Thursday, March 16, 2006

Creative couch potato!
Wow, where has this week gone? Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow!
I've had a very exciting few days, in the creative sense. No, not creative in the bedroom as I know you're all thinking, I mean creative in the written
form. I've had this idea for a book in my head for about two years, and keep attempting to start writing it, and then leaving it because other things in
my life take pressidence. However, the uni are launching a new creative writing magazine, and I got an email saying that the deadline is next week, so
I thought that even if I didn't end up submitting, it was a valid excuse to leave work alone for a while and do some writing. So, after getting started
on an essay to quash the guilt a little, I settled down to thoroughly develop the characters. When that was done, I got to work on the prologue, which
I had started, but which needed improving and extending. So after two and a bit afternoons of work, I'm now at the end of chapter one and 4580 words in,
and decided to submit it to the magazine to see if it gets in. As is my style, it's quite graphic in terms of sex and violence, but it's not all fucking
and there is a plot with some sex here and there. Anyway, who knows, I'm not getting my hopes up, but am glad it's pushed me a little to write more.

Apart from that, went to pirate writers on Monday night to watch people perform. I didn't sing because I only found out it was happening a couple of hours
before, and had to do work and so didn't have time to prepare anything, so just watched which was lovely. On Tuesday we received the wonderful news that
Lucy got the job at the teaching agency she applied for, and so now is a temping teaching assistant whenever schools are short, which is cool. Go mrs,
i'm proud of you! Yesterday was pretty uneventful really, and today I've been to uni, the gym, and tonight went to Open Space, which is another open mic
night at the uni, but in a cafe instead of a bar, so I'm now wide awake and on a caffeine high.

Tomorrow the plan is to go shopping, possibly to the gym again, do work, and we're going out tomorrow night, so should be a good day. Will post more over
the weekend, probably with yet another hang over.

Oh and I can't stop playing Corine Baily Rae's new album, it's great! If you haven't got it, go get it!

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