Thursday, April 19, 2007

Holiday, job, women and work

Wow, what can I say about the past week! It really has felt like another holiday. The weather has been stunningly gorgeous, so DL and I were able to make the most of it when we weren’t in bed *grin*.

She arrived on Friday while I was having lunch with my dad. Even though I’d seen her on Thursday I found that it was good all over again to have her walk in to the restaurant and join us. We didn’t do much the rest of the day because we were both quite tired, so we had an early night.

Saturday we went shopping to the mall and then did a food shop to make sure we had everything in we wanted to eat. Then DL went for drinks with friends while I made currey, which we ate quite late and then went to bed. Sunday we packed up a picknic and headed to the park. It was a scortching day, 30 degrees C which for England and this time of year is H O T! Spoonsie absolutely loved it, racing around and then flopping down in the heat to ogle at our food, while we ate and drank and lay on blankets on the grass with DL reading diva magazine to me, which funnily enough was the sex issue heehee. I wore a bikini top and shorts and it was heavenly to lie back with our limbs touching, listening to her sexy voice and feeling the sun on my face, heaven! In the afternoon she went out again with friends while I worked, and then in the evening we again settled down. We kept going through routines where we’d agree to watch a film or something, then get carried away in the bedroom and find that it was too late to start watching anything.

I have to say we had the best, kinkiest sex we’ve ever had, and we did things together that we’ve never done before. It was crazy and fun, loving and sensual, and I had some of the best orgasms of my life!!! I don’t want to go in to detail and yet I don’t want to not say much about what were perhaps the most intense physical experiences I’ve ever had, so all I will say is camcorder, fisting and double penetration. Fuck! Me! Come on don’t be shocked, I am a sex fiend afterall!

The rest of the time, when we weren’t in bed, because believe me that’s not all we did was spent eating good food, including my home made pineapple upsidedown cake and DL’s lovely gratin potatoes, as well as a gorgeous Italian and Mexican. Taking walks to the park together, DL coming to meet me after my lectures at uni, reading to one another and generally spending good, quality time together. Again as I’ve said before, we’re not rushing in to any decision making, it was what it was, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together.

In other news as I mentioned in my previous post I landed the job in London, so I’m super happy about that. It’s only an 8 week contract to start with, but there’s the possibility of a permenant position at the end, and I’m hoping to impress them enough that they’ll take me on full time. So now I’m seriously looking for a place to live, anyone need a house mate? I’m also working like a mad head, it’s basically deadlines all the way until I finish uni on June 8th, so I’m super busy in that department. And today I also met with a woman I’ve been chatting to online for a little while. She lives just down the road and walks her dogs in the park opposite my house, so today she asked if I was home when we were online and came and met me in person. It was really nice, she has two dalmation dogs, one almost two, the other twelve, and the younger one went a bit crazy when she met Una. After a while in the flat she suggested a walk in the park, so we took all three dogs and went for a stroll. She’s called Carla, she’s a similar age to me, is a lesbian and a huge dog fan, so we get on well by all accounts. When she left we hugged and I invited her to a party I’m having on Saturday night. I’ve also chatted to a woman I fancy the pants off who is on my course at uni twice this week, which is unusual. She came and spoke to me the other day while we were waiting for a class, and then today while Sean and I were having lunch she came up to our table and invited us to a club night she’s DJing at next week. I’m not sure if she’s gay, or if she’s even interested, but I hope she is on both accounts. Yum yum!

Think that’s it for now, I’ll write more soon when I’m not so busy.

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kris said...

OMG! I love curry! Wanna share the recipe?!

*whispers* I think you want to have your cake and eat it too!