Saturday, April 07, 2007

London Part1

As you know last Sunday i packed my things A GaiN and took the train to London. I've decided to write about my trip in two parts, mainly because I don't want to put certain things all in one post, so the first part is going to be about the work I did, and HBS.

The main reason I went down there for a few days was to do some work shadowing with a grant's officer at a large private charity trust in the city who give away millions of pounds in grants to various small charities around the UK each year. I spent a wonderful couple of days learning how the process works, going to see projects they were funding, learning what makes a good application and what doesn't, and going to board meetings etc. I had to give presentations and got to spend time with various different important members of the team, and by the end of my time there the director seemed very impressed and there was some mention of a J O B offer, but we'll have to wait and see about that. But I did get a taste for living in the city, getting the tube to work everyday, working in an important role and having to wear a suit, which I actually quite liked. I have to admit though that I was worn out, having not regulated my body clock from the jet lag yet and having to be up at seven in the morning and getting home the first night at eleven, the reason for which I'll explain in part two. As a result of the job prospects in London, added to my love of the city, everything being easily accessible because of the tube, plus a lot of my friends living there, I've decided to definitely move there in June, whether I have a job waiting for me or not. If I do that's all well and good, if I don't I'll pay the rent from my savings and look for work.

Now the part about HBS, and yes, I promise after this, no more casual sex for a while, it's getting ridiculous!... In case you've forgotten who HBS is, she was a friend of a friend and had a partner until about the same time that I split with DL, which was when she too, split from her long term partner. To get the background you can read about our two dates here and here
The Last time I saw her was on January 17th, I remember the date because I went to London for my civil service assessment day and we met in the afternoon. After that we had always kept in contact online and on the phone, mainly just friends but always with the undertone that we wanted to take it to the physical level. The plan was that she was supposed to come up to Sheffield for a weekend visit, but during those two months she lost her job and I had lots on so we never managed to hook up. So when she discovered I was coming to London this week we planned to make a date, especially as I would be staying somewhere where we could be alone at last. So one day last week she met me when I finished work and we went back to where I was staying together. I was slightly flustered because I wanted to be looking hot and all fresh, instead I was still in my work suit and needed to change and wanted the time to shower and refresh which i didn't get to do. I ended up hurridly changing in to casual clothes and then spending five minutes in the bathroom while she chatted to the friend that I was staying with, after which we ordered pizza and chatted for a while and then ate dinner. I always found that being with HBS was a little strange because she not really being a lesbian was obviously very nervous with the prospect of her first time with a woman, and I too was nervous because I was aware that I needed to handle the situation delicately, always making her feel like she could tell me if she wasn't comfortable with anything. So after dinner we both reclined on the bed and lay talking and laughing for a while, me stroking her hair and she cuddling up close. Then she asked if she could turn off the light and things got a little more hot and heavy, only the problem being that both of us started with nervous laughter, and it took several failed attempts before both of us could control it. I guess it was because the build up has been for the past five months, and we've never had the opportunity to see it through before and so when it came to it we were both quite aprehensive. Anyway we managed to sort out the laughter, and it didn't take long before we were getting in to it, she actually surprised me how assertive she was about what she wanted and when. She wasn't in the mood to be teased, said she had waited too long for that, and so the whole thing happend a lot quicker than what I'm used to. I'm quite a sensual lover and enjoy a lot of foreplay, making the build up very intense and prolonged, especially when it's my first time with some one, but she definitely wasn't in the mood to mess around and so before I knew it she was gasping in my arms, her body shuddering with the after shocks of the orgasm I'd just given her. Of course I was pleased that I'd pleasured her so well, but I would have prefered it to last a little longer than it did.

Afterwards we lay in bed for a little while talking and touching before I reluctantly had to walk her to the tube station so she could make the long journey home before it got too dark. I didn't see her for the rest of the time that I was there, but I've spoken to her since and from the sounds of things she enjoyed it. I'm not sure when or even if we'll get to do it again, but I'm glad I got the chance to give her the pleasure she obviously needed, and to hopefully make her first time with a woman a special and memorable one.

Part two of my London trip to come soon...

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kristcg said...

I knew you shoulda came to see me while you were in the US. I want to know if I can do as good a "pleasurable job" as you do...