Saturday, August 05, 2006

Home sweet home!

So I'm finally updating after six days of being back in the Uk.

The flight home was perfect. I was given a seat in the first class lounge at Joberg, where I had a six hour wait, so that wasn't bad at all, and I passed the time by reading and listening to my good old Ipod. I got a window seat on the flight to Frankfurt, which meant that I could sleep relatively comfortably with my head against the window. I sat next to a lovely Italian guy, who was great conversation and who had me in fits of laughter for the time i was awake, it's always good to have some one like that on a long flight. He was also very helpful in terms of calling the air hostesses if I needed anything, and he gave me his email address before we landed, and said that if DL and I are ever in Venis, to give him a call which was very nice. I took a sleeping pill and so managed to get a few hours, missing breakfast completely, and then when we arrived in Frankfurt I slept there as well until the next flight. On the flight to Manchester I was sat next to a little boy who was the cutest ever, and was talking to him and his mum for most of the way home. At one point we went through some heavy turbulance, an he said, "I'm scared," and when I said, also a bit scared myself, "Don't worry, it's just a bit windy that's all," it seemed to appease him which was nice.

I was greeted at the airport by my extatic parents, who didn't let me out of a hug for about five minutes solid. They loved my hair and said how well I looked after traveling for so long. My dad took photos lol. They drove me to my mum's house and we had breakfast and I made a huge fuss of Albert. I then showed them the photos I have on my lap top, and my dad went in to town to get another film I had developed. I managed to see most of the family over that weekend, my uncle Keith popped round, my step sister Alex, my aunty Pauline with Laura and baby Calum, who is one soon, and I went to see Ian Bev and the girls for a while. I was asleep by nine thirty on the Saturday night, and on the Sunday we arrived back in Sheffield at around six.

It was soooooooo good to see DL again after so long, and at first it felt a bit strange. When mum and her friend/part time lover had departed, DL showed me the rearranging of the spare room/study she'd been doing, and yes, we ended up on the bed, and didn't move for some time. It was absolutely fantastic, it was like making love for the first time all over again. At first we were both aching so much it was urgent and passionate, but then after that it became slow and sensual, and we've been more than making up for lost time over the past week.

To be honest the first couple of days at home felt a bit weird, and I didn't really know what to do with myself. I guess it's something to do with adjusting to the culture and way of life again, but it didn't stop me reveling in being in my lovely home with my amazing woman in my arms again. Monday was a busy day all in all. In the morning I had a call from guide dogs, who wanted to bring Una round for a visit, so we more than happily said yes of course, and they stayed for about half an hour while we sorted out when she would be coming and when the pen would be fitted. She seemed to like the flat, having a good old sniff around, a drink of water, and then sprawling out on our rug, bless her. I didn't want them to take her away again, but when they left we excitedly went off to Pets At Home to buy her some toys. After that we did the food shopping, and then went to PC world. I'd decided while I was away that I would buy a new lap top, as mine is past it's best, and my mum is keen to buy it from me anyway. After lots of time spent browsing I finally decided on one I liked. It's a Tosheba, it's very light, with a few hours battery life, 60 GB hard drive and 1 GB ram, and I love it. I've more or less transfurred all my files over to the new one now, and it's so much faster than the old one it's untrue. So my mum's geting mine in a few weeks, and she insists she'll come on line more, yeah right, that'll be the day! I also had a delivery of flowers arrive on the Monday from my darling DL, with a welcome home card, which was very romantic and lovely.

Tuesdays morning was spent undoing my brades, as my head had started to itch, and it seriously took over four hours to do. My hair was disgusting when it was all out, and it was a joy to wash it clean in our gorgeous shower! In the afternoon we went out to a local calvery for lunch and ate far too much, then went to change travellers cheques and for a walk in the park until it started raining. I spent the rest of the day faffing around on my new toy, and DL made a delicious chocolate cake.

Wednesday we were domestic goddesses in the morning, and then in the afternoon went to Sarah and Mat's house to have coffee with Sarah. While we were there I went exploring, accompanied by Quanda the dog, and promptly fell in love with the attic bedroom. I have quite a thing for attic rooms, I love when you can hear the rain on the roof, and that you're so high up, it feels like you're almost on top of the world looking down over the city, or wherever you happen to be living. So our house, when we buy one, must have an attic that can be converted in to a master bedroom for DL and I. We spent a few hours with Sarah, and she gave me lots of advice about how Una might be when she first arrived, and said if I needed anything jus to ring her which was lovely. In the evening we went to Casanova for a meal which was fantastic, and then we went to the local pub for a drink. That was followed by a very kinky love making session, which involved hand cuffs, a blind fold, a gag and a whip, do I need to say anymore? On Thursday I went to have my hair cut and we both had our eyebrows waxed, and then returned home so that the guy could fit the dog pen out back. He came back yesterday morning to finish it off, and the rest of the day was spent in utter anticipation until Una arrived at about four thirty.

While the trainer was here he showed me the correct way to feed her, and how to take her out to spend. You're probably thinking, how hard can it be feeding a dog etc, and although I've had dogs before, with guide dogs there are special ways of doing things so that everything is about disciplin and obedience, even though the dog may not realise it, because if the dog stops listening to you, it poses dangers when you're working it on the streets. For example, when she is fed, she has to sit, I put the bowl of food down on the floor, and she can't eat until I give three short blasts on a whistle. I never make her wait more than a few seconds, but those seconds let her know that I'm the boss basically. She is as good as gold though bless her, and does as she's told the majority of the time. When the trainer left she didn't even bat an eyelid, and we played with her for ages after that. So far she's managed to destroy three different toys by wripping them up, so DL is going to go out today and buy some hopefully less destructable ones. While we watched Crash on DVD, she settled down with a chew which kept her busy for ages, and after that we went to bed.

We decided that we didn't really want her to sleep in our room, but that it would be unfair to put her in another separate room, in case she became ill or distressed in the night. So we put her bed in the hallway outside our door, and left our door open. Well she was up and down most of the night, in and out of our room and then back to her bed, which is perfectly understandable for her first night somewhere new, but it meant that we didn't get a lot of good sleep. DL is still in bed now, and Una is sprawled out on the rug in front of me, which she seems to like more than her own bed, bless her. This weekend we have to stay home with her, to get her used to us and her new environment, and then training starts on Monday. I'll keep you up to date though, but at the moment I'm not totally sure what to expect either. I just hope she takes well to working with me and we don't have any major problems. She's so cute though, her coat is glossey and smooth and she has the softest ears in the world, and she's so gentle and affectionate. I'm so pleased she's here, I've been waiting for two years for this to happen, and I keep having to check she's really here. I'll try and post a picture of her here for you to see. Life couldn't be better right now!

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