Friday, July 28, 2006

Going, Going, Gone!

It took three hours to get my hair done on Wednesday night, but I really love it and everyone seems to like it, especially the Africans. It only cost the equivalent of ten pounds anyway, and it would have cost a fortune in England, so even if it doesn’t last long it’s worth it. When I got home I called DL, and managed to shed some light on why she was so upset about not meeting me at the airport. Jokingly earlier in the evening one of the girls said, ‘maybe she was planning to propose at the airport’, and not really thinking it myself I told DL, more out of amusement than anything. Anyway, it turns out that the girl hit the nail on the head, and although DL wouldn’t admit to it directly, just refused to comment, I’m now sure that’s what she was planning. I can’t believe it, she’d mentioned before that she’d seen the perfect engagement ring, but said that she couldn’t’ afford to buy it yet. So I’m very shocked, and can’t believe I’ve screwed up her plans. Now I know why she was so gutted that I changed the flight. To be honest I think if she’d have proposed at the airport I would have passed out, this month has been emotional enough, and I need to recharge my batteries. She won’t do it now for ages I know, because I’m expecting it and she wants to surprise me, so I might be waiting a while yet.

Yesterday I took the morning off to pack all my things, and then went to the orphanage in the afternoon for the last time. I didn’t cry when I said goodbye, my emotions are completely screwed at the moment, as when we were in the car going to the other house for a wine and chese night, I again had to choke back tears for no particular reason. Very strange. I did cry this morning though when I said goodbye to everyone from my house as they left for work and do feel better for it. So now everything is packed, and I’m writing this while waiting to go to the airport. I just hope everything goes smoothly as I’ve changed my schedule. The plan is that I arrive at 8:45 tomorrow morning in Manchester, and mum will meet me there. I’ll go and stay at her house for one night and see all the family, and then drive back up to Sheffield on Sunday in conjunction with DL’s drive up from London, and meet her there. Then we have a full week to spend together until baby Una arrives. Sounds good to me, and although I’ve loved my time here, there’s no place like home.

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