Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Moving out, moving in.

So on Sunday I packed up most of my things and throughout the course of the day, moved to S and M’s. I’m calling them that because firstly it’s their initials, and secondly the S and M pun is just too good a chance to miss. So anyway, I’m in the attic room which is lovely, apart from all the bloody stairs I have to climb to get up there. I’d forgotten that living in an apartment makes you resent climbing two floors, haha how lazy am I? But like I said, the room is really nice, it’s quite big, with a sloping roof and creeky floorboards, and it’s very quiet and peaceful up here. As soon as I got settle here I felt all the tention ooze away, and I feel better now than I have in weeks! I don’t have much to worry about apart from the usual uni work, and it’s so nice just not having to think. S and M have been really accommodating, Una loves it here because she gets to play with their dog, and she seems a lot less stressed too. I was really worried about her on Sunday, she messed inside twice, and she’s never, ever done that before. The first time I told her off, the second time I didn’t give her any attention for doing it and she hasn’t done so since.I think to be honest she was picking up on how I was feeling and was showing me that she too had had enough. She’s returning back to her bouncy self though, and is currently snoring away in her bed.

I have most of my stuff here, and surprisingly I’m not missing the flat like I thought I would. I think because of going to Africa, I’ve gotten used to settling in anywhere and making the best of a situation, so I feel quite ok about living here temporarily. I’m still searching for a new flat mate though, a woman emailed me who will hopefully come and view the flat next week, so fingers crossed. Tonight I have choir, and then tomorrow I’m going round to the flat for dinner with DL. It sounds really odd saying that because it’s my home really, but at the moment it doesn’t really feel that way because of the situation. Anyway she’s cooking a meal and hopefully we can spend some time together without getting stressed. Her cousin is coming up at the weekend and he’s spicifically asked that the three of us go shopping together, so I’m going with them on Saturday too.

I also commented in my last post that everyone seems to be breaking up, and since then two more couples I know have split, how strange! Oh well, it’s all part of the big plan I guess, whatever that may be. Right now I’m off to get some breakfast, I intended to have a lie in this morning but Una woke me at 8 wanting to go to the toilet, so I had to take her outside and after that I couldn’t get back to sleep. Honestly, never work with animals or children!


Anonymous said...

There's breakup's abound - even in the states. Hang in there!

afuntanilla said...

just visited your blog today. good luck with the new move. where in africa did u go? when?

High Maintenance Femme said...

afuntanilla, hi and welcome! I went to Zambia, if you look under my archives and click on July all the africa posts are in there.

Anonymous said...

been reading and lurking. i hope things work out for the best for both of you.