Thursday, March 22, 2007


Oh my God I’m in New York! Well I’m just about to leave it actually but I’ve had the most amazing five days ever here! Sorry I haven’t had the chance to update, one reason was that we couldn’t find a travel adapter plug that went from the UK plug to the US socket until yesterday, and the other reason is that we’ve been out all day every day and only returned to the hotel to collapse exhausted in to bed last thing at night. I’ve had such a good time, it’s been really incredible, and I’ll try and remember in what order we did things so that I can post accurately.

Saturday we spent the entire day travelling. We were lucky to get our flight because the ones before ours were cancelled due to heavy snow in NY. But we made it, and landed in temperatures only slightly above 0, and snow! We took a cab to the hotel and arrived at around ten at night, although we were really tired because of the four hour time difference. The hotel was great, I can’t praise it enough for the money we paid, it was cheap, warm, clean and the staff were really friendly, plus we were in the perfect location to look around. We stayed in Greenwich Village, which was wonderful because it was downtown enough to be out of the madness, yet close enough to central Manhatton just to take the subway in to the hustle and bustle and the absolute craziness that is New York. On Sunday we got up and wondered around Times Square before catching the boat to Statton Island, where we did some more wondering around and had lunch in a lovely little diner with a very cute waitress. I can’t remember what we did in the evening, it feels like so long ago and we’ve done so much while we’ve been here. On Monday we went on a bus tour of Downtown which was great because we could get on and off the bus wherever we wanted. Among others we visited the Empire State building, the West Village, Ground Zero which was incredibly moving and a shopping mall where mother bought clothes. Then in the evening we went on a night tour of the city which again was fantastic, apparently very beautiful with all the lights and sky scrapers etc, although I was freezing cold being on the top of an open bus.

Tuesday we went on the Uptown tour, got lost in Harlem which wasn’t so good, went to Central park where we went ice skating which was hilarious and then to Bloomingdale’s. In the evening we went to Broadway to see The Colour Purple, and I have to say that if you ever get the chance to come to New York, please, please, please GO AND SEE THAT! It was fucking incredible! The best play I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I would definitely go and see it again!!! It really did move me to tears and they didn’t really play down the lesbian plotline which I thought they would do. It really was something! Wednesday we spent doing last bits of shopping and walking around to the places we hadn’t yet visited and by last night we were exhausted.

I know I’ve sort of listed everything we’ve done, but it really has gone by in a worl wind. I can tell you that I’ve never done so much walking in my entire life and my thighs and ass are now much more toned than before, but my stomach is bigger because of all the fantastic food heehee. I really can see why America has an obesity problem because you can get anything and everything at any time of day and the portion sizes are heeeeeeuuuuge compared to the UK. I’ve also seen a lot of very attractive women since I’ve been here, but we didn’t get chance to check out the gay scene because there was so much else to do, and let’s face it your mother isn’t really the ideal person to go girl spotting with is she?

So now I’m in JFK airport, on my way to New Orleans to see Kerry. I’m so excited, we talked on the phone yesterday and I don’t think either of us can believe I’m coming! Oh! My! God! I’m in the US!!! I don’t think I’ could live here though, or at least not in New York, the only negative thing I have to say about it is that it’s very man made and flaunts mass consumerism on a very large scale. There’s something unnatural about being able to go out and get anything you want even in the middle of the night, and the sky scrapers make it feel very oppressive. It’s a great place to visit though I have to admit and I would definitely come back.

Well I think that’s all for now, it’s nice to know I’ve been missed though. I’ll send you my next update from New Orleans. xx


kristcg said...

Hey hey!! The big city girl has graced us with an update! Yay!!

Sounds like such a wonderful experience! I'm grinning just imagining it. I feel your excitement.

I'm glad you're having so much fun. Wish you could come to the mid-southwest!!

Anonymous said...

KIM SEZ: hey sugar! glad ur having fun! take care and have great sex! I've been invited to the sheffield gay group to go and talk and be all inspirational and role-model like wohoo! let us know your safe xx

SEAN SEZ (we're on Sean's computer, innit): Coolies, update! Nice to know you're having a great time in teh US - god knows I'm envious. Interesting to hear that you've managed to visit so many places in so little time (lost in Harlem? Ooh er...). However, am a bit miffed that you forgot my advice (i.e. DON'T EAT THE FOOD!) Keep us posted