Monday, October 01, 2007


On Saturday when I was packing my stuff to go up north, I was in quite a lot of discomfort owing to my period. So it didn't occur to me to even think about packing a toy or too to get me through the week.
Now my period has virtually finished, and the pain is being increasingly replaced with the horn!
I realised with horror yesterday that I don't have anything with me to get me off, and to be honest I find it increasingly difficult to come without added stimulation these days.

*Counts days until time to go home*
*Looks incredibly worried*
*Heads to kitchen to find suitable looking fruit/vegetable*


1 comment:

danzer1986 said...


came across ur blog.. wow toy less huh
had my period too its all in my drama and all
can u believe even with my period this chica still tried to jump me! lol
hope ur days until satisfaction count down goes quickly