Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I love having a social life!

Hello devoted avid readers of the blog that is mine! It's been doing my head in not posting, but we've been having problems with our internet, that my lovely friend HM just managed to fix, bless you darling! She also logged on for me and back dated Saturday's post, that was sitting on my computer going "post me! Post me!" So anyway, here I am back in person, and I'll be buggering off again soon to go on holiday and then to Africa.

Helen's party on Saturday night was lovely. She had a jazz band, a buffet and then a DJ afterwards, and to be honest the evening flew by. It's been sooo hot, and the weather only changed today when we finally had some rain. Not that I'm thankful for that, I am a sun worshiper, but was getting a bit fed up of being hot and sweaty all the time. Have no idea what I did on Sunday, apart from doing my shift, and pottering about for a bit. Then on Monday my mother came to visit and to collect the dog, who was driving DL batty, as he follows her everywhere. I think he's a bit obsessed, and I did get quite offended when we walked through the door after being out, and he paid absolutely no atention to me what so ever. Hello! Remember who your owner is please? So much for loyalty, you traitor! I am slightly smug however, because my dad thinks he's pining for me ever since he got back home, because he's not eating much. No, he's not pining for DL either before you even dare to think it!

We actually had a lovely day with mum. she was very laid back, and I told her that you could tell she was getting laid because she was much more mellow, and she laughed and asked me how I would go without sex for a month while I was away. She also caused us great embarrassment in Next, when at the till, she pointed out the huge bruise on DL's shoulder, and demanded to know where she got it. When I told her I bit her, she said, "well, I didn't know you were in to all that pain stuff." I said, "Well, I wouldn't exactly tell you would I?" Then in the pub she proceeded to ask questions about our sex life that she really didn't need to be asking, and I'm sure I was as red as a beetroot. At one point she said, "I hope you're not in to all that peeing over each other and stuff like that," at which I nearly dived under the table in complete mortification, and firmly told her to change the subject. Honestly!

After they left, mum and the dog that is, we had to scrub the flat to get rid of all the dog hair. They make so much mess, it'll be a nightmare when I get my guide dog, I'll be forever on my hands and knees, and I'm talking about scrubbing floors here! On Monday we also had a call from one of our ex housemates who we call Doctor T, informing us that she was in Sheffield and asking if we wanted to meet up for coffee. We hadn't seen her since last July, so on Tuesday we met in Starbux, and caught up on one another's lives. We were in there for hours, and it was really lovely seeing her again, she's hilarious! Then in the afternoon DL met up with Doofus, and I waded through the mountain of ironing in the spare room, in preparation for sorting out clothes for the holiday.

Now, here's the exciting part! We've both been reading
Deadly Female's
blog, and she in turn reading ours, since we started blogging back in January. We've gotten to know both her and her partner
quite well, and we said that when S visits DF in September, we'll all meet for dinner. Anyway, we've been driving around a bit this past week, visiting different places, and I mentioned to DL that we should meet up with DF for coffee. Anyway, DF also mentioned it to DL the other day, so yesterday I asked DF if she wanted to meet up today. So at around lunch time today, we drove out to DF's house and had tea and, (sorry S), banana bread, which was home made and to die for! DF is positively lovely, and as we chatted the time flew by until we left at three. It was wonderful and rather exciting, hearing all about S's planned trip over here to see DF in September, and we both very much look forward to meeting up for dinner. So yes, now we have met a fellow blogger in the flesh!

After leaving DF's house, we went to Meadowhall to do some last minute holiday shopping. I actually did really well for a change, and bought two pairs of sandles, one brown, and one black pair, which I'm really pleased with. This evening we should have been going to another birthday gathering, but DL isn't feeling too well, and I'm shattered, so we're having a night in.

Tomorrow DL is at work, and I'm meeting up with Kim and Sean for lunch, and maybe a cocktail or three, heehee. On Friday we go to London, to stay with DL's family until we fly from Gatwick on Sunday, but I'll definitely post before we go. I can't wait to go and just lie in the sun, reading, swimming, and sampling Tunisian cuisine, only three more sleeps to go! Woohoo!

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