Monday, November 06, 2006

time for some relaxation!

Thank God that horrible exam/essay thing is over!

To be honest it wasn't a bad weekend all in all, i didn't get overly stressed about it, just hope I've done ok. DL was a star, she plied me with lots of tea and hugs and cooked some wonderful meals and gave me chocolate, which is always a blessing. We also had some time out curled up under a duvet on the sofa, a huge fat labrador lying across both of us, watching series two of Lost, which is just as frustrating as ever! I mean, how long are they going to drag it out for, and it's like, "oh, look, yet another hatch, surprise surprise." I still keep watching though, and moan after each episode.

Today is a busy day. I handed in my essay this morning, I've just sorted out stuff to pack for London, I'm having lunch with Kim and Sean in about half an hour, and then I'm going to the cinema with DL this evening to watch a documentary about the seedy side of Sheffield, which I'm really looking forward too. Then it's off to London village tomorrow for some quality relaxation. I've not stayed with Baby G for ages so I'm quite excited about the whole thing, and I'm also meeting up with some women from the Africa project so it'll be a nostalgic get together I think.

I'm feeling really hyperactive at the moment and in a really good mood. DL and I have been getting on really well if the truth be told. We kind of gave up on the sleeping arrangements after the day in York, and I've been back in our room every night this week, and it's been heaven. I sleep so much better when I'm in our bed, with her, and we're not at all taking it for granted that the other person will want to share that particular night, so it's always a pleasure when we decide to go to bed together. I'm feeling much more positive, and she seems to be too. So who knows, watch this space...
I've also sent off another short story for consideration for the uni creative writing magazine, so fingers crossed it'll get in. What else...? Not a lot I don't think, and that's just the way I like it!

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