I will willingly become her slave if that's the reward I get for being a good girl.

This morning I am bitten and bruised, scratched and sore, and while I sit and think over the night's events while I let my body become tranquil again, I know that she has awoken something in me that won't be quieted for very long. If I do see her again, which I hope I do, I will be her sub, and she my dominant black buty.

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