Thursday, August 10, 2006

a dog is a woman's best friend

Well, my little girl is settling in nicely, and she grows more accustomed to her new surroundings and owner with every passing day. I have to say I'm totally besotted with her, she is a joy to have around and lovely to cuddle. Just now she tried to get on the sofa while DL is hoovering, but I did have to draw the line at that I'm afraid.

The training is going really well. The first day felt really awkward for me, and it's quite something to have to put your trust in an animal. Ok correction to earlier statement, the dog is now on the sofa, and I haven't made her get down because she's scared of the hoover. Anyway, back to the training. It took me a while to get used to the dogs movements, because every time she turns left or right to avoid obstacles I have to move with her, and that's not as easy as it sounds as she tends to walk very fast. Once you get used to it though it really is liberating, and as time goes on I notice that she's testing my boundaries while we're walking, and also doing her best to ensure my safety. She's a little gem! We also took her to a restaurant and cinema the other night, and she was perfectly behaved. I feel like a proud parent.

So that aspect of my life is going great, which is more than can be said for DL and I at the moment. Not that we're bad or anything, but she seems to be quite jealous of the attention I'm giving to the dog and is feeling hard done by, which to be honest is beginning to wear thin with me. We're arguing quite a bit because she always seems to be in a foul mood over something, and I just feel like she never looks at the positives in anything. Today is an off day as we've just had yet another disagreement and she's in a strop yet again. Hopefully it's just a passing phase, i just hope it passes quickly because I'm becoming more and more intolerent to her somewhat stroppy teenager attitude.

I'm going to finish here, as the dog trainer will be here any minute and it'll be time to go for another walk. Woohoo! This weekend DL's mum, cousin and grandma are coming to stay.

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Deadly Female said...

Glad you're back and I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your darling doggy xx