Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bloody live journal!
, I’m annoyed, I just wrote an entire post and it disappeared without actually posting, and I didn’t do anything wrong!

Anyway, I’ll write it all again…

Sorry I’ve been lame and not posted for a few days, the weekend has gone nowhere. Friday was spent shopping for new clothes, which I couldn’t find, and
then in the evening DL and I went to Climax, the uni’s gay night, with friends. Had a good time, although I remained sober because I had work to do on
Saturday, but we got hot dogs on the way home which made up for the lack of alcohol.

Saturday, we woke late and I worked most of the day on uni stuff. Then in the evening, I cooked a romantic meal for us both, which consisted of thai chicken,
which is chicken marinaded in lemon and lime juice, garlic, chilli, spring onions, ginger, and lemon grass, coated with sesame seeds, and served with rice
and Chinese vegetables. This was followed by home made cinnamon and apple crumble with icecream, which went down a treat. After we ate, we intended to
settle down and watch a film, but ended up in bed having red hot sex, until the early hours, and the film was long forgotten.

Sunday, woke up at eleven, did my shift, then dad arrived at five with the dog in toe. He still hadn’t gotten around to having the dog’s hair cut, so he
was all long and soft and curly, and DL took him to get trimmed today while I was at uni, and he looks soooooooo cute. Sunday evening we took my dad to
a Chinese buffet restaurant in town, which he loves, he’s as mad about Chinese food as we are so it went down well. Then we came back here, too full of
food to go to the pub and have drinks, and played a dvd quiz game, of which I came a poor last, and after watching trashy tv, we went to bed.

On Monday morning, DL got her first call from the agency she’s now working with, to go to a primary school about fifteen miles away, so she was up bright
and early, and when she gets up I find it difficult to sleep without her, so we were both awake from around seven. I got up and made her a packed lunch,
while she got dressed and got directions off the internet. She was so nervous bless her, but I tried to calm her as much as I could, because I knew she’d
be fine. We kept in touch through text messages during the day, and she really enjoyed being at the school. Dad ended up staying until around five, because
I was alone, so while I was at uni in the afternoon, we mooched around not doing a lot, but said he just enjoyed spending time here, so I didn’t feel so
bad. Then DL got home and told us all about her day, and after that he left. He really didn’t wanna leave the dog here for the week, said he would be lonely
without him, but he’s two weeks overdue his stay, so we insisted that we kept him. Worked until late last night, and got up early again this morning, DL
didn’t have to go to work though. Tomorrow DL is going to a high school all day, and I have uni and work to do, and the dog for company. He’s now snoring
away in his bed, bless him, I have my two favourite people in the whole world in one room, it can’t be bad!

Oh, and I also got a call from one of the organisations I'm hoping to travel to Africa with, and they think it best I travel to Cape Town to teach. Anyone
ever been?

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