Friday, August 18, 2006

Shove a brush up my arse and I'll sweep the floor!

That’s totally how I feel at the moment. For the past week I’ve been up at 8 AM every morning, and for those of you who are thinking, “that’s nothing,” I really am not an early morning person. Consequently I am tired all of the damn time, and don’t wake up properly until around eleven, or after a decent cup of tea or three. I’ve also been out everyday with my lil pooch training, although last Thursday she was grounded by the trainer for not doing a poo in her pen like she should, and so we were confined to the house for a day. Other than that, and swiping a sandwich that I left on a plate on the table while going to answer the door, she’s been a little angel. I really can’t imagine life without her now, can’t believe she’s only been here for two weeks!

Other than being busy with the dog, we’ve had lots of visitors. Last weekend DL’s mum, cousin and grandma came to stay, which was lovely. We went out for lots of meals, did plenty of shopping, and ate far too much of DL’s home made chocolate cake, which by the way, is the momma of all chocolate cakes! DL’s grandma, being 86 and somewhat set in her ways, doesn’t know that we’re together, and so consequently we were just friends, and I was sleeping in DL’s room, apparently giving mine (the spare room), up for the family to sleep in. I’m kind of used to it now though to be honest, and I think it bothers DL more than it does me. The family is going to have to know soon however, as as far as I’m aware we’re spending xmas at DL’s parents’ house, and the rest of the family might think that a little odd if they don’t know we’re together, and especially if I’m wearing a ring on my left hand by then!

The only negative aspect of the weekend was that DL’s cousin antagonised the dog, and yes, she growled once again. Chesney though, being the shit that he is, wouldn’t go and sit down after she growled, and so she started barking at him. I was pisssed off that he wouldn’t do as he was told, and mad at her for growling, and the end result was that they both got a telling off, Una from me, and Chesney from DL’s mum, for messing with the dog in the first place. I can’t say I blame the dog to be honest, I’d growl at Chesney if I was a dog, in fact, I’d probably bight his leg! On Tuesday I had coffee with Sean over which we caught up on everything and put the world to rights, and then on Wednesday my mum came for the day. She’s fallen in love with the dog and wants to take her home, and was thrilled to watch us work together during training. Thursday saw the arrival of my dad, he actually made it here before midday which was something to note down, and Una was fine with him this time, so hopefully it was just a one off. On Thursday night DL and I went to the pub up the road, leaving the dog at home, and despite my new shoes absolutely killing my feet, we had a fantastic night, and it was lovely to just spend some quality time together. We both agree that we get caught up in the day to day, and don’t allow enough quality time for just us, to actually sit and talk and laugh the way we used to do. We’re either doing other stuff, on the computer, watching the L-word or generally too tired, and so we need to change that I think. It certainly rekindled some of the old spark for me on Thursday night, (not that it’s died or anything), and I was in fits of laughter for most of the night. We then came back and had incredible sex, something we’ve been doing a lot of lately! I did make sure the dog was occupied with a chew the whole time, she’s ever so slightly protective of me and I’m kinda scared she’ll think DL is hurting me or something as I’m quite vocal during sex, and start growling at her or something.

Today the dog has had her first free run, which means we can take her to the park now and let her off the lead, and the trainer seems to think I’ll be qualified by the end of next week to do my home routes, which is good. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Kim for lunch and to go shopping, and I fully intend to have a lie in over the weekend and get some sleep. The bad thing is that the dog always seems to need a wee at about 8 in the morning, and prances around until I get up to take her. Maybe I’ll persuade DL to do that.
Sorry these entries are mainly about the dog, I’m not doing much else other than train with her at the moment, so there’s not a lot else to report. Life is good though, if ever so slightly hectic.

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Hai-Man said...

Hey Hayley! Do you know if you are training her next week?

I need to call you to sort it out! Soe be prepared. Just a short call anyway, to let you know what might be happening and to mum and dad too!

Plus its Med's birthday when we get back! I should be able to go out and celebrate it!