Friday, March 16, 2007

Off on my travels

I’ve spent all day running around like a mad head, trying to pack and get ready to go to the US. I swore I wouldn’t over pack, and yet my suitcase is full. I get the feeling I’ll have to buy another suitcase out there to bring shopping back with me. Casual Lover has been texting me all week wanting to meet up before I go, and so I found an hour this afternoon to go see her. We had great sex as ever, and she did make me smile when after I took my clothes off, she paused, and when I asked what was wrong, she commented, “I’d just forgotten how gorgeous you are.” She’s had a new tattoo on her right hip though so I did have to be careful when fucking her, not wanting to catch it.

Mother arrived this afternoon and is even more excited than I am if that’s possible. She’s getting ready for bed now, wonder if she’ll actually get to sleep or if she’ll keep me awake talking instead. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. I’ve always wanted to go to New York, and heading on to New Orleans to see Kerry is an extra added bonus, I can’t wait to be there. Oh and when checking my flight tickets this afternoon I realised I'm actually getting back to Gatwick not Heathrow, woops! Slight fuck up on my part. Thankfully DL wants to see me when I get back, so she's coming with the car to meet me. Ok, think that’s all I have time for, I need to get some sleep. I’m taking my lap top so will do my best to get online and post while I’m there. See you all soon!

PS: I just had an email from the woman I worked for in Albania three years ago. We’ve always kept in touch and she’s wanted me to go back ever since. However, she’s a strict Christian and the last time we spoke I came out to her, and she didn’t take it too well. So a few weeks ago I emailed to see how she was because she’s getting married soon, and I just got a two line response back from her, which was cold if anything. Oh well, you winn some you lose some, she’s probably praying for my soul to be reclaimed from the devil or whatever. It did upset me though all the same. Bloody homophobes! Anyway, big apple here we come! Woo!


Kasey said...

We'll have loads of fun, sweetie. Looking forward to your being here.

Dora said...

Have a great time and ignore the Christian!


D xxx

kristcg said...

Gosh, I miss you. I keep checking to see if you've given us any exciting news....guess you're having way too much fun, but I'm dying to hear all about it!! I think I missed if you said how long you'd be gone...