Thursday, June 15, 2006

Incredible love making, lunch with friends and... landing on my arse?!

And yes, it's in that order!
Last night DL went to bed before me, as she wasn't feeling well, and had been sick after dinner. I decided to stay up reading, and went to bed at around twelve, when she got up to go to the loo. Well, she might not have been feeling well, but the sickness turned in to complete randiness when I got in to bed, which I completely didn't expect. I really can't even begin to explain the connection we share, I know I keep saying it, but it truely is out of this world, and I really have never experienced such a powerful mental connection with anyone, ever! I think she could make me come without even touching me, maybe we should try it one day. Anyway, consequently we made incredible love until the early hours, and I didn't even feel her leave for work this morning, I was so knocked out.

I got up at around ten thirty, and after sitting for a while, I got ready to go for lunch with Kim and Sean. Well what a day, it's been absolutely fantastic! We lunched in the Lion's Laire in town, and then had a cocktail in there, before making our way to a very trendy, but surprisingly inexpensive cocktail bar, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. We really need to spend more afternoons like that this summer, and we also need to get Sean drunk more often, he is fucking hilarious! The talk mainly revolved around sex, as it usually does when Kim and I are in the same room, and I left feeling decidedly horny yet again. I haven't yet acosted DL, as she's still feeling ill and is lying on the sofa, pretty knocked out after being at work. Anyway, here's another moment of embarrassment to add to my repertoire.

Outside Kim and Sean's house, I got out of the car to give them a hug. That went fine. I then turned around to get back in to the car. That wasn't so fine. For some reason, whether it was to do with the alcohol, or simply that I misjudged, I completely missed the step, fell off the pavement, and ended up on my ass at the side of the road, my legs in the air. DL jumped out of the car in alarm to pick me up, and Kim and Sean came running back over to us. I actually found it hilarious at the time, and sat there for a moment hardly being able to breathe, I was laughing so much. On getting back in to the car however, I discovered that I'd completely taken the surface skin off the side of my big toe, and spent agonising moments at home cleaning up the blood and removing the dirt from the area. Oh dear, maybe I really shouldn't drink cocktails in the afternoon after all! I now have to pull myself together enough to make DL something to eat, and then we have to sort out things to pack for tomorrow. Ooooh, holiday, holiday! Two more sleeps to go!!!
Posted by a slightly tipsy but very happy Firetiger.

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