Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busy busy busy!

I'm still here, just incredibly busy...

Had a great weekend all in all. Went to stay at the flat and my mum and her boyf, nicknamed The Dweeb came to stay. On Saturday we briefly went in to town and then had some food, and then in the evening went to see Pink, who was absolutely amazing. I think her concert was better than Christina's by a fraction, just because she made it more personal and really connected with the crowd and didn't take herself too seriously. Anyway had a wicked time and screamed myself hoarse.

On Sunday we took Una for a long walk in the park, and she spent ages swimming in the stream as usual and loved it. I don't know who had the most fun, her or my mother who was chasing her around when she wasn't canoodling with the Dweeb, god it's sickening, he's always all over her. After that we went for a calvery and then they departed. Went back to S and M's and spent most of the evening doing more chatting than working. I was surprised how well the weekend went actually. There were a few difficult moments when DL wasn't feeling so good, and we both felt wrotten when mum and the Dweeb started going on about xmas, especially him as he loves it apparently and wouldn't shut up about it. But apart from that it went reasonably well and I enjoyed spending time with them all. Oh apart from on Saturday my mother slammed the car door on my finger and it is now black.

This week I've just been doing stuff all the time. Working, chatting, working, chatting, eating, sleeping and the same all over again. That's basically been the pattern and I don't seem to have time to stop for five minutes. Consequently I'm sleeping better though touch wood because I'm more active during the daytime. Tonight I'm going out for a christmas meal with people from work which will be lovely, and then tomorrow my dad's coming to take me out for lunch. Haven't seen him for ages so I'm really looking forward to it. Generally I'm feeling a lot better this week, haven't had as many bad moments as before. Thumbs up!
Oh, and congratulations to NML who is going to be a mum to be! You can find her at

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Anonymous said...

take care and i hope everything soon works itself out for the best for you. sending a blog hug. poet.