Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family time

This weekend has turned out surprisingly better than expected. Yesterday my uncle, aunt and their two kids came to stay. To be honest I didn’t really relish the prospect before they got here, as I thought it would be a bit manic, but actually it was really nice.

The weather has been beautiful, and when they arrived they had a drink and then we headed straight to the park across the road with the dog in toe. He’s staying with us while my dad is on holiday. We had a lovely walk, and the girls went to play in the kids playground for a while. Everyone loved the flat, and it was apparent they all felt quite at home, which was what I wanted. We then went out for dinner, and my uncle wouldn’t let us pay for anything, which was very lovely of him, and we chatted about the family, our holiday and my trip to Zambia. We came back, and again went to the park to walk off the food. The playground was empty, so everyone went in this time, and it was hilarious. There’s this A-frame thing that swings around, a climbing wall, swings, a slide, a seesaw that you stand on, and a swingy round thing that turned upsidedown. Well, as it was empty, DL and I joined the kids in play, and if you think we’re big kids, my uncle, who is about 45 years old also went on everything and thoroughly enjoyed himself. We stayed for about an hour, and then against my better judgement, we watched Elf, as it’s one of the few family oriented dvd’s we have. Now DL raves about this film, and thinking it wasn’t my sort of thing I’ve never watched it. It did make me laugh a lot however, and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m really not in to kids films on the whole. She also returned from the shop with Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey icecream, which is my favourite, so I was happy.

This morning we got up about nine thirty, and my uncle went to take the dog for a walk straight away while I made breakfast. He really wants a dog, but the family prefer cats and so won’t allow him, and you can really tell by the way he interacts with Albert. I half expected him to try and sneak him in to the car when they left. Anyway after breakfast we headed out again for about half an hour, and now they’ve gone over to Bakewell on the way home. It really has been great, and I’m glad because now I feel better about inviting them over again.

This afternoon I have to do my shift, and afterwards plan to park myself in a beer garden somewhere sipping coctails and soaking up the sun. Aaahhhh, bliss! What’s more, it’s two weeks today that we go to Tunisia, and I’m counting down the days!


Kelly said...

I hope you got to enjoy that cocktail in the sun. Nothing but muggy, overcast skies just outside of San Francisco so far today.

Your blog is great and I appreciate you stopping by mine. :)

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