Monday, March 13, 2006

The weekend.
I'm not going to post about why I felt like shit yesterday, or at least not yet anyway, because it would mean going in to lots of painful details that I'm
not willing to do at the moment. But anyway, I had a cry yesterday and feel better this morning, so will now back track from Thursday.

Nothing very exciting happened during the daytime, but our night out was brilliant. DL and I met up with Doofus, Dora, Helen and Amy, and after going for
drinks at a bar, and minus Doofus, we went on to a club. Everyone got wasted to some extent, I think Helen and I were probably about the most sober ones,
although still tipsy. Anyway we ended up having such a good time that we stayed until the club closed, which for me is a rarety, as I really have to be
in the mood for clubbing, I guess that night I was. Tried to get food from a take out near the club, but it was rammed, so we all took a cab, but ended
up getting out half way home to catch another, because we had the craziest driver in the world. He drove like he was on something, slamming his breaks
and then speeding off, until we were all falling all over the place and decided to pay and get out. Anyway, we made it home in one piece, and DL was pissed
off that she couldn't get food, so I, being the devoted girlfriend that I am, made her chili with garlic bread, that she devoured in her drunken state.

Woke up at around nine thirty, not having got to sleep until about three thirty, and didn't feel too bad. We made love, and then fell back to sleep until
around twelve, which wasn't a good idea as we were supposed to be arriving at my mother's house mid afternoon. We ended up arriving at six thirty, she
wasn't too impressed lol. Felt awful that day, I was so hung over, which was crazy because I wasn't that drunk really, and was greeted in the evening by
my step sister arriving and jumping all over me and demanding to be tickled. She's only ten, and she's adorable, and it was lovely to see her! Even if
my head did feel like it had an army parading around inside it. Consequently we went to bed fairly early Friday night.

Woke up at around nine, and saw mum for a while before she went off to work. We had decided to make the most of the day, by catching up with, and introducing
DL to members of the family that she hasn't already met, and so spent most of the day visiting with relatives. After mum had gone to work, we got dressed,
and then set about fixing a lock on the bedroom door. All day I was slightly nervous, thinking that it would go one of two ways: she would either flip
out completely and rip the thing off, or not mention it. Thankfully, she didn't mention it, and she must have noticed because we had her room and she slept
in there, so if she didn't it was a miracle. I'm thinking that the reason she didn't say anything however, was because on the Sunday morning she approached
me very sheepishly, and asked to borrow more money to pay off the rest of her debt to the loan company, which I wasn't too impressed about, so I'm guessing
she'll let it lie. Either that, or I'll go back to find it's been removed.

Anyway, getting back to Saturday. After getting totally lost owing to my mother's painfully bad directions, we arrived at our first port of call, which
was to see my uncle John, Aunty Pat and cousin Katie. We stayed for about an hour an a half, my uncle John having gotten a number of dvd's ready to show
to DL, which were all of me when I was very little and very annoying, at parties, singing, and reading books. She seemed to enjoy it, and to be fair they
did make me laugh, and I got to see my nan and grandad on them too (grandad died when I was six, nan when I was nine). After that we headed up to see my
cousin Laura, aunty Pauline and Laura's baby, Calum, who came to visit us a few weeks ago. That was the nicest visit of all, I held the baby lots, and
he snuggled in to me making little noises of contentment, and the broodiness started all over again. Had lunch there, and then went in to town to get my
dad's birthday cards, and for DL to find a present for him. Then on to my uncle Ian's and his two children briefly, and then finally to see my next door
neighbours, who are like my substitute grand parents. All this was done by six thirty, and then we got ready to go for a meal with my dad as it was his
birthday. I think we did well, and everyone was pleased to see us, which was lovely.

On sunday morning, we went to visit my aunty Margret, and my cousin Mel popped in to see us there too. This again was nice, but this time my mother came
with us, and to be honest we didn't really get a word in edge ways, and she just went off talking about her job etc, and so for a lot of the time we sat
listening to her go on and on about work, and I wished she'd have stayed at home. That sounds awful, but I don't really see my family that often, and it
was the first time my aunty had met DL, and my mum lives around the corner from them, so I felt slightly miffed that she'd muscled in on our time with
them, and was thankful she'd been at work the day before when we saw everyone else. After that we headed back to her house for some brunch, and then headed
back home.

So all in all catching up with everyone was lovely, and I'm glad we did it, it was just seeing mother that was the painful part. But that's for another
post... Today I have to work work work.

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