Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It’s true what they say about the older you get, the quicker the time goes, I’m losing track of days
Can’t even remember Tuesday hardly. DL didn’t have to go in to work, so she took the dog to be cut and I did some work. We didn’t end up going to the LGB
because we were both shattered, so curled up in bed for cuddles and to watch an episode of series two of 24, which was lovely. Yesterday I had a very productive
day. DL got up early and went to work at a local high school, and called me up on the way sounding very stressed and upset because she’d gotten lost and
was running late. I tried to calm her down, and then when I got off the phone, got up and had breakfast before going off to lectures. I’m really pleased
actually, because when DL wasn’t at work, she would meet me from lectures and often drop me off at uni in the car to save me taking the bus, so I haven’t
done it for a while, and so yesterday I was pretty nervous. Everything went fine though, both yesterday and today, with no problems at all so it’s all

Anyway, after uni ended I came back home and fussed the dog, and then set about cleaning up the place. The dog makes so much mess, and I’ll really have
to get used to keeping on top of the cleaning when I get my guide dog, because it’s like as soon as you’ve mopped the floor, he’ll come in from his walk
and leave prints and make the place smell, so I’m constantly spraying air freshener and there’s a towel at the door for when he’s been for a walk. Anyway,
did the washing up, and kept getting interrupted by the phone ringing, although one call was from my lady ringing in her lunch hour, so that was lovely.
We had another call from a school wanting DL to cover next week as they were short staffed, but it turns out she can’t do it because something better came
along. While we were chatting on the phone she told me that a school have asked the agency she’s with to put a candidate forward to work full time with
special needs kids for the rest of the academic year, and they’ve put her forward. So she’s got to go for an assessment tomorrow, and if she gets it she’ll
have a permanent position until July, which is wonderful. It’s either all or nothing though! Anyway, I digress…

After washing up, I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and then hoovered and mopped everywhere, the dog following me constantly. At one point, I was busy
and he took advantage of that and jumped up to lie on the sofa, which was where I found him several minutes later. Little sod! HE knows he’s not allowed,
but does the whole, “I’m a cute puppy let me stay here,” kind of thing, which of course, doesn’t work with me lol. Yeah right! After I finished cleaning
I settled down to work, but got extremely pissed off as the computer crashed and I lost the improvements to my essay I’d made, and so left it for a while.

When DL got back from work, we took the dog to a park a little way away, which has a children’s play area and a stream and a water fall. It’s really pretty
and the dog enjoyed himself while we walked around holding hands and enjoying the somewhat chilly afternoon. Spent most of the evening working again, and
we showered together and settled down at around eleven thirty.

Today I’ve been to uni again, but missed the first lecture because I was so tired. When DL wakes up to go to work I’m woken too and find it difficult to
get back to sleep, so need to catch up over the weekend. Don’t think we’re going out tonight, we’re being really antisocial this week because we’re both
busy, so apologies to any friends reading this that wonder where we’ve disappeared too. Anyway, I’m going to finish here, because I’ve just heard the car
pull up outside, which means she’s back, and I want cuddles!

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