Friday, June 30, 2006

Guide Dog and going away again!

My life has suddenly gotten incredibly hectic, and my calendar is full until the end of August at the least now. The main reason is because while I was away, I had a message from Guide Dogs asking to meet me, to walk a couple of possibly suitable dogs. I met up with them on Wednesday morning, and in the end I only ended up walking one dog, the other not being suitable. The one I walked was a fairly small black Labrador called Una, and she was impeccably behaved. We discussed my routine in detail, and they ruled out another dog who I hadn’t actually seen, and then told me that if I was happy I would be trained with Una. I nearly cried I was so over the moon! Yay, I’m gonna have a puppy at last!!! It’s been so long I can hardly believe it’s happening now. When I get back on Monday 1st August, I have to ring them straight away, and then hopefully she’ll be moving in on the Friday, and the training will start the following Monday and will last up to four weeks – they don’t hang around. We’ve been in consultation with the land lord about where to put a spending pen, and after some debate we’ve agreed on a suitable place. Because it has to be custom made to fit where the land lord wants it to go, I have to pay for it, which will cost around £200, but I’m too excited to care.

On a side note, these bloody antimalarials I’m taking make me feel sick for about half an hour after taking them, so right now I feel like I might hurl!
On the subject of going away, this week has gone nowhere, and I only have two days left before I go. DL is coping amazingly well considering we’ve not had much time to ourselves, and last night she cooked us a lovely romantic meal, of Salmon, vegetables and her infamous gratin potatoes, with vanilla and chocolate chese cake to follow. Heaven on a plate! This afternoon I’m gonna try and get everything packed, so that we have a full day to spend together tomorrow. We’re also going to go out and buy a bed and bowls for the dog, who I think we are going to call Lunar as we don’t really like the name Una. DL keeps joking about calling her Guna, referring to the Arsenal, or at least I hope it’s a joke in any case! No like feeling sick, no like!
Right, I’m off, will try and write again before I fly on Sunday, I’m soooooooooooo nervous!


Francesca said...

Hey buttons! I've missed ya, girlie, but trying to take time to catch up on your blog. (Where has the bloody time gone! Can't believe you will be on your way on Sunday!)

Fab news on the dog! That should be wonderful and really something extra special to look forward to on your return, as well. (Help me out, though: What is a "spending pen"? I think I might have an idea, but am not certain.)

Bummer on the sicky feeling from the antimalarials. It really does a number on some people when they take them, but eventually it wears off, so hang in there.

Wishing well on your trip and sending you a huge hug from across the pond. You are going to have a wonderful adventure and meet lots of good people, I am sure. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return. Will miss ya oodles!

Stay safe! ;)

doctorlucy said...

Thank fuck that Bailey is a better name anyway! I need a shower cos I'm feeling grim from all the crying. I'm gonna miss you so much baby! You are so precious to me... you really have no idea just how deeply in love with you I am! You're a part of me mrs... the better part of me. You keep me sane, and make me smile, and make me the happiest woman in the world for having you in my life!
I know my head's been too far up my own arse, feeling completely gutted about being without you for a month, and everything that means, but you have to know that I'm behind you 110%. I love you. I worship you. And I treasure you. And I'm always here for you... now and forever!
Have an amazing time baby. I'm dead proud of you! And I love you more than I could ever put into words!
Sometimes, in such times, only one word need be said... Infanam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx