Thursday, February 01, 2007

Privacy in the bloggersphere

I've just read two posts by two separate bloggers, Trinity2 and Droma on this issue, and I have to say I totally agree. Recently I have grown to feel quite uncomfortable about who might be reading my blog, as you well know. I have no problem with friends reading because I'm not the bitchy type and don't really say things on here that I wouldn't say to them in person, but when it comes to people I'm interested in, or people i'm dating I really don't like the fact that they read. For certain people it can't be helped, I will say that I am involved in one way or another with certain people who have blogs themselves, and who I met through the blogging world, and so i can understand why they choose to read because I in turn read what they write. But I have to say when I found out that HBS reads my blog, I was more bothered about it than I admitted at the time, because I hadn't chosen to give her the address. Obviously I know strangers read who stumble across it, but when it's some one i'm potentially interested in dating or whatever it's a totally different ball game. The truth is, I feel like I have to watch what I'm saying on here because certain people read, and I shouldn't have to do that. Yes I admit I advertise my blog on various websites and i make no secret about the fact that I have one, and if people do want to read it's their choice. But I really do regret being so open about it, and wish I'd thought more carefully about my privacy. For me my blog is a journal, it was meant to be a cathartic experience where i could be honest and get things off my mind and I still want to keep it that way for as long as I can. I have considered restricting access to invited readers only, but I know that a lot of you read and don't comment or make yourselves known, and I would hate to cut you off like that. So, we'll see how it goes, but it is a growing problem.

On a lighter note, i forgot to mention that January 14th saw the first birthday of my blog. The archives don't go back that far on here because I started off on livejournal and haven't managed to backdate to the beginning yet, but yes, my blog is now a year and a few weeks old, This is the longest time i've kept a journal for, and that's why the issue I've raised here is so very important to me, because I don't want to stop writing or start over again somewhere else. And please don't think i'm ungreatful, I've met some wonderful people through blogging and I really appreciate the comments that get left here, but if you decide you can't resist my charms and want to wine me, dine me and... well you know the rest, for goodness sake, stop reading!!! haha.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your blog! Keep it up!!

Hai-Man ga jeh!

Kasey said...

Seems you're not the only one with the privacy issue (besides trinity and jromer).

You know I support whatever your decision is, sweetie.


jromer said...

oh i hear you! there's someone i know who just might be reading my blog and it KILLS ME.

missfee said...

Oh I know what you mean re the privacy thing. All and sundry seem to read my blog so I self censor. It was either that or move and having spent 5 years on my blog, I didn;t feel that was an option.

Happy 1st Blog Birthday :-)